Part 1

The scene begins in the sky above Republic City, an airship just visible in the distance. The camera pans down, passing over a number of buildings, before stopping outside a shop. An elderly woman exits the store, her arms laden with shopping, as a young Bolin looks on from around a corner. The woman struggles to carry all her bags, and begins to walk away slowly, as a young Mako appears, surveying the woman from the opposite corner. The camera cuts to a close-up of the woman, still struggling with her bags, before panning down to reveal the purse held in her hand, and Mako eyeing it in the background. As the woman continues walking, Mako keeps pace behind her, before nodding to Bolin, who winks back. Mako suddenly rushes toward the woman, grabbing her purse and knocking the shopping bags from her arms.
Elderly woman [Waving her fist.] Hey, come back here. [Sighs.]
Bolin [Running up to her.] Don't worry, I'll catch him. [Runs off after Mako.]
Mako turns into an alley, the purse clutched firmly in his hand, and Bolin follows.
Bolin [Loudly.] Give it back, you dirty thief.
The brothers face one another in the alley, each adopting a fighting stance. Bolin slam his foot into the ground, causing a small slab of rock to erupt from the earth in front of him.
Mako [Loudly, throwing the purse back to Bolin as he speaks.] Hey, I stole that fair and square.
Bolin catches the purse, before earthbending a chunk of the wall behind him toward his brother. Mako dodges the attack, kicking the earth away with firebending. The flaming rock flies out of the alley, as the elderly woman watches on.
Mako [Loudly.] Ow, stop it. [Bolin kicks a cardboard box out of the alley.] Ooof. Okay, you win.
Bolin emerges from the alley with the purse, limping slightly and holding a hand to his chest. He stops and leans against the wall, breathing heavily.
Bolin [Out of breath.] Your purse, ma'am.
Elderly woman [Taking her purse from him.] Aren't you a little hero. Here, [She drops two coins into Bolin's hands.] let me give you a reward.
Bolin [Loudly in disgust.] Two yuans?! Seriously?! I risked my life for you, [Turns to the side.] as far as you know. [Before she can answer, he grabs a loaf of bread from the woman's shopping bags, and runs away.]
Elderly woman [Shouting after him.] Why, you little hooligan!
Bolin runs into an alley, where his brother is waiting for him.
Mako Nice grab, little brother.
Bolin [Handing Mako half the loaf.] Thanks. [Takes a bite, and moans appreciatively.] Bread tastes so much better than what we ate yesterday.
Mako We didn't eat yesterday.
Bolin [Taking another bite.] So much better.
The scene changes to the Triple Threat Triad headquarters. Mako and Bolin enter, and discover Toza and Shady Shin in discussion.
Bolin [Excitedly.] Mako! Do you know who that is? It's Toza, legendary earthbending captain of the Boar-q-pines. He's my hero. What do you think he's doing here?
Mako If you'd stop talking, we could hear.
Shady Shin [Handing a large wad of money to Toza.] Here's your 10,000 yuans. [Bolin looks on dejectedly from behind; scornfully.] Not bad, considering all you have to do is lose your match tonight. [Toza sighs and walks off, also looking somewhat dejected; angrily.] Hey, you're welcome!
Toza walks past Bolin and Mako, a sad look on his face.
Shady Shin [At Bolin and Mako.] Can you believe that ingrate mook?
Bolin Wow. I mean, I hate to see Toza lose, even if he needs to.
Mako Why? He got paid. You didn't see any pro-benders crying for us when mom and dad died, and we got dumped on the street. Life is hard. You either hustle or get hustled.
Shady Shin And speaking of hustling, you two need to hit the bricks and collect enough bets to make this little investment pay off. 'Cause if you don't, you're gonna be right back in the dumpster where I found ya.
Mako [To Bolin.] Don't worry, bro. We'll do fine. [Leaves with Bolin.]
Shady Shin Seeing those young crooks really gives me hope for the future. [Smiles wickedly.]
Episode ends.

