Hey everyone! Sadly, I'm writing another blog to just apologize for being so inactive. I feel like I should just explain my absences...

A couple months ago, I got really sick for a while. I lost a lot of weight and still haven't recovered it yet. So I've been pretty under the weather, and really stressed with school work--No longer am I debating for fun on the Wiki! Now it's a grade!--But this isn't a "OHEMGEE FEEL SORRY FOR ME" Blog. This is a "Hey, this is why I've been gone" blog. I just feel like I should let everyone know I'm not dead.

I'm hoping once more LoK stuff comes out, I'll be more active. You can definitely find me on here more.

So anyway, I'm sorry! Here's a question to keep y'all occupied:

What are you all looking foreword to most for the new series? For me, it's the new characters. I can't wait to see the new personalities and interactions.

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