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  • 123yael

    Pick Boy?

    February 28, 2015 by 123yael

    Doesn't any one remember him. The reason that I am asking is. I remember when I was little he introduced Avatar the Last Airbender when it first aired on tv. And like what he did was that he said something like. We found something stuck in ice for a 100 years. And know we are going to watch it or something. Just so you know I was 5 Nearly six but still! But they had that VHS in ice and, I remember the VHS was orange and they put it in and then The Boy in the Iceberg came on for the first time. I would like to find on line and show to friends and family this. So please Do you remember this I have been looking every were! By the way if you don't know who Pick Boy is by name. He is the guy dressed as a super hero who used to be on nick all the…

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  • 123yael

    Can some one please help me?

    December 14, 2014 by 123yael

    Hey guys you see I have a YouTube account and I started a video and I am almost done I just need one more episode for it Kuvira's Gambit but the website I use to get the episodes doesn't have it please can you help me find a website were I can download it but it has to be for free and not all websites work on my laptop but still help me I want the Korra video up today or tonight with how things are going thank you for helping me:)

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  • 123yael

    Foaming mouth guy!

    July 11, 2012 by 123yael

    Ok so I was wondering if anyone misses foaming mouth guy. So I rember in last April when Korra was frist coming on I rembered the foaming mouth guy and how funny he was! So I thout what if he is still alive living in Kyoshi island! And then I thout up something really funny and I wanted you guys to hear about it ok so what if the knew team Avatar goes to Kyoshi island and when they find out that Korra is the knew Avatar the foaning mouth guy comes out with a cane and he has fake teeth (sorry can't rember the word but you know what I mean) and then starts that foaming mouth thing! And it looks even more funny cuz he is flaping that cane every ware and his fake teeth are comeing out as well I know It gets werd but that how I picture it in my…

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  • 123yael

    can Noatok be...

    June 26, 2012 by 123yael

    Alive?? I mean Zuko didn't die when that ship had a lot of TNT in it and well you know the rest and that was a lot biger then a speed boat and Noatok (if you don't know who Noatok is he is Amon and Tarrlok's brother I just thout I needed to say that ok) is still a watarbender but Tarrlok I have know clue just every body is saying they are dead when we don't even know yet! Ok so every one plz say maybe and not dead ok and if you are wondering why I made this is because I ben seeing tones of Korra and Makorra Lin Noatok and Tarrlok safe and sounds and the last one was Noatok and Tarrlok and even thow Noatok and Tarrlok are carzy well at lest Noatok to the end I fell bad for them cuz they were fouced to do bloodbending well they were kids and…

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  • 123yael

    Avatar day!

    June 21, 2012 by 123yael

    So can some body help me with Saturday? Okay, so here's the story. I so can't wait for the season finale, but I'm sad that we are going to have to wait a long time to see the next season. Since season one is ending and my 9 year old niece might be coming to have to go do something with her teeth -my Mom told me what but I can't remember. Anyway, she is coming, and I thought about making it my Avatar Day and I'm going to do my room in a way and also watch things on youtube and maybe dress up like the characters and eat things like that they eat, but now my question is: how do I do all that?

    These are the girls I, well, like to look like, but don't know how.

    Jinora and Ikki
    Asami (even though I still don't trust her cuz for my theory)(sorr…

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