• -PixelThief-

    Who could forget him? The greedy jerk who wanted the Avatar all to himself. The man who taunted Zuko, filling his head with insults and grief. The man who stole and killed the moon spirit, creating destructive chaos around the Northern Water Tribe for 10 minutes and dying a fitting death. He had big sideburns, and an even bigger temper.

    But throughout watching the entire series of ATLA a third time, I've noticed how much of a character that he was.

    He looked just like any other random firebender, with the sideburns and the ponytail. But that wasn't the only thing that did it for him. Sure, when we see an important character, we always recognize him on the spot, but seeing as how even most firebender higher-ups looked same, Zhao's looks alway…

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