Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Appa and Momo rest in a field.
Sokka Aang, I can't believe you enrolled in a Fire Nation school and didn't learn anything new about the Fire Nation.
Aang I wouldn't say I didn't learn anything. I learned the Fire Nation oath.
Katara They have an oath? Can you recite it?
Aang [Embarrassed.] Well, uh ... maybe I didn't learn the words ... but I learned that they have an oath. That's something!
Toph He's right, that's something.
Sokka I'm just saying—we're in enemy territory here, and it would be nice if we knew more about them.
Aang [Excited.] I know! We could all dress like reporters and interview the locals!
Sokka Reporters?
Aang Yeah, never mind. That probably won't work.
Sokka Look, the best way to gather information on the enemy is by observing them in their everyday lives. You know--find out what makes them tick.
Katara Sometimes I wish I knew what makes Sokka tick.
Toph I don't even want to know.
The Gang approaches a Fire Nation town.
Katara So, why are we going to a market?
Sokka Because this is where the enemy goes, and we have to find out why.
As they stroll through the market, Sokka looks on edge.
Toph My guess is that they're here to shop.
Sokka Maybe that's what they wantyou to think. [Pointing to a nearby kiln being operated by a firebender.] Look, a Fire Nation torture chamber!
Aang Actually, it's just a kiln.
Katara Lovely pottery.
Sokka Yeah. It is nice.
Textbox Spying ...
The gang peeks through some bushes and spy on a Fire Nation woman letting her young son play in a fountain.
Katara Have we cracked the secrets of the Fire Nation yet?
Sokka I don't think so.
Textbox ... More spying ...
The gang perches on a roof, spying on a woman hanging up her laundry.
Katara How about now?
Sokka Shhh ... pay attention!
Textbox ... And even more spying ...
Team Avatar peeks into the window of a restaurant where a Fire Nation man eats some noodles.
Sokka Look! What is that strange man doing?
Aang [Unable to see above the window ledge.] I don't know! I can't see anything.
Katara He's just eating noodles.
Toph This is dumb.
The gang takes a break from their spying to rest in a nearby alley.
Toph I hate to be a killjoy, but I don't think we're going to learn anything about the Fire Nation by just spying on normal people.
Aang [Kicking the dirt.] Pff ...
Sokka spying a flyer on the ground and picks it up to look at its contents.
Sokka Squeeee!
Aang [Not noticing the ecstatic Sokka in the background.] But how do we break it to Sokka? He seems so happy when he's obsessed.
Sokka [Hiding the flyer behind his back.] You guys are right. Surveillance just isn't hands-on enough. If we really want to learn about the Fire Nation, we've got to become part of the Fire Nation.
Katara What are you talking about, Sokka?
Sokka [Holding up the flyer.] I'm going to join the Fire Nation army!
Flyer Join the winning team! Sign up at your local recruitment center today!
Aang looks shocked, Katara and Toph incredulous.
Toph Now that's really dumb.
Aang You're going to join the Fire Nation army?!
Sokka It'll be perfect. I'll stay in for a couple of days, get a little inside information, and we'll be on our way!
Toph What makes you even think they'll let you join?
Textbox Later ...
Fire Nation recruiter [Shaking a disguised Sokka's hand.] Welcome to the army, son!
Katara, Toph and Aang hide outside the window.
Katara I guess they'll let anyone join.
Textbox Boot camp ...
Fire Nation company leader [In front of the line of new recruits.] We are going to take you, break you down, and turn you maggot-sliders into real Fire Nation soldiers!
Sokka [Faux mustache falling off.] Eek!
Sokka hastily puts his mustache back on, upside-down, just as the company leader turns and sees him. The company leader does a double take, but at a second look, Sokka's mustache is right-side up.
Fire Nation company leader [Aggressively pointing at and leaning over Sokka.] Did you just say something to me, Private Wang Fire?
Sokka No, sir!
Fire Nation company leader From now on, I am going to be watching you like an eagle-hawk.
Sokka Gulp.
The recruits are taken to a pen with a komodo rhino inside.
Fire Nation company leader Today, we are going to learn to ride a komodo rhino. Private Wang Fire, why don't you be the first one to show us how it's done!
Sokka [Shocked.] Me?
The Fire Nation company leader forcefully grabs Sokka and puts him on the komodo rhino.
Sokka [Extremely nervous.] Niiice komodo rhino ... please be gentle.
The komodo rhino has no intention of being gentle, and proceeds to run about the pen. Sokka is barely able to hold on. The other recruits cheer, and the Fire Nation company leader can only tiredly rub his forehead.
Sokka Aah! Help ... me!
The recruits are taken to the building where they will receive their uniforms.
Fire Nation company leader Today is an important day in every soldier's life--for today, you will get your Fire Nation uniform.
Sokka [Waving his hand.] Can I get one of the helmets with the scary skull faces on them? Those are way cooler.
Textbox Moments later ...
Sokka [Sokka has put on his new uniform, and it is too large for him.] Hey! I think this uniform is too big on me.
Fire Nation company leader Maybe you're just too small, Private Fire!
Sokka But I really think that--whoa ...
Sokka stumbles in his over-large uniform and accidentally tears off the Fire Nation company leader's sash.
Sokka Oops!
Fire Nation company leader You've just learned yourself a world of pain, Private Wang Fire.
The Fire Nation company leader forces Sokka to run carrying a moo-sow, while he rides behind him on a komodo rhino.
Fire Nation company leader Come on, Private! Can't you march with a little extra weight?
The Fire Nation company leader has Sokka get into position for push-ups in the pouring rain.
Fire Nation company leader We are going to be here all day unless you give me twenty push-ups!
