Hey all. I'm better now. ;D I'm just bored and have another question...

So I know shipping is a very touchy subject--God know's why--but I'd just like to know what your preferences and why you like those two together?

For instance, (No one shoot me!!!) I love Zuko and Katara together....Even when I was younger and first started watching Avatar, I was just intrigued by the two together. I liked how their character dynamics worked together, for instance, Katara is normally calm but can have a very vicious side to her (The Southern Raiders, anyone?) and Zuko is normally hot-headed and angry but does have a very serene side to him. I kind of like how their personalities balance each-other out. I'm not saying in the sense that they're total opposites and that's how they're balanced, more in the sense that they have many similar qualities, but some are stronger; some are weaker and the strong and weak points are how they balance each other out.

I guess you could also say I just like the idea itself-Zuko's the bad guy turned good and Katara's the good girl who, in a sense, helped him find redemption, yadda, yadda, yadda, it's classic storybook, steamy romance. (Not really.)

And, this is sooo cliched, but I like the whole "Water and Fire" Yin and Yang. (I'm into mythology and ancient beliefs...)

And those are my-poor--reasonings. I'd think of better ones but I don't want to right now...

So what're your opinions? What's your favorite ship and why do you like it? Please comment below. xD

Also, please, please, please don't turn this into a flame war!!! Or....I don't know what I'll do, but just be forewarned.

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