Ok so I was wondering if anyone misses foaming mouth guy. So I rember in last April when Korra was frist coming on I rembered the foaming mouth guy and how funny he was! So I thout what if he is still alive living in Kyoshi island! And then I thout up something really funny and I wanted you guys to hear about it ok so what if the knew team Avatar goes to Kyoshi island and when they find out that Korra is the knew Avatar the foaning mouth guy comes out with a cane and he has fake teeth (sorry can't rember the word but you know what I mean) and then starts that foaming mouth thing! And it looks even more funny cuz he is flaping that cane every ware and his fake teeth are comeing out as well I know It gets werd but that how I picture it in my head and I think its funny! coment and say what you think im also mite do one about Korra and Mako showing every one that Korra got her bending bake as they did not show that part ok kk by.
File:Tumblr m3kilnGZCA1qgow05.gif

Warning: This user has blood phobia as it is not bad but when this user sees or hears something about blood or just really gross this user mite barf! So please make sher that all coments are good for this user to read and that also means know bad words as this user is under the age of 16 and can't hear use or read words like that thankyou.

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