Part 2

The scene opens to several posters of Toza earthbending, before panning right to Mako and Bolin, who are standing in front of a pet store.
Bolin [Calling out.] Mr. Feeeeng! Hey, you wanna bet on the fight tonight?
A large crash is heard, causing the boys to flinch.
Mr. Feng [Off screen.] Come back here, you little rat weasel!
Pabu runs out of the pet store, squeaking. He promptly grabs onto Bolin's pant leg and climbs onto his head. Mr. Feng exits his shop and grabs Pabu off of Bolin's head by the tail.
Mr. Feng Oh, thanks for grabbing him, Bolin. [Glaring at Pabu.] He's been trying to escape ever since he figured out I'm going to feed him to the new pythonaconda I just got in.
Bolin What? You're going to turn him into a snake snack? [Zoom in on Pabu, who's eyes grow and glitter as he makes a "puppy dog" face.] Wait, I'll buy him. How much?
Mr. Feng Five yuans.
Bolin looks hopefully at Mako, who looks away.
Mako No, the last thing we need is one more mouth to feed.
Bolin [Whining.] But it's such a tiny mouth! [Pabu squeaks.] Pleeeaase? We can't just leave him for snake food! [Pabu squeaks again and nods.]
Mako [Harshly.] Bolin! You have to toughen up! [Bolin frowns.] Big animals eat the little animals, that's just how it goes. [Bolin looks down.] How much do you want to put on the match tonight, Mr. Feng?
Mako is handed a few yuans, and Bolin scratches under Pabu's chin until the fire ferret is swiped away. Bolin frowns, until he looks back to the area with the posters and notices Toza happily signing autographs for younger fans.
Bolin Hey! Toza! [He runs over to Toza.]
Toza [His smile disappears when he sees Bolin.] Oh. [Points to Bolin.] You're the kid who works with the Triple Threats. [Critically.] What, does Shady Shin want me to belly-flop into the pool so I'm extra humiliated tonight?
Bolin I just wanted to say, you don't have to throw the fight. I mean ... you're the best!
Toza [Sighs.] I was the best. But now my body and my bank account are exactly the same: broke. [Thinks for a second before getting defensive.] I made my decision! Leave me alone!
Toza leaves, and Bolin follows him for a few steps before giving up and sighing. Mako approaches him.
Mako What are you doing? Are you trying to get us in trouble with Shady Shin?
Bolin No! I just ... Maybe I'm not as mean as you! Maybe I just can't turn my back on people when they're down!
Bolin leaves, and Mako sighs. Cut to later that night, outside the pet store. Bolin earthbends the door open, sneaks inside, and walks toward the pythonaconda's cage.
Bolin [Whispering.] Little fire ferret. [He opens the cage.] Helloo? [Pabu squeaks and crawls onto Bolin's arm.] I got you buddy. Huh, looks like that snake wasn't hungry after all. [Shift to inside the cage, where the pythonaconda is getting ready to pounce.] I wonder where he i—
The pythonaconda leaps from the cage and grabs onto Bolin. It wraps itself around Bolin's body and neck, preventing him from breathing. Mako enters, grabbing the snake and pulling it off of Bolin, causing the earthbender to get dizzy and fall into a bunch of boxes. Mako shoves the snake back into its cage.
Mako You really have a knack for getting into stupid situations, you know that?
Bolin [Panting.] Yeah, thanks Mako.
Mako C'mon, we should get out of here.
Bolin No, not without him. [Bolin holds up Pabu and makes a puppy dog face with the fire ferret.]
Mako All right. But his food comes out of your half.
Bolin Hooray! You're with us now, Pabu!
Pabu jumps from Bolin onto Mako's shoulder and licks him, causing Mako to smile. The two brothers exit the store, Pabu riding once again on Bolin's shoulder.
Bolin I named him Pabu.
Mako How did you come up with that?
Bolin I don't know. It just kind of came to me while the snake was strangling me. Oxygen deprivation gives you some good ideas.
Cut to the two and Pabu heading out to the street with the Toza posters, with the Pro-bending Arena lit and glowing in the background.

