Katara is in an Earth Kingdom market, inspecting the goods in a stall. There are Earth Kingdom citizens walking around, oblivious to two young boys peering out from the second story window of a house opposite the market. They peek only slightly above the windowsill, making it difficult to notice them.
Unnamed Earth Kingdom boys [Holding water bombs in their hands and smiling mischievously.] Heh, heh, heh ...
At the sound of a wet splash, Katara glances over her shoulder, surprised to see a water balloon breaking upon a woman's head and drenching her in the liquid. The citizen walks away, fuming, as the boys throw another bomb at an older man with scrolls tucked under his arm.
Scholar [A surprised look on his face.] Hey!
The balloon having made contact with his head, the man is, like the other citizen, soaked in water while the boys laugh from their window, with more water balloons in hand and at the ready. The scene shifts to show Katara, looking toward the boys with a thoughtful expression on her face.
Katara [Hand on her chin.] Hmmm.
Katara walks below their window, hands behind her back and whistling innocently. The two boys look down at her, grinning with water bombs in their hand. There is a barrel of water in front of her. The boys, smiling widely, let loose their bombs, only for Katara to waterbend them back up to the delinquents. Their grins turn to looks of surprise and horror.
Unnamed Earth Kingdom boys Aaaaaaah!
They turn around and run from the window, the balloons still being bent toward them. After fleeing from the room, the boys slam the door shut just as the bombs hit it. They cautiously crack open the door once more, checking to see if anything else is coming, with no idea of what Katara is planning to do next. The scene shifts, showing the waterbender collecting the water from the barrel as many of the townspeople look on with palpable curiosity. She sends the water through the window just as she did the balloons. The boys approach the open window slowly and have only a second to notice the water reflecting their faces before being soaked with it. The Earth Kingdom citizens cheer as Katara laughs, and the boys hang exhausted from the window.
Katara [Laughing, oblivious to Sokka, who is standing behind her. He has his tongue sticking out, and is preparing to throw a water bomb at her.] Only a moron challenges a waterbender to a water war ...



"Bee Calm"

"Water War"

"Don't Blow It!"

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