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The comic opens up with Sokka and Suki entering Seashell-San's House of Shells with Sokka raising both his arms with excitement as San and his employee Jojan have their arms crossed. The small store is full of seashells placed on racks, tables, and even in small containers. There are also big shells hanging from the roof.
Sokka Oh, man! Look at all these seashells! This has got to be the coolest store ever!
Suki Didn't know you were so into shells, Sokka.
San Ahem. These aren't just any old shells. These are the world's finest collectible shells.
Sokka [Investigating a specific collection on a table.] Yeah, they're collectible shells. But I guess you have to be a shell connoisseur to know that. [Places a hand on his chest.] I've collected shells ever since I was a wee lad!
Suki Really? I didn't know that! How come you've never shown me your collection?
Sokka Correction: I've wanted to collect shells ever since I was a wee lad! [Puts shell at his ear.] Suki, you gotta try this! Sounds like there's a teeny-tiny Aang inside airbending!
San [Hurriedly.] Careful! That's a collectors item!
With her arms crossed, Suki inspects several shelves displaying the exact same shell.
Suki [In disbelief.] Rare, huh?
Sokka How much?
San Normally, fifteen ban! But for a discerning collector like you? Special deal! Two for thirty!
Sokka [To Suki.] Wow! You hear that? Special -- [Disappointed.] Wait a minute.
Suki [Giggles.] Ha, ha! Sokka, you're such a goof!
Sokka So by "goof," do you mean, "Handsome warrior with formidable biceps?"?
Suki No. I mean goof.
Giya happily enters the store.
Jojan [From behind counter, points at the front door.] Seashell-San, we got another customer.
San Harumph. You mean another fake collector.
Jojan How can ya tell?
San Psh. Girls don't know shells. They either get dragged in here by their boyfriends or they come in so they can pretend to be as cool as us! I hate fake collectors.
Giya meanwhile looks over the shells, when she picks one up, San goes over to her - furious.
San Your hands better be clean! That's a special one, from the old Earth Kingdom colonies. It's --
Giya [Excitedly.] The shell of a hermit marmoset. And from the looks of its axial ribs, it's a couple centuries old!
San [Looking smug.] More than you can afford, I assure you. [He and Jojan snicker.] Why don't you put that back, honey?
Giya [Sadly puts shell back.] ...
Suki Excuse me. Is there a problem?
San Not at all, [In Suki's face.] but maybe you ought to mind your own business!
Suki And maybe you ought to treat your customers with a little more respect!
San That's it! Here at Seashell-San's House of Shells, we got a no-tolerance policy for mouthy broads! Get her outta here, Jojan!
Jojan You got it, boss! [Grabs Suki's arms and places them behind her back.]
Suki [Squirming.] Get your hands off me! I'm perfectly capable of walking myself out the door!
Sokka [Calmly studying a shell.] If I were you guys, I'd do as she says.
San [At Sokka; furious.] You too, buddy! Out! Come back after you've taught your girlfriend some manners!
Jojan For yer own good, ya best stop squirming, girl. If I get tough on ya, Seashell-San will probably make me employee of the month.
Suki Ngh! Last chance. Hands off.
Sokka [Calmly setting shell back in its place.] Don't say I didn't warn you.
Suki flips Jojan over, much to San's surprise.
San [Takes fire from his hands.] That's it! Your boyfriend might not have the nerve to put you in your place, but I do! [Runs toward Suki; shooting fire.]
Sokka [To Suki.] Need any help?
Suki [Kisses him.] Nope. Sweet of you to offer, though.
Suki is able to avoid San's attack efficiently.
San Yaaar!
As soon as San is behind her, Suki throws two hard jabs at his back, blocking his chi.
San Ack! [Hits the floor.] Did you just block my chi?
Suki [Starts walking out the door.] Next time someone tells you "hands off," get your hands off!
Sokka [Goes after Suki.] Huh. Will you look at that. Some seashells are flammable. You think it's the lacquer they put on them, maybe? Learn something new every day.
San [Places hands on his head.] Nooo! Jojan! Wake up and get the buckets!
Jojan [Rubs head.] Wha ...?
Sokka Okay, I was wrong. That was definitely not the coolest store ever.
Suki [Calls Giya and runs after her.] Hey! Wait up! I'm Suki. This is my boyfriend Sokka.
Sokka Hi!
Giya My name is Giya.
Suki I just wanted to make sure you're okay.
Giya I-I am. Thank you. Can I ask where'd you learn to fight like that?
Sokka [Proud.] Suki is a Kyoshi Warrior!
Suki Sokka!
Giya I've heard of you before! You're one of those Earth Kingdom warrior women serving as the Fire Lord's elite palace guard!
Sokka That's them!
Giya I thought you all wore face paint.
Suki Only when we're on duty.
Giya I wish I were strong like you. The guys at the shell store aren't the only ones who act like that. A lot of jerks hang out around here.
Sokka Listen, maybe Suki here can teach you some moves! If one of those guys bothers you again, you'll be able to defend yourself.
Suki If you're up for it, I'd be happy to!
Giya [Turns around.] I don't know ... Like I said, I wish I were strong like you. I should go, thanks again.
Suki [Reaches out.] Giya, wait! Before you go, can I tell you a story?
A flashback showing a seaside marketplace of a long before Kyoshi Island begins.
Suki I come from a place called Kyoshi Island. Long ago -- before it was even known as Kyoshi Island -- there was a seaside marketplace much like this one. A lot of jerks hung out there, too.
The flashback shows a young man knocking a basket full of fish from a young woman's hands, letting the fish fall to the ground.
Suki Every so often, Avatar Kyoshi herself would visit.
The flashback shows Avatar Kyoshi going after the now laughing young man.
Suki If a jerk stepped out of line, she'd take care of it.
The flashback shows Avatar Kyoshi knocking the young man down.
Suki Then she'd offer to teach the woman how to defend herself.
The flashback shows Avatar Kyoshi bowing before the surprised woman, offering her to teach her how to defend herself.
Suki Within a few weeks, she'd gathered a small band of disciples. They were perfectly ordinary women: fisherwomen, weavers, and homemakers.
The flashback shows Avatar Kyoshi training a small group of women.
Suki But they became something extraordinary. They became the first Kyoshi Warriors.
The flashback shows the group of women now dressed like Kyoshi Warriors. The flashback ends.
Suki The kind of strength you're talking about isn't something you just have. It's something you learn. So what do you say?
Giya Oh, I -- I'm much too shy to do anything like that --
Sokka steps up and starts shaking Giya, much to her and Suki's surprise.
Sokka Aw, come on, Giya! Don't underestimate yourself! You're a woman! Let's hear you roar!
Giya I was gonna say -- I'm much too shy to do anything like that on my own. Would you mind if I brought along a few of my friends?
Sokka and Suki look at each other, arms crossed.

Cut to next scene, in which Suki is showing Sokka, Giya, and her friends techniques to defend themselves; everybody smiles.

Suki [Instructing the group.] Our technique is about more than just strength. It's about understanding your opponent's force and using it against them. Chins up, girls! You must learn to look your opponent straight in the eye.
The end.






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