Part 3

The scene opens to a shot of an illuminated Pro-bending Arena. A number of people are milling around at the front, and the screams of the spectators inside can be heard.
Shiro Shinobi [Voice over. Gradually fades to Shiro in his radio booth.] It looks like Toza has overstayed his welcome in the ring folks. [Cut to the ring, where only two members of the Boar-q-pines remain.] He's single-handedly costing his team the match.
The waterbender from the opposing team bends a stream of water at Toza. Toza blocks the attack, but gets pushed back slightly, knocking his teammate into the third zone. Cut to spectators cheering. Cut to Shady Shin, Lightning Bolt Zolt, Mako, Bolin, and Pabu, who are watching the match from the stands.
Shady Shin [To Mako and Bolin.] All those bets you boys collected for the Boar-q-pines are about to wind up [Bolin hangs his head in sadness.] in our pockets.
Cut back to the ring, as Toza gets hit with a firebending strike. An earth disc knocks Toza's teammate out of the ring, and a second impacts with Toza himself, knocking him back into the third zone. Cut to Shady Shin, who watches on gleefully. Cut back to the ring, as Toza teeters on the edge of the ring.
Shady Shin [Shouting at Toza.] Go down, you bum.
Cut back to Toza, who manages to regain his balance. Cut to Bolin, who has a disheartened look on his face. Cut to Toza, who sighs dejectedly, before adopting a grim determination at the sound of the buzzer.
Shiro Shinobi Wait a second folks. [Toza bends two earth discs at the opposing team.] Toza looks like he's suddenly waking up from a bad dream. [Cut to Mako and Bolin, who look on in astonishment.] He's blasting away [Cut to an earth disc hitting the opposing team's waterbender, before switching to the crowd cheering.] just like the championship season 10 years ago. [Cut to earth discs hitting the rest of the opposing team.] The legend's still got it. [Cut to a shot of all three benders falling into the pool.] Knockout!
Toza waves to the cheering crowds. Cut to Shady Shin and Zolt looking angry, Mako astonished, and Bolin cheering wildly.
Bolin [Jumping up and down.] Yes. He listened to me, Mako. I told him not to throw the fight [Cut to Mako looking annoyed at his brother's actions.] and he listened.
Shady Shin You what?!
Bolin Oh, well, you know, I'm sure there are other factors.
Mako and Bolin, with Pabu on his shoulder, run from their seats, as Shady Shin sprints after them. The two brothers burst through a door, and find themselves in Toza's gym. Bolin uses his earthbending to block the door with a number of weights, but Shin and two other triad members force their way through. Bolin lifts up a large chunk of earth from the floor and throws it toward Shady Shin. Mako firebends at the chunk of rock, causing it to explode just above the triad members' heads and covering them in dust. Shady Shin growls in anger, and bends a stream of water at the two brothers, but Bolin protects them with an earth shield. Mako shoots back a blast of fire, but Shin manages to avoid it, and bends a long stream of water at Bolin's shield, as one of the other triad members responds with his own blast of fire. A fissure suddenly appears on the ground, moving toward the triad members, before two large chinks of rock emerge, knocking back two of the triad members, and leaving Shin on his own. Mako and Bolin look over at the source of the attack, and find Toza standing there in a fighting stance. Shin growls at the brothers again, but Toza steps between them and raises his hand, as Pabu leers at the waterbender.
Lightning Bolt Zolt [Slamming his fist into the wall, causing several sparks to fly from his hand.] All right, enough, enough. [Shady Shin looks back, surprised at his boss' sudden intervention.] You look ridiculous, fighting with kids. It's not dignified. [Looking at Toza.] And you; what gives? You cost me a lot of money just now. I thought you were an honorable man.
Toza I am an honorable man. I just needed someone [Looks in Bolin's direction.] to remind me. [Throws a pile of yuans at Shin's feet.] Here's your money back. Now get out of my gym.
Shady Shin [Indicating at Mako and Bolin.] Lets go, boys. We're gonna talk about this when we get back to the hideout.
Toza [Reaches out to stop the two brothers as they leave.] Wait. You guys have got some real bending skills. With a little training, I think you could go pro. I could teach you everything I know.
Shady Shin [Laughing.] Sorry bum, but at least one of these kids is too smart to end up like you, right Mako? [Mako sighs in response to Shin's statement.]
Toza [To Mako.] I could find you a place to stay right here in the arena. Who knows, you could be champs. At least it's a chance at an honest living.
Bolin [Enthusiastically.] Can we, Mako? Mako, can we please?
Shady Shin Don't go soft on me, Mako. Remember, it's up to you to take care of your little brother. Use your head, make the smart play.
Mako [Looks across at his brother's hopeful face.] Sorry Shady, but you're right. I do have to take care of my brother, and I think this is what's best for him.
Shady Shin [Walking away.] Suit yourself. But who knows, maybe we can fix a fight together, some time.
Bolin I'm so glad we're not criminals anymore. Lets celebrate over dinner.
Mako Err, I think we better save our money.
Bolin Oh, I have lots of money coming. I bet everything we had on the Boar-q-pines.
Mako What?! But you knew the fight was fixed.
Bolin What can I say? [Looks toward Toza.] I had a good feeling.
Toza hugs the two brothers, and the scene fades out to the Pro-bending Arena.





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