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Turf Wars Part Two is the second installment of the Turf Wars trilogy. It was released in comic book stores on January 17, 2018,[1] and in mass market retailers on January 31, 2018.[2]


Recovering from the fight and furious for revenge, Triple Threats member Tokuga solidifies his ties with the duplicitous Wonyong.

Meanwhile, when Republic City's housing crisis reaches its peak, Zhu Li sets her sights on the biggest public figure in the city—President Raiko—in a bid for the presidency!

With her friend's success, the future of the spirit portal, and the wellbeing of Republic City's citizens at stake, can Korra remain neutral and fulfill her duties as the Avatar?


Korra, Tenzin, and a couple more airbenders are on Oogi's back headed for the Spirit portal, Korra determined to assure the spirits that she will be neutral after the fight one day earlier. However, as they fly through the portal, they find the Spirit World barren, with all the flowers that were previously growing in the field now dead. Korra is surprised to learn this, and Tenzin comforts her, saying that he knew the place was special to her and Asami, . Meanwhile, Jinora has started meditating, and Kai is wondering aloud who would be powerful enough to do this and why. Korra reasons it is the spirits trying to send a message to every human who comes through the portal, warning them to stay out of their world.

Ikki thinks that will not help, as the portal is still open, and tries touching one of the wilted flowers, something Korra tries to warn her against, but to no avail. A vine shoots up, ensnaring Ikki's arm; thinking quickly, Korra uses a firebending slice to free her. Other vines begin attacking the other airbenders, and Tenzin orders everyone back to Oogi. Kai is already ensnared but is saved by Jinora on her glider, and the group escapes on Oogi.

As they cross back into the physical world, they find the United Forces under the command of General Iroh setting up a perimeter around the portal, on President Raiko's orders. Korra tries explaining that she was attempting to ease the tension between spirits and humans and that having the United Republic's military surrounding the portal would only anger the spirits more, prompting Iroh to explain that that was not what he intended. Tenzin tries convincing him to get the military to leave while offering the Air Nation's help protecting the portal instead, with Ikki mentioning that there is nobody better for the job. Iroh considers the offer but ultimately rejects it as he has his orders, and he suggests taking it up with Raiko instead. Annoyed, Korra leaves to talk to Raiko.

At the Republic City Police headquarters, Lin reads Mako and Bolin's report on Tokuga's attack on the new spirit portal. Reaching the end, she inquires what the last part says, as she is not able to read the handwriting. Bolin explains that it says that Korra and Asami kiss, prompting Mako to reiterate that he only wanted his younger brother to finish the report and not write a romance novel. Bolin defends himself by stating that he found it to be pertinent information the chief should know about. Lin scratches her chin, somewhat surprised, before she berates Bolin for his sloppy handwriting, mentioning it looks like a possum chicken scratch. Bolin apologizes, but Mako changes the subject, mentioning that Korra suspected that Tokuga was sent by Wonyong Keum to attack the airbenders. When Lin asks on what grounds the accusation was made, Mako simply responds by stating it was plausible and that they could bring the businessman in for questioning. He is interrupted by Lin, however, who states that she will not bring him in with no evidence, as he is Republic City's most powerful and well-connected land developer, making him hard to get to. As they leave, Bolin states that the lead could be a dead end, but Mako, unconvinced by this, suggests paying their twelve-toed friend a visit.

Confronting Ping in his cell, Mako tells him that the police are trying to track down Tokuga and that he might be helpful, though Ping answers that Tokuga changes the Triple Threat Triad's hideout every few days, so he does not know its most recent location himself. Mako tells Ping that Tokuga is not coming to save him, so he has thus no reason to remain loyal to him. Mako offers to talk to Lin about getting better accommodation if Ping co-operates, but he replies that he is being completely honest, remarking that Tokuga is hardly sending him messages. After hearing these words, Bolin suggests that Tokuga is using children to relay messages between his men, just like Lightning Bolt Zolt used to do. Mako turns to Ping for confirmation and takes his reluctance to answer the question as an affirmative answer. The brothers leave, Mako complimenting Bolin's thinking and suggesting he might make it as a cop, to which Bolin replies that he is learning from the best.

Elsewhere, under the supervision of Asami and Zhu Li, benders, hummingbird suits, and cranes are clearing a construction site and assembling the framework of a building for the new homes of the evacuees. Asami states that they should be able to rehouse the first group of people within a few months if everything goes to plan, to which Zhu Li expresses a hope that she can convince them to be patient until then. When the two women notice Raiko and Wenyan with a group of evacuees nearby, Zhu Li guesses that Raiko is trying to save his job. Addressing the evacuees, Raiko claims to have fast-tracked the construction project, and that he will be working around the clock to get everyone new homes as soon as possible. One evacuee asks how long this will take, and Raiko starts to say that it will not happen overnight, before Wenyan cuts him off and makes a guarantee that it will be completed by the end of the month. This wins the evacuees over, and Wenyan unveils a poster of the finished building dubbed the "Raiko Residencies", further pleasing them.

