Zuko is limbering up in the courtyard. Sokka comes running toward him with his sword on his back.
Sokka Hey Zuko, up for a little swordbending?
Zuko I'm supposed to be teaching Aang. And don't call it "swordbending." That's not even a real word.
Sokka Aang's busy with Toph! Besides, it's about time we had a duel - we're the only two swordbenders here!
Zuko [Unimpressed, turns and walks away.] I think I'm a little past your level Sokka. Why don't you practice with The Duke or something.
Sokka The Duke? But he's, like, eight years old!
Zuko He should be a good match for you, then.
Sokka [Determined.] All right, Zuko. You leave me no choice. [Draws his sword.] I challenge you to a swordbending kai! [Zuko stares at him slightly disgusted.] You know, like an Agni Kai, instead with swords instead of fire ...
Zuko [Interrupting.] Yeah I get it! But there is no such thing as a "swordbending kai." [Sokka looks at him with sad eyes. Zuko sighs, putting his palm over his scarred eye.] But honor demands that I accept your challenge.
Sokka [Jumping.] Woo!
Cut to later in the day. The rest of the team has gathered, each person sitting on pieces of rubble. Zuko and Sokka face each other in the middle of a ring, while Aang acts as referee and holds them back from each other until the duel starts.
Toph Finally! Some action around here!
Zuko [To Sokka.] Don't get your hopes up Sokka. I started training with Master Piandao since when I was just a kid ... [Positions himself with his dao swords behind him.] ... So I think I can take a beginner like you.
Aang All right, you guys. I want this to be a good, clean swordbending match!
Zuko [Smiling.] There's no such thing!
Sokka [Smiling also. Both wait for Aang to whistle and they charge at each other.] So you think you're hot stuff, huh?
Katara [From the sidelines, holding up a sign of a waterbending symbol above a sword, which represents Sokka. Toph is also holding a sign, but of Zuko; the sign is upside down.] Go, Water Tribe!
Sokka [Swords clash together.] Lemme show you how we do things down south!
Zuko [Sokka swings at him, but he side steps.] Like I said ... [ Swings at Sokka who narrowly deflects it, exclaiming. Sokka falls backward and hits the dirt. Zuko looks over smiling.] ... Don't get your hopes up.
Aang holds his arm out indicating Zuko's victory. Katara looks on annoyed, while Toph smiles and waves around her sign, which is now right side up.
Sokka [Annoyed.] Rematch. Now.
Aang [Cutting to later, after another victory for Zuko, knocking Sokka down with a kick.] Another loss for Sokka!
Katara [Cutting again to later. Burying her face after Sokka falls flat on his face.] Ouch.
Zuko [Smiling, holding his right blade toward Sokka.] This is ridiculous. I'm obviously better than you. Why don't you just give up?
Sokka [Standing up, brushing the dust from his clothes.] This from the guy who unsuccessfully hunted Aang for years?
Zuko That was totally different!
Sokka Sure ... [Raises his sword and charges.] ... 'Cause it'll only take me three minutes to beat you!
Zuko [Knocks Sokka's sword from his hands.] You were saying? [Sokka stares on at his blade but soon looks behind him. He smiles as he reaches for his boomerang, throwing it at Zuko, who narrowly ducks.] Hey! No boomerangs in swordbending. [Pauses as he realized what he said, as the boomerang starts spinning back toward him.] Wait ... I mean ... [The boomerang hits him square in the back of the head and Zuko drops to his knees.]
Aang [Watching on as Sokka catches his boomerang.] Zuko's right, you know. You did cheat, so he still wins the match.
Sokka [Smugly.] I may have lost the battle of swords, young Avatar ... [Holds his arms up.] ... But I won the war of words.



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