In a big courtyard located in the Capital City of the Fire Nation, Ty Lee is sitting on a rock looking blue while Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors are training in the background.
Ty Lee "SIGH."
Cut to a closer look of Ty Lee as someone hits her; she winces in pain.
Ty Lee Ow!
Cut to a view of Ty Lee and the person who hit her, which turned out to be Toph.
Ty Lee [Excitedly.] Toph? What're you doing in the Capital City?
Toph [Grinning.] Had a meeting with Zuko and Twinkle Toes. Boring political stuff. Hey, shouldn't you be training with the other Kyoshi Warriors?
Ty Lee I needed a break.
Cut to a closer view of Ty Lee's face. Toph is shown in the back picking her teeth.
Ty Lee To be honest, I've been feeling kind of down and I'm not sure why. I've been with the Kyoshi Warriors for a while now, and they're so, so amazing! But lately ... nothing's felt right. My aura's been off.
Cut to a view of Toph grabbing Ty Lee and running of with her, much to the other Kyoshi Warriors' surprise.
Toph Well, you're in luck! I know just the thing to punch that aura of yours back into place!
Ty Lee An aura isn't really something you punch.
Toph Come on!
Ty Lee Can I at least take off my makeup first?
Cut to the two girls at the Fire Nation circus. Ty Lee is in her normal attire and is excited, hugging Toph and flailing her arms wildly. Meanwhile, Toph stands her ground, not looking amused by Ty Lee's behavior.
Ty Lee Oh my gosh! A circus! Toph, this is so, so great!
Toph [Sternly.] I know. Let go of my neck.
Ty Lee [Cut to a view of Ty Lee and Toph up close.] Before I joined up with Azula, I used to perform in a place like this!
Toph Why didn't you go back?
Ty Lee The world just seemed broken after the war, you know? I wanted to help fix it, so I became a Kyoshi Warrior.
Cut to a side-view of Ty Lee's face looking at her old ringmaster, who is speaking angrily with a man and his follower in the background.
Ty Lee [After seeing her former ringmaster.] Wait a minute! This isn't like my old circus, this is my old circus! That's my old ringmaster!
Shumuzu [Flailing arms wildly.] I don't take kindly to extortionists! Get out of here!
Circus man [Hands on his hips.] Bad business decision, old man!
Cut to a view of Ty Lee excitedly tapping her old ringmaster's shoulder.
Ty Lee Hiya, Master Shumuzu! Remember me?
Shumuzu Young lady! What're you doing out here?! The show begins in five minutes! [Cut to Shumuzu throwing Ty Lee in a tent.] Suit up already!
Ty Lee [Eyes opened in surprise.] What --?!
Toph [Opens the curtain, smiling.] Did curly-moustache-guy forget that you quit?
Ty sister #1 Ty Lee?
Ty sister #2 Oh my gosh!
Ty sister #3 It's Ty Lee, guys!
Cut to a view of all the sisters inside the tent.
Toph Um, why's it seem like there are a whole bunch of you?
Ty Lee Because, well, there kinda are! Toph, meet my six identical sisters! Ty Lin, Ty Lat, Ty Lao, Ty Liu, Ty Lum, and Ty Woo!
Ty Woo Hmph.
Cut to the seven identical sisters hugging each other and squealing.
Ty Lum Oh, Ty Lee, we missed you so, so much!
Ty Woo Speak for yourself.
Cut to Ty Lee speaking with two of her sisters.
Ty Lee You all joined the circus?
Ty Lum After you ran away, Mom and Dad sent us after you! But by the time we caught up with the circus, you'd already left with Azula!
Cut to a view of Ty Woo, Ty Lao, and Ty Lat in front of a poster in front of the "Flying Ty Sisters".
Ty Lao [Arms spread.] The circus was so much fun, we stayed! Now we're the Flying Ty Sisters, the most famous acrobats in the Fire Nation!
Ty Lat We're the reason the circus got so big!
Ty Woo Shumuzu says we're even more popular than you were.
Cut to the Ty sisters lined up, except Ty Lee, who is in front of them.
Ty Lee Don't take this the wrong way, guys. But acrobatics was kind of my thing, remember? Each of us has a thing? [Pointing at Ty Lin.] You played the flute. [Pointing at Ty Liu.] You played the harp. [Pointing at Ty Lum.] You did origami. [Pointing at Ty Lat.] You swam. [Pointing at Ty Lao.] You danced. [Pointing at Ty Woo.] And you -- well, you insulted people.
Ty Woo [Smirks.] Still do! Nitwit.
Cut to a close-up of Ty Lee's face.
Ty Lee We agreed to stay away from each other's things! That way, Mom and Dad would never be able to compare us with each other, the way they did when we were little!
Ty Lin We never agreed to do that!
Ty Liu [Tapping her in the chest.] Yeah, you said we should do that after you stole acrobatics from me!
Ty Lee Th-That's not true!
Ty Lum [Pointing at herself.] Not true only because you really stole acrobatics from me!
Cut to Ty Lee angrily leaving the tent, with Toph quickly following.
Ty sister #1 I had it first!
Ty sister #2 Oh no you did not!
Ty sister #3 I did!
Ty sister #4 I didn't, but I was better than all of you!
Cut to a close-up of Toph and Ty Lee. Ty Lee is furious, while Toph still seems to be happy.
Toph I have to say, outta all your sisters, you're my favorite.
Ty Lee Let's just leave!
Toph Naw, stay! The platypus bears need our support!
Ty Lee Huh??
Scene shift to Ty Lee and Toph in a performance of a threesome of platypus bears on monowheels inside a circus tent.
Toph Come on, platypus bears! Don't let that fancy-pants work you like that!

