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    Probably one of the biggest sources of debate in the Avatar fandom right now, is Mako's character. As I see it, about 85% think he's an asshole, and 15% don't.

    Now I am one of those 15%. And if you haven't read my first analysis, you should go do that now. Because I'm kinda building off that.

    Lately, everyone is pissed about the way Mako's been acting towards both Asami and Korra. For the former, people are angry he “lied to her” about the kiss, he’s “cheating on her with Korra”, he’s “ignoring her”.

    Well, first off, I don’t believe in any way did he lie about the kiss. Did he mention it to her? No. Most likely, the reason he didn’t, is because at the end of episode 5, both Mako and Korra decided to put their feelings behind them and just forge…

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  • (RandomGirlYouDon'tKnow)

    So I've been thinking about the latest episode in terms of philosophy lately, because I love philosopy and was reading up on John Locke's social contract. And under his social contract, when a government begins abusing its rights and power, or fails to protect the rights of its people, then the contract is considered broken, and the citizens have the right to rebel.

    Now what does this have to do with Korra? Well, it has a lot to do, in two ways.

    First is the Equalist movement. If you look at it through the criterion of Locke's social contract, then really, what the equalists are doing is completley justified. From what Amon, and many other supporters have said, the government in Republic City has really done nothing to protect them from bende…

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  • (RandomGirlYouDon'tKnow)

    Well. I'm done with school now, and in my free time, I do weird things. So today, I wanted to analyze Mako’s personality and attitude towards Korra; A source of major debate for a long time. (If you would like me to do another analysis of something, just message me. I'm open to about anything.)

    So, since episode two, there's been divided opinions on this character. Some say Mako is a pretentious asshole, who only thinks for himself and sometimes his brother. Others, myself included, believe his actions are simply human and to be expected.

    From the beginning, Mako has held an enormous weight on his shoulders. When his parents died, he assumed the role of both father and mother, to his younger brother; Everything in his entire life was dedica…

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  • (RandomGirlYouDon'tKnow)

    Warning: Really long post ahead!

    Hey guys. It's been a while since I've been on again. It's that time of year again, with term ending and AP tests, finals, whatever else has been keeping people busy. And I've been one of them.

    But, I thought I'd give some of my opinions regarding the latest episode[s] and relationships. And being a huge shipper, I've been pretty satisfied.

    So first thing to address would probably be the relationship between Mako and Asami. Now I'll be the first to admit, as soon as screencaps were leaked on Tumblr from episode four, I was very unhappy. (To what extent, I won't say.) And the episode itself, I would say, wasn't high on my list of things I like. But, I can't help but admit that I really do like how Bryke portrays the …

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  • (RandomGirlYouDon'tKnow)

    Okay, so in a recent trailer/video clip, we've seen what appears to be Amon energybending/taking away the bending from Tahno. (Or who looks like Tahno) But there's a very distinct possibility that it isn't a form a bending at all!

    (Appa girl, you've already heard this and therefore you can't make fun of it on here. :P)

    So anyway, we see Amon placing his finger on a point on Tahno's head, much like Aang to Ozai. Now there is actually a very powerful pressure point called the Third Eye and it's located at this same point. The Third Eye is also where the Ajna Chakra is, which deals with things of spiritual matters. And Mike and Bryan (as well as many characters in the series) have indicated that bending is spiritual, (seeing as the Avatar is th…

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