The unification wars of the Fire Islands were a series of military conflicts in the disaggregated archipelago that later became the Fire Nation, fought by the first Fire Lord against several warring warlords. His victory resulted in the first recorded unification of the Fire Islands, paving the way for the establishment of the Fire Nation.[1]


Fire Islands warlords fighting

The warlords of the Fire Islands constantly fought for land and supremacy.

After Avatar Wan closed the spirit portals, humans began to wage war among themselves,[2] eventually spreading out across the Fire Islands to establish villages all over the archipelago. Over time, warlords arose and assumed power, fighting each other for territory and resources. Commoners were caught in the middle of the conflict and lived in settlements controlled by different warlords, some of whom mandated tributes to support their war efforts.

One year, a village's refusal to offer tribute to Toz prompted him to abduct the children from the settlement as punishment. The children were never seen again, and their mothers died of sadness. They returned to the mortal realm shortly thereafter as dark spirits known as the Kemurikage and haunted warlords for their crimes; they abducted children of the warlords' men as punishment for their actions. This resulted in the fall of Toz's regime as well as the weakening of several other regimes in the Fire Islands.

Eventually, one territorial leader defeated all of the remaining warlords and brought them to justice. He subsequently united the Fire Islands into a single political unit and eventually became known as the first Fire Lord,[1] the spiritual leader of the Fire Sages,[3] descendants of Bhanti Tribe sages.[4]


The first Fire Lord ushered in an era of prolonged peace and toppled the warlord system, causing the sadness that the Kemurikage felt to recede. Because of this, they retreated into the Spirit World and stopped haunting mankind,[1] despite their continued infamy in legend for coming centuries in the Fire Nation.[5]

After his death, the first Fire Lord was interred in a crypt in the Dragonbone Catacombs.[1] At some point, the Fire Lord split from Fire Sages while maintaining political power, changing the rule of the Fire Nation from a religious leadership into an autocratic empire ruled by the Fire Nation Royal Family.[3]

The unification of the Fire Islands eventually faded into obscurity, particularly during the Hundred Year War, when Fire Lord Sozin sealed the majority of the Dragonbone Catacombs detailing the Fire Nation's history. One of the original Kemurikage retold the origin of the nation in 102 AG to Avatar Aang.[1]


  • The armor worn by the soldiers of the first Fire Lord strongly resemble that of the warriors of the Yayoi period, an era during which the first known Japanese state emerged.


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