Ty Lee

I figured it out.
Cut to a close-up of the two girls. Toph is yelling at the platypus bears.
Toph You can take 'im! He doesn't even weigh half what you do! Figured what out?
Ty Lee Why I've been sad.
Toph Aw, don't fall for treats! Get 'im!
Ty Lee Being in the Kyoshi Warriors is just like being at home. A whole bunch of us all looking the same, doing the same things ... I have to tell Suki I'm quitting!
Announcer Next up, the incredible Flying Ty Sisters!
Ty Lee Ugh. Can we leave now?
Toph Yeah, chin up, platypus-bears! Your day will come!
When they leave the tent, Toph overhears the man and his follower, who were with Shumuzu when they had just arrived, wanting to set the tent on fire.
Circus man Watch how fast these tents catch fire -- "oops"!
Circus man's follower Heh heh – 'oops'!
Toph This'll give that ol' man something to be sorry for!
Cut to a frontal view of the two delinquents, with Toph and Ty Lee in the background.
Toph What do you two dunderheads think you're doing?!
Circus man [Firebending.] Our business! You mind your own business, little girl!
Toph [Cut to a close-up of Toph and Ty Lee.] Oh, I am ... 'cause my business is kicking your tail!
Cut to a more panoramic view of the fight.
Toph [Earthbending at the man.] I got the firebender! You get the big one!
Circus man [His flame extinguishes as the rumble comes over him.] Blag!
Ty Lee [Springs into action.] Gladly!
Ty Lee gives the circus man's comrade a solid kick in the chest, though falls while the man seems untouched.
Circus man's follower Wuzzat s'posed to hurt?You really think you can take me on alone?
As hope seems lost, the Ty sisters come jumping out of the tent, with two of them hitting the man in the back of his knees, and the remaining four giving him a kick in the chest, successfully knocking the man down.
Ty Liu Probably not.
Ty Lee !
Circus man's follower [Cut to the man on the ground with the sisters looking down on him.] H-How many of ya are there?!
Ty Woo A lot.
Ty Lee [Cut to the sisters hugging.] I guess it's a good thing you all became acrobats! Thank you!
Ty Woo Look at us, hugging like a bunch of nitwits.
Cut to the Kyoshi Warrior training pavilion, where the warriors stop training for a little bit.
Suki Ty Lee! I'm so glad you're here! Toph said you were leaving us!
Ty Lee [Close-up.] Hanging out with my sisters last night made me realize that there are advantages to being part of a matched set. Lots of the world's problems are too big to tackle alone.
Suki [Cut to a view of Suki and Ty Lee.] So why not stay with them?
Ty Lee Well, you're all my sisters too.
Cut to a close-up of Suki, Ty Lee, and another Kyoshi Warrior from left to right; their faces close, smiling.
Ty Lee And with you guys, I don't always have to match! I can take off my make-up whenever I want!





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