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February 3, 2011
  • I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • I was born on March 25
  • I am A dude. A Nittany Lion. A Katara Fan/Boy/.
NOTICE: Due to a new job, I will not be quite as active as I have been. I will still be around plenty, but not a near all-day pace.

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."
— Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929 - 1968)

"We can't concern ourselves with what was. We must act on what is."
Gyatso, "The Southern Air Temple" (flashback).

Bolin and Pabu
Unlike Bolin, I don't have a Pabu on my shoulder...but hey, I'm here and ready to go!
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February 2, 2011

Welcome to my profile,

What's up?

I got into ATLA back when the series began originally in 2005. However I lost track of it in 2006 when I began to focus my life on other things. At the start of 2011, however, I began re-watching it on Nicktoons Network, and became rehooked quite instantly. The show is one of Nick's best creations of all-time, and one of its last best. Now, I am watching Legend of Korra heartily - Book One had promise but fell apart at the end, Book Two was really messy, confusing, and overall "bleh", but Book Three was quite impressive. Hoping Book Four brings us to a strong close.

My favorite ATLA character is Katara, and my favorite LoK character is Asami. My favorite nation is the Earth Kingdom. Nice and large, a lot to do, a lot to see...from Omashu to Ba Sing Se...and Kyoshi Island doesn't look too bad either. ^^"

Be good to me, and I'll be good to you. :)

Be bad to me, and I'll have to sic Angry Katara on you. Trust me, you wouldn't like Katara when she's angry. Don't say I didn't warn you.


The basics

Well, as some of these fancy boxes above doth illustrate, I am around on this wiki with many things I'm at on a daily basis. Primarily though, I am an administrator of this little place, so, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask - I'm glad to help anyone who needs it. I'm here to help this community out the best I can.

Looking for how to use things around here? Need to add a reference to an article? Any other quick editing things you need? Check my quick stuff userspace page for some starting tools. :)

Also, I've got many fanons if you want to check them out - you can view them here. My personal recommendation wise, this page will give you a lift. ^^"

Personal infobits

  • I was born on the 25th day of the third month in the 1,992nd year of our Lord, in a small northeastern Pennsylvania town...still call NEPA my main home, even though I'm out of the area atm.
  • As mentioned above, I'm a hardcore Avatar series fan, especially since 2011.
  • I am a graduate of Penn State University.
  • I love sports. I love to watch college football/basketball, the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, I'll be there for it. I've got a favorite in every sport, though said teams do love to test my patience... -_-
  • Weather is probably my favorite hobby outside this wiki.

Other favorites - no particular order



Plans for the future

Using my history degree as a platform, I hope to get into professional work with research, book-writing, or professorship.

Favorite characters

Subject to change at any time.

A:TLA Position Legend of Korra


No. 1

Asami Sato


No. 2

Suyin Beifong

Toph Beifong

No. 3

Lin Beifong


No. 4


Sokka, Iroh (tie)

No. 5


When it comes to shippings...

This user supports Kataang because it is what a relationship should be -- built up on deep trust, understanding, and care for another. Katara and Aang grew together on all this through all their travels, and it translated into a deep love that, as we can see, lasted for many years, making it to marriage. Simply put, in the words of Bolin, I'm talking about real love. Wait, where's Pabu then? I've got to tell this to someone...
This user supports Maiko because they each helped each other open up and helped snapped each other out of their respective emotional funks. They also balance one another out perfectly, and they are the happiest of all around each other. I hope that what happened in TPPt2 is not the end of their time together...
This user supports Korrasami because they were great friends from early on and gradually developed into a strong relationship, becoming rocks for the other - a journey that ended in, oh yeah, CANON, SAY WHAT SON. Plus it was nice to see the creators finally get an LGBT relationship onto Western animation.



  • Kataang: See userbox
  • Maiko: A childhood crush re-kindled, and they balance each other well. Plus, Zuko and Mai help open each other up, giving them a deep understanding as well.
  • Yukka: A prince and a princess who developed a deep care for one another. Relationship development may not have been the greatest, but still, it was awesome. Too bad it can't be real.


  • Sukka: It's canon, and their feelings were mutual. I can accept this. However, the relationship to me was rushed, and it was more on the shallow side.


  • Zutara: These two are very headstrong, and Zuko is quite close-minded, not much like Katara. These two are good as friends, but nothing more. Also, past misgivings may linger and these could come up in arguments. Water and fire are opposites, yes, but "opposites attract" to me is invalid -- it doesn't apply across the board. Plus, "opposites attract" also goes beyond elements. Very much do not get its large-scale popularity.
  • Taang: Again, you can't go with opposites attract just because of earth and air in this case. These two are way opposite, and their relationship would fail. This is just a tossed-in ship for Zutarians to satisfy theirs. Sorry, wouldn't work.
  • Tokka: Very overrated to me. This ship is totally one-sided. Further, Toph did not seem to have romantic feelings for Sokka at the end of the show. Do not understand its popularity at all.

Legend of Korra


  • Korrasami: I've never normally shipped slash, but this is my first pick for it. The two showed the potential for good friendship and chemistry in the first book and it came full circle throughout the second half of the series. The development was there and I'm glad to see these two bring it all together into a relationship.


  • Bopal: Eh...I liked this one in Book Three, but between Bolin completely misunderstanding Opal throughout several points of Book Four and Opal also declaring that only risking his life would result in forgiveness, I lost support for this one. They did hold together at least but, eh...this could be better.


  • Borra: This was probably my most liked ship initially. I really liked Bolin, and I thought his personality blended well with Korra's -- they each have a softer, fun-loving side to them, and I had thought it would have been really cool if they got together, in my opinion. But this ship was ditched quickly and besides, Korra and Bolin have their own partners now. My opinion of Bolin as a whole is nowhere near as positive as it once was so even if they were available, I'd be off the ship.
  • Boleska: No no no. A thousand times no. The first four episodes of Book Two said enough. Don't even want to hear about their interactions at the end - it's a load of crap, especially after Bolin had referred to her as crazy before he ran off. I don't buy what happened at the end, sorry.
  • Makorra: I can't stand this ship, it was really unhealthy for especially Korra, who wound up getting seriously softened and pulled in all the wrong directions because of it. She became a damsel in distress and later overly whiny...I had found her to develop far more on her own. Mako - I couldn't stand him and clearly had no problem tossing her aside for Asami or whomever his flavor of the month is. Even though Mako improved toward the end of the series, I can't bring myself to ship this as I have a more preferred ship for Korra.
  • Masami: Don't like it either, and like Makorra, it is far more Mako than in this case, Asami. Ms. Sato deserves better than this guy. For a little while, it looked like this ship had potential, but, Mako soon just left Asami in the dust and fell all over Korra. Then in Book Two, he did the very same - as soon as Korra came back, he fell right back over her after restarting his relationship with Asami. Not to mention, he couldn't even give the courtesy of telling Korra the truth about Asami.

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