So I've been thinking about the latest episode in terms of philosophy lately, because I love philosopy and was reading up on John Locke's social contract. And under his social contract, when a government begins abusing its rights and power, or fails to protect the rights of its people, then the contract is considered broken, and the citizens have the right to rebel.

Now what does this have to do with Korra? Well, it has a lot to do, in two ways.

The Equalists

First is the Equalist movement. If you look at it through the criterion of Locke's social contract, then really, what the equalists are doing is completley justified. From what Amon, and many other supporters have said, the government in Republic City has really done nothing to protect them from benders who are abusing their power. That non-benders are being oppressed and the police and council are doing nothing to stop it. Now this is an example of a government failing to protect it's citizens. And under the contract, people give up certain natural rights, in return for protection by the government. So, technically, what Amon and the Equalists are doing is a just action; they're taking the law into their own hands, because the government has failed to do so.

So, instead of taking down the Equalists, what really should be done to stop the movement, is to provide laws that protect non-benders, laws that keep them safe and that stops benders from abusing their powers. Since that's really all the Equalists are rebelling for. And harming them to stop the movement, will just give them further reason to continue what they're doing.

Tarrlok and his Task Force

The second circumstance is Tarrlok and his Task Force. What Tarrlok is doing is taking his power in the council, and completley abusing it. He's taking measures to the extreme and hurting innocent people. This is an example of a governmental branch abusing its power. So, not only does this tie in with the Equalist movement being totally justified, it makes the situation with Team Avatar being arrested even more wrong.

What Korra and her friends were doing was rebelling against Tarrlok's corrupted ways. They had absolute right to do this, since he is abusing his power as a politician, as well as manipulating other branches of the government to abuse their powers. Not that we thought that Korra was doing something wrong in the first place, but this just further proves how wrong it was to arrest them.

This also means that when Korra came to confront Tarrlock, it was completley justified. However, trying to kill him was not. And since he as now kidnapped her, arrested her friends and then lied about it, she has more reason than ever to rebel.

So, I get that John Locke never existed in the Avatar World, however he did in our world. And looking at Korra through his contract shows some shocking things about what's really going on.

Sorry for being really boring. I just found this really interesting. ~

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