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August 29, 2011
  • I live in Emmett
  • I was born on November 19
  • I am female


My name is Tasha but please call me Hybrid :) I am a small town chick but im crazy and spastic you can even ask the people who know me. I dye my hair black im a natural blonde guys dont like me and girls cant have me, lol over all im just a nice person but like a mustang dominant mare i will kick butt when needed and i do own :D half the times :) I have studdied horses since i could read, my chinese Zodiac is the horse while my Zodiac is Scorpio, I am a water sign, i love water. I love swimming in it, bathing in it and drinking it haha. i've also studdied life that evolves around me, I take into what Uncle Iroh says and YES! I love! The Avatar: Last Airbender and am super excited for The Avatar: The Legend of Korra to come out, i just cant wait im so excited i could pee LOL. well thats all about me if you feel like talking dont be afraid to leave me a message on fb or else where :) you can find me on facebook under Hybrid Umeko Tasha Randall :P

About my Website:

Yes it does have mostly horse characters made by me on it and tutorials and such however i am bringing a second part to the website depending on what Animation source does with a suggestion i gave them. Im feeling hopefully they will Add Avatar the last Airbender to their sources and add Legend of Korra later down the road, but i'm also keeping my hopes down just in case :) but no matter what i will have my fanons/fanfics and characters created by me (not the official characters) on my site :).

Contacting Moi:

Feel free to contact me on my facebook if you would like just please let me know that you are from Wikia : Avatar, By sending this with the friend invite : "Hi! its (your name here) from Wikia: Avatar the last airbender, I seen your profile and hoped to become friends or such." and you will be accepted, if you dont include that message you wont be accepted.

If you are not okay with that above option you can always contact me on my Talk page :) i will always respond as im out of work right now, i'm always up for discussing Avatar the last airbender topics and topics on what i hope to expect in the new The Last airbender: Legend of Korra series that will be airing in midfall. I hope to make good friends on here, im very nice and i hope to hear from some folks on here :) have a nice day and thanks for taking the time to read this :)

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