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The term "Unnamed Earth Kingdom boys" has not been confirmed by official sources.

These two Earth Kingdom boys, who lived in a small village, were pranksters who dropped sacks full of water on passersby. They met their match, however, when they attempted to prank Katara.[1]


One day in an Earth Kingdom village, the boys peered silently out the second-floor window of a building. One of the boys dropped a water sack on a female villager, which caught Katara's attention.

Seemingly innocent, Katara purposefully walked under the window. The boys each dropped a water sack, but, using her waterbending, she redirected the sacks back at them, forcing them to retreat. When they emerged once more, she bent the water from a nearby bucket at them, dousing them in order to teach them a lesson.[1]


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Book One: Water (水)


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