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    June 24, 2012 by 1AvatarFan

    This is my new profile I forgot my password so I made a new profile.

    So I started watching The Avatar Series In Feburary of 2005 when Aang was freed from the Iceberg and I've been watching ever since. I saw all the major mile stones I saw Aang meet Katara and Sokka,Meet Momo,go into the avatar state,Learn Waterbending,Face Bumi Aangs (only living friend),Meet Roku,Meet Toph,Learn earth bending,Lose Appa,Find Appa,Join forces with Zuko,Learn Firebending,Defeat Ozai and KISS KATARA.

    When the series ended I was disappointed like many of you but when I learned of the new series I was very excited and I still am because the series finale was very satisfying. Thats it for now bye

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