Hey guys, once again; sorry I haven't made it on in a while. :/

Well, I was shifting through comments again, and found yet another jumble of comments negativly bashing other's ships. Most prominently Zuko and Katara.

I'm not focusing solely on that, however I am seriously annoyed with the lack of understanding here. I cannot stress enough that Just because you ship two people together, doesn't mean you automatically act a certain way.

I mean, I prefer Zuko and Katara together...and I'm still normal. I go to school, I'm in marching band, I have friends, I eat food, I speak rationally. Simply becasue I am a "Zutarian" doesn't mean I foam at the mouth and right terrible fanfiction.

So anyway, on to the main topic; I would like everyone to explain on here (CALMLY) Why they do and don't prefer certain ships. Such as Katara and Aang vs. Aang and Toph. But seriously guys, do not turn this into a huge flame war.

Hmm...does this mean I'm obligated to share my views? I've already done that enough...

Either way; enjoy. x)

EDIT: I am going on holiday, starting from 6/4/11-6/12/11, so I will be unable to respond to your comments during that time. So try not and kill each other guys. I'll see ya when I get back! :)

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