Aang This place seems like the perfect place to relax for a while.
Sokka Ew, animal pelts! [Sokka points to a stall filled with animal pelts.]
Toph Ah, finally ... I'm sick of flying. No offense, Appa, but I'm a "solid ground" type of girl.
Katara Guys, we probably shouldn't stay here too long ... remember, the Fire Nation is still after us. -Sniff, sniff- Are those deep-fried picked radishes I smell? Maybe we can stay here for a little while ...
Aang  [Trying on a fur cap.] Hey, Sokka, what do you think? Now we both have ponytails.
Sokka [Trying on a fur coat.] That looks fabulous on you!
A girl spins around, believing that Sokka is speaking to her. She is wearing a red animal skin draped around her neck.
Kaya Really? You think this looks fabulous on me?
Sokka [Flustered.] Umm ... of course! Dead animal skin really brings out your eyes.
Stall owner That's fake animal skin! I'm a strict vegetarian and I love animals.
Aang  Hey! Me too!
Sokka My name's Sokka. I was thinking maybe you and your fake foxy friend here might like to go out with me some time?
Kaya throws the faux-skin into Sokka's face.
Kaya Maybe the fox would like to go out with you! But not me! [She storms off.]
Stall owner That's delicate!
Sokka  Hey!
Aang Hee hee!
Sokka darts ahead of Kaya, trying to get her to stop.
Sokka You know, I'm a real hero. I pretty much go from town to town saving people and stuff.
Kaya pushes past Sokka and keeps on walking.
Kaya Well, then, why don't you just hurry along to another town.
Sokka But my adventures are incredible! Haven't you ever heard of the Avatar?!
Kaya spins around, looking delighted.
Kaya You're the Avatar? 
Sokka Well, actually ... I, umm ...
Aang rushes to Sokka's defense, he is still wearing the fur cap which obscures his tattoo.
Aang Yep, he's the Avatar!
Sokka I am ...? I mean, yep, that's me.
Kaya [Clutching her hands to her chest and looking delighted.] Really? I heard the Avatar is the last airbender. Can you do any airbending?
Sokka Of course I can airbend! Like I said, I'm the Avatar ... get ready because I am about to make a giant hurricane!
Sokka gives a large wink to Aang, who looks shocked.
Aang [Whispering to Sokka.] Sokka ... I can't make a hurricane.
Sokka [Whispering back to Aang.] Oh, sorry ... [To Kaya.] Forget the hurricane! Watch as I make ... a small funnel of wind!!!
Sokka holds out his hand where a small funnel of wind is formed. Aang hides behind a nearby barrel in order to create the illusion that Sokka is airbending.
Sokka Airbending power!
Kaya Wow!
Aang uses airbending to lift Kaya in the air.
Sokka More airbending power!
Kaya  [Yelps.] Whoa!
Kaya lands in Sokka's arms.
Sokka Maybe you'd like to go out with me now?
Kaya Of course! I can't wait to tell everyone that my boyfriend's the Avatar!!
Sokka [Looking shocked and happy.] Boyfriend?
Meanwhile, a few miles away, the Rough Rhinos conspire ...
Kahchi The Avatar has been spotted heading toward a town not far from here.
Mongke Good. We'll have him in no time.
Ogodei Oooh! I love towns!
Back in town ...
Kaya happily introduces Sokka to her parents and younger sister, Aang in tow.
Kaya Mom and dad, this is my boyfriend, Sokka – he's the Avatar!
Kaya's father Your boyfriend's the Avatar?!
Kaya's mother I can't believe the Avatar's actually in my house! And I didn't even clean!
Kaya's sister [Pointing at Aang.] Who's the kid with the weird hat?
Sokka Oh, this little guy? He's, uh, my ... servant!
Aang [Shocked.] Servant ...?
Kaya  Good, then your servant can help us clean.
Kaya's mother pulls away Aang, carrying a mop.
Sokka [Whispering to Kaya.] We'd better not tell too many people that I'm the Avatar. You know, for security reasons.
Kaya Don't worry, my parents won't tell anyone!
But soon ...
A large crowd of people are standing outside of Kaya's door. A shocked Sokka and a smiling Kaya stand in front of them. Aang is still mopping and is peeking out the window.
Man in crowd There he is! The Avatar!
Sokka I thought you said they wouldn't tell anyone.
Kaya Well, maybe just a few people.
Woman #1 Avatar Sokka, can you help me?!
Woman #2 Me, too! I need some advice!
Woman #3 He's got more hair than I expected.
Sokka [Whispering to Aang.] Aang, what do I do?
Aang I don't know, Sokka ... you're the Avatar. I'm just a servant!
Man with ingrown toenail [Holding up his foot.] Mister Avatar! I need your wisdom ... I have an ingrown toenail – could you help me?
Sokka Ew! Maybe you should wear shoes. And wash your feet more often!
Man with ingrown toenail Thank you, Mister Avatar! You're brilliant!
