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Unnamed fire Avatar close-up
Unnamed fire Avatar
Biographical information

Fire Nation


Fire Nation


Unnamed male earth Avatar (as the Avatar)


Yangchen (as the Avatar)

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information

All Avatars

Weapon of choice

The elements

Fighting style(s)

Firebending, airbending, waterbending, earthbending

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Fully Realized Avatar

First appearance

"The Avatar State" (vision)

Last appearance

"Darkness Falls" (vision)

This unnamed fire Avatar was the Fire Nation Avatar preceding Avatar Yangchen.


 Appearances in Aang's life

The unnamed fire Avatar first appeared to Aang in a spiritual vision directed by Avatar Roku, in which he was lavabending the magma from several volcanoes while in the Avatar State.[1] The young airbender saw him again briefly in a similar vision during the battle at Wulong Forest, this time among a great number of Avatars all standing in a line, upon regaining his ability to enter the Avatar State.[2]

Appearances in Korra's life

This Avatar was present, along with all the other Avatars, when Aang passed on the knowledge of energybending to Korra and restored her bending, representing the newly established connection she had made with her spiritual self.[3]

After Unalaq had merged with Vaatu and proceeded to attack Raava, the fire Avatar was present in the Avatar lineup that Korra envisioned; however, his connection to the latter was severed due to Unalaq's assault on and subsequent destruction of the Light Spirit.[4]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)

Book Three: Fire (火)

The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)

  • 112. "Endgame(vision, no lines)

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)

Preceded by
Unnamed male earth Avatar; eventually Wan
Unknown (BG)
Succeeded by


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