Book Three trivia quiz

The game's title screen features Korra, Mako, and Bolin.

The Ultimate Book Three Trivia Quiz is a quiz that tests the player's knowledge of Book Three: Change of The Legend of Korra by asking a series of ten specific questions.

By clicking on the start button, the player initiates the quiz and is introduced to the first of ten questions, each of which features the question itself, and either two or three answer options. Each option is accompanied by an image or is an image itself, and the player proceeds through the quiz by clicking on one of the choices, at which point the other option or options fade out. There is also a line of ten white dots at the bottom of the screen that is used to represent the question that the player is currently on by shading an additional dot gray as the player reaches the next question.


The quiz consists of the following ten questions accompanied by their respective answer options:

  1. Who tells Korra that Su and Lin are sisters?
  2. What did Ghazan's tattoos look like?
    Left image
    Center image
    Right image
  3. While training the new airbenders, Tenzin tells the story of Monk Tang Xu. Where did Tang Xu complete his 97th day of his historic fast?
    Whaletail Island
    Kyoshi Island
    Red Sand Island
  4. What does Grandma Yin grab before evacuating Ba Sing Se?
    Family photo
    Mako's scarf
    Earth Queen portrait
  5. On what street corner was the robbery reported in Lin's flashback?
    1st and Green!
    4th and Sandhook!
    5th and Harbor!
  6. Who breaks the barrel of water during Ming-Hua's escape from prison?
  7. Where does Korra meet with Iroh?
    Xai Bau's Grove
    Wan Shi Tong's Library
    Hai-Riyo Peak
  8. Kai's parents fled his village during an outlaw ambush and he hasn't seen them since
  9. Who scores a goal in power disc when Korra first enters Zaofu?
  10. How many rocks does Zaheer throw to Ghazan during his prison break?


Upon completing the tenth question the player click the "Get the results" button the reveal how many question were answered correctly out of ten. The quiz does not reveal which questions were answered incorrectly. Depending on how many correct answers were given, there is one of three following messages shown to accompany the results.

1 - 3 correct answers

"So you're about as good at Korra trivia as Bolin is at metalbending, but re-visit your favorite episodes and you could be a lavabending Book Three champ. Practice makes perfect ... just ask Bolin!"

4 - 7 correct answers

"You've almost mastered Book Three! Time to re-watch your favorite episodes and make a comeback in this quiz arena. It's like taking on the Red Lotus; keep your mind focused and victory could be yours!"

8 - 10 correct answers

"Whoa! If trivia quizzes were an element you'd be a master in no time! But will you lose your balance in Book Four? Keep watching Legend of Korra to maintain your Avatar expertise."

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