Toph sits atop a hill of earth, as wind swoops by. Suddenly, Aang charges toward her on an air scooter.
Aang This ends now, Toph!
Toph [Smirking.] It ends for you, Swoopy!
Toph bends a giant hand out of the earth which snatches Aang from the air.
Aang Nooo!
Toph Heh heh heh.
She throws Aang aside with the earthen hand.
Katara You'll be sorry you did that to Aang!
Katara appears, bending up a large wave behind Toph.
Toph Yikes.
Katara crashes down the wave onto Toph, who makes a defensive shield of earth to protect her from the crashing water. When the water is cleared, Toph and the hill are gone, replaced only by a hole in the ground.
Katara Huh? Where'd she go ...?
Toph Behind you, Katara.
Katara whips around, and Toph and the hill now stand behind her.
Katara ! No fair! You moved the hill! That's cheating!
Toph Quit your whining and look down now.
A shocked Katara realizes she has sunk almost knee-deep into the earth.
Katara What ... what is this? Quicksand?!
Toph Yeah, and I couldn't have done it without you. [Katara has now sunk past her waist.] The recipe for quicksand calls for water. So, thanks.
A "whup whup whup" sound can be heard, and Toph bends backward to avoid an incoming boomerang.
Toph Nice try, Sokka!
Sokka [Charging forward with his club.] I haven't even begun to try!
Toph Uh-huh.
Sokka You're going-
Toph rolls a rock underneath Sokka's foot.
Sokka [Tripping on the rock.] -down?
Toph [Toph stands triumphantly on the hill.] I'm waiting, losers.
Aang Okay, okay ...
Katara [Chest deep in quicksand.] ... You win ...
Sokka [Still disoriented from his fall.] ... You're the king of the hill ...
Toph [Grinning.] Make that queen of the hill.
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"It's Only Natural"

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