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What Does A:TLA Mean to You?

Basically, the title says it all; What does Avatar mean to you guys? Has it impacted your life in anyways? Or is it simply a show for you?

For me, the show saved me from a summer of absolute boredom. Had we not gotten DirecTv, I would've never began watching it again, thus I would've slept most of the day and would have had nothing to do during my nightly bouts of insomnia. After watching Avatar, I became involved in communities such as this one, I've explored other types of shows I never thought I'd watch, as well as read books I'd never think I'd like. To sum it up, Avatar opened my mind and gave me something to do.

When I really think about it, had I never re-watched the show, I probably wouldn't have gotten into art as much as I have now, and probably never would've watched any anime (Even though I'm embarrassed to admit the fact now)

So anyway, tell me. What does Avatar: The Last Airbender mean to you guys?

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