As Zhu Li and Asami approach the two men, Raiko introduces them to the evacuees, and Wenyan calls for a photo of the group. Zhu Li quietly tells Raiko to make Wenyan stop making impossible promises, while Asami criticizes his decision to name the project after himself when they brought the idea to him in the first place, but Raiko ignores them. He and Wenyan attempt to leave, only to be cut off by Korra and Tenzin landing in front of them on Oogi.

Wenyan tells Korra to book an appointment to see Raiko in an attempt to head her off, but Korra bends a piece of metal over his mouth, gagging him as she walks past. She and Tenzin approach Raiko and tell him to withdraw the United Forces from the portal, but Raiko refuses. Trying to appeal to his goal of re-election, Korra warns Raiko that he could cause another spirit crisis and thus jeopardize his chances of winning, only for Raiko to reply that Korra's creation of the portal is what caused the current crisis in the first place. Korra replies that she did not create the portal deliberately, but was trying to protect Republic City from Kuvira's spirit energy cannon. Raiko retorts that her attempts to do so left the evacuees homeless, and tells the evacuees that - despite claiming to have their best interests at heart - Korra took a vacation while they were trying to recover, turning them against Korra. He tells Korra that her recklessness and selfishness have left people's lives shattered, with him once again having to deal with the consequences. Asami and Tenzin spring to Korra's defense, Asami calling out Raiko for his cowardice, before she and Tenzin point out Korra's role in stopping Kuvira, but a downcast Korra decides to leave.

As Korra, Asami, Zhu Li and Tenzin head over to Asami's on-site office, Asami remarks that someone should put Raiko in his place. She proposes that Tenzin run for president; as the son of Aang, he could easily beat Raiko. Tenzin declines, stating that his main priority now is to lead the Air Nation, and he instead suggests that Zhu Li would be better suited to lead the United Republic. Zhu Li is taken by surprise by the idea, but Korra and Asami support the idea, the latter remarking that Zhu Li would have no trouble ruling a nation after working for Varrick. Zhu Li admits that the proposal is an interesting one, adding that she had never before considered the idea as she was preoccupied with the evacuee crisis. Tenzin refers to this as compassion, another point in her favor, and Korra adds that she would like to have a president she could work with, having become tired of constantly fighting with Raiko. Zhu Li agrees to consider the idea, and she and Tenzin leave to handle a shipment of supplies for the evacuees that is due to arrive soon. Asami calls her "President Moon" while saying goodbye, claiming that the title has a nice ring to it.

Korra and Asami enter Asami's office, and Korra reveals what has happened to the spirit world, saddening Asami. Sitting down on Asami's desk, Korra says that she had thought her life was changing for the better when she and Asami first walked through the portal, but with Raiko being uncooperative, the city remaining a mess and the public turning against her, she feels that nothing has changed. Asami assures her that one thing is different; moving close while resting both her hands on Korra's leg, she assures Korra that while there will always be problems to deal with, the two of them can overcome anything as long as they stick together. Momentarily overcome, Korra prepares to say something to Asami, but her nervousness wins out and she leaves, claiming that she wants to let Asami get on with her work. Asami sighs as she watches her go.

Elsewhere, Mako and Bolin drive through the city, Bolin narrating their actions as they do so. After Mako tells him that they are not making a mover in an attempt to make him stop, Bolin enthusiastically suggests that they do make one, even proposing "Good Cop, Bad Cop" as one of the possible names. Mako sarcastically asks if he would be the bad cop in that scenario, with Bolin replying that he is the "brooding, mysterious older brother", and not a good enough actor to play against type. Mako retorts that Bolin is the same, as his role as Nuktuk was little different than his real-life personality, to which Bolin argues that the role had a lot of range. He asks if Mako's behaving this way because he is upset that his two ex-girlfriends are now dating each other. Mako is taken aback by the question, but claims that he thinks it is great that Korra and Asami are together, though Bolin is unconvinced.

The discussion is interrupted when Mako sees Skoochy, along with a group of other street kids, gathered in front of an apartment building. The kids take off running when they see the two cops, but Mako and Bolin manage to catch Skoochy, and question him about being involved with the Triple Threats. Skoochy continually denies it, until Bolin runs out of patience and shouts at him to stop lying and answer the questions. Mako tells his brother to calm down, and persuades Skoochy to help them by relating his own involvement with the Triple Threats, and telling Skoochy that people could die if the police do not find Tokuga. Skoochy tells them that the Triple Threats are based in an abandoned warehouse at the docks, before running off. After he leaves, Bolin apologizes to Mako for getting angry, and remarks that he had it backward on which of the brothers were the good cop and bad cop. Mako just says that they should find Tokuga, and that he will call Lin for backup.

Production notes


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Character revelations

  • Wonyong Keum is Republic City's most powerful and well-connected land developer.
  • Jargala's last name is Omo.
  • Skoochy is still living on the streets and working as a messenger for the Triple Threat Triad.
  • Tokuga was responsible for Viper's death.


  • On page 12, Mako's belt buckle is missing.
  • On page 18, the seal of the United Republic is missing from Raiko's attire in the lower panel.
  • On page 62, the arrows on both Jinora's and Tenzin's hands are missing.


  • Turf Wars Part Two was the best-selling graphic novel of January 2018 by units in the United States.[3]
  • Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo are wearing their traditional airbender robes again, which they wore in the first three books of the series.


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