The Ember Island Players has been an episode ranked high among many Avatar fans. Could it be the playful and somewhat innacurate portrayals of our favorite characters? Or the shipping teases planted within the play? Or perhaps it's the simple-minded fun that lifted the darkness from the previous episodes away from our eyes?

This episode starts out as another day on Ember Island; Zuko and Aang have been practicing fire-bending, and too the fangirls delight, have nothing on above the waist. (Enter Foamy's sister, stage right). It's seems that after a day of training, a play would have been the last thing on everyone's mind.

But, nonetheless, Sokka shows up with a poster, advertising the critically acclaimed Ember Island Players, famous for butchering such plays as Love Amongst the Dragons, as Zuko recalls. Tonight, they'll be preforming the story of Team Avatar, acquiring knowledge from those such as Singing Pirates and a surprisingly knowlegeable merchant of cabbage.

Sadly, the play doesn't live up to anyone's expectations, outside of Toph.What, with flying bald ladies, stiff and humorless princes and preachy crybabies always making inspirational speeches about hope, how could it?

What I loved most about this episode was simply the humor; whoever wrote the play captured the worst sides of everyone and at the same time, inspired M. Night for his latest "blockbuster".

Needless to say, I loved the Zuko/Katara cave scene. It was awkward, silly and poorly written out, all down to their "romantic" embrace. Bryke sure knows how to pull at our heartstrings.

What I didn't like was how Aang decide to act in this episode; he was cranky, most likely from the upcoming stress of the approching comet, but it still was a little uncomfortable to watch. xD

Overall, I give the episode a 4 out of 5; While filler episodes aren't my favorite, this one sure sparked my interest.

It was simply a terrible, horrible play. But at least the effects were decent.

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