Sokka I am brilliant, aren't I? All right, single file, everybody. Don't worry. Everyone will get their chance to speak to me, the wise Avatar.
Woman #2 I need marriage advice!
Woman #3 Me, too!
Woman #1 Hey, Avatar, I have a question!
Toph and Katara approach a crowd of people traveling to see the Avatar.
Toph Where are all these people heading?
Woman in purple dress Haven't you heard? The Avatar's in town!
Katara What has Aang done now?
Katara and Toph make their way through the crowds.
Limp-haired woman You're right ... my hair would look better curly! Thanks for the advice, Sokka the Avatar.
Katara [Shocked.] Sokka the Avatar?
Sokka [Gulps.] Katara! Toph!
Kaya Are these more of your servants, Sokka?
Sokka Umm ... not exactly ... more like ... my sidekicks!
Aang looks smugly on from the window.
Katara What? If anything, you're my-
Sokka quickly yanks Katara and Toph into the house.
Toph Hey!
Katara Sokka, why does everyone think you're the Avatar?
Sokka I kinda told that cute girl to impress her. Then she sorta told a few other people.
Toph Right, just a few people ...
Sokka You guys have got to play along ... please?
Person from the crowd One more question, Mister Avatar!
Sokka turns back outside.
Sokka Calm down everyone, I'll be there in a minute.
Limp-haired woman I want to see some bending!
Man #2 Yeah, me too!
Man with ingrown toenail Woo-hoo! Bending!
Sokka All right, if that's what you all want. Everyone please stand back. I am about to do some waterbending. [Glancing behind him.]
Aang looks knowingly at Katara, who cracks her fingernails.
Katara You want waterbending? I'll give you waterbending ...
Katara bends water from a nearby bucket and swirls it around Sokka, creating the illusion that he is waterbending. The crowd applauds.
Kaya Amazing!
Sokka It's all in the wrists ...
Suddenly, Katara smacks the water into the side of Sokka's head.
Toph Hey, Avatar, why don't you earthbend, too?!
Sokka looks fearfully at Toph, who uses an earth pillar to smack Sokka into the air.
Man with an ingrown toenail Wow, look at him go!
Limp-haired woman He's got an unusual technique.
The Rough Rhinos look down a hill and see the commotion below, as Katara and Toph continue to tease Sokka.
Mongke I think we found the Avatar ...
The Rough Rhinos charge down, with Kahchi and Mongke leading the charge. Kahchi swings an iron ball and chain above his head.
Katara The Rough Rhinos are invading the town!
Unseen person in the crowd Avatar Sokka, save us!
Kahchi throws his ball and chain at Sokka, capturing him.
Kahchi You're coming with me, Avatar!
Katara, Toph, and Aang charge toward Kahchi.
Katara Give back Sokka!
Mongke [Firebending.] He's our prisoner now.
Sokka [In a sack on the back of a rhino.] This is no way to treat the Avatar.
Mongke firebends at Katara.
Mongke Stay out of our way, children!
Katara dodges the fire and attacks with water instead.
Katara I think you'd better stay out of ours!
The water hits Mongke's rhino with a big splash.
Ogodei [Swinging a halberd at Toph.] Kee-yaah!
Toph [Earthbending.] Ooh, you've got me shaking all over, big guy.
Toph collapses the earth beneath Ogodei's rhino's feet.
Ogodei Whoa!
Meanwhile, Aang airbends and kicks up dust to choke Vachir and Kahchi.
Vachir Cough!
Kahchi Cough!
Mongke Hmmph, is that all you got?
While Vachir and Kahchi are both badly ruffled from Aang's attack, Mongke seems barely effected. Sokka is still on the back of his rhino.
Mongke I'm not impressed. All of you combined would be no match for a powerful firebender-
On cue, Katara, Toph, and Aang combine their powers to attack the Rough Rhinos.
Vachir [As the attacks rush toward them.] I wish you hadn't said "combined".
Ogodei I don't think I like this town anymore ...
The Rough Rhinos are hit by the attack with a loud "boom". When the dust settles, only the backs of the rhinos scampering into the distance can be seen. Sokka is still in a sack, but safe on the ground.
Sokka What happened? Did I miss something cool?
Later on, Sokka is safely freed from the sack and speaking with the gang.
Katara Well, I guess now everyone knows that you're not the Avatar.
Toph You'll probably have some explaining to do to a certain someone ...
Sokka I've learned my lesson – no more pretending.
Suddenly, Kaya leans in and kisses Sokka on the cheek.
Kaya [Excitedly.] That was so amazing of you! Letting your sidekicks pretend to be benders so that they could save the day for once! My only question is: how did you do all that bending from inside the sack?
Sokka Well, when you're an amazing Avatar like me, it's not all that hard ...
Sokka walks arm-in-arm away with Kaya. Katara, Toph and Aang get ready to attack.
Katara I think it's time we exposed that Avatar ... who's with me?
Aang and Toph I'm in!
Sokka [To Kaya.] You know, I once saved an entire Water Tribe.
Kaya Really?
The end.




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