Sokka Just twenty? No problem.
The Fire Nation company leader throws the cow pig onto Sokka's back.
Fire Nation company leader Don't forget about your friend.
Moo-sow Mruiik!
Sokka is given a mop and bucket and taken to the bathroom stalls.
Sokka I have to clean all these stalls?
Fire Nation company leader And when you're done ... . [He points to a moo-sow stall.] ... you'll clean those stalls, too!
Moo-sow Mruiik!
Textbox Later ...
Sokka is busy cleaning out the moo-sow stall when he overhears a conversation from some fire nation soldiers walking by
Fire Nation soldier #1 Did you hear the news?
Sokka [Thinking.] News?!
Fire Nation soldier #1 It's unbelievable. These guys barely have any training.
Fire Nation solider #2 Well, it looks like the decision's already been made ... all new recruits will be shipped off to the front line tomorrow!
Sokka [Frightened.] Gulp. [Shaking the moo-sow.] Did you hear that? We're going to be shipped out tomorrow!
Moo-sow Squeal!
Sokka Well, maybe not you, but definitely me! I gotta sneak off this base ... before it's too late!
Moo-sow Mruiik! [The enamored moo-sow tries to follow Sokka out of the pen.]
Sokka Sorry, buddy! I can't take you with me!
Sokka leaves the pen and hides from some passing Fire Nation soldiers
Sokka Gulp.
Sokka crawls through the komodo rhino pen, who in turn bites the helmet off Sokka's head
Sokka Eek!
Sokka climbs down a wall, behind the backs of two Fire Nation guards.
Sokka [Thinking.] Please don't turn around ... please don't turn around ... please ...
Finally Sokka runs away from the Fire Nation camp
Sokka Phew!
That morning, back at camp.
Fire Nation company leader Rise and shine!
The new recruits stand at attention next to their beds. Sokka, of course is absent.
Fire Nation company leader Where is Private Wang Fire?!
New recruit Um ... I'm not sure ... Sir!
Fire Nation company leader You're not sure!? Well, I expect you and the rest of this company to search this base until you are sure! I want you to bring me Private Wang Fire!
New recruit Yes, Sir!
Fire Nation company leader Now!!!
The new recruits go running around the barracks
Textbox Later ...
New recruit Sir, we've searched the entire base. Private Fire is not here.
Fire Nation company leader I always knew that private was no good. No one deserts the Fire Nation army. No one. Men, Private Wang Fire is now a criminal. Grab your gear, because we are going to capture that criminal and bring him back here to face justice ... Fire Nation style! Let's move!
The recruits once again scatter.
Textbox Not much later..
Sokka enters a nearby cave, where the rest of the gang, including Appa and Momo, are camping.
Aang Hey, look! Sokka is back!
Katara So, how was army living?
Sokka We have to get out of here! I don't have time to explain ... but when the army finds out I'm gone, they're probably not going to be happy! And when they're not happy, that's not good!
Toph So you mean to tell me this whole thing backfired? Like I didn't see that coming.
Sokka Thanks for your support, Toph. [Momo sniffs Sokka.]
Toph By the way ... [Toph gags and holds her nose as Momo shudders from the stench.] ... you smell like pig poop.
Sokka I know! Would you just hurry up and pack your stuff! [He heads outside of the cave.] I'll keep an eye outside. I think if we get out of here in a few minutes, we'll be fine ...
Sokka steps out and is surrounded by Fire Nation soldiers, some of which are riding komodo rhinos.
Sokka ... Or not!
New recruit Found him!
Fire Nation company leader You're in some serious trouble now, Private Fire! [Sokka's hands are tied and the Fire Nation company leader tries to drag him away.] So you thought you could desert the Fire Nation army? Well, you thought wrong!
Sokka No ... I ... [Suddenly, an oil lamp goes off above Sokka's head.] ... I discovered earthbender and waterbender spies who were trying to infiltrate the Fire Nation! I tracked them down to that cave!
Fire Nation company leader Right. And my grandmother's the Fire Lord.
Sokka It's true! And I can stop them if you'll just let me go!
Fire Nation company leader I don't think so.
[Meanwhile, in the cave, Aang, Katara and Toph are watching the army take Sokka away.]
Aang Uh ... the army's here.
Katara And that army is taking Sokka away!
Toph Just for the record, I knew something like this would happen.
Katara Let's show them that Sokka's not lying. There are earthbenders and waterbenders here!
Toph bends earth, Katara bends water and Aang bends both outside of the cave.
Appa Roar!
Momo [Throwing rocks.] Skree!
Outside the cave, the soldiers are shocked at the flood of water and rocks coming out of the entrance of the cave.
New recruit Gasp! Private Fire was telling the truth! What do we do? [Fire Nation company leader does not reply. Sokka grins broadly.] Umm, Sir ... what are your orders?
Fire Nation company leader Gulp!
Sokka [Removing the robes binding his hands.] Drill sergeant, if you don't mind, I'll take care of those dangerous benders myself.
Fire Nation company leader Yes! Let's do that!
Sokka [Sokka heads into the cave.] Earthbenders and waterbenders, prepare to meet your doom!
Fire Nation company leader There goes one brave soldier.
Aang, Katara and Momo stifle their giggles as Sokka strides into the cave. As soon as he disappears from the Fire Nation army's sight, his brave stride is replaced with one of panic.
Sokka We've got to get out of here! There's a whole army out there! What do we do?! What do we do??!!
Toph Yeah, you're one brave soldier all right.
Katara Calm down. We'll be fine! Toph, you earthbend a hole so we can escape out the back. Aang and Sokka, you two make it sound like there's a fight going on in here.
Toph I'm on it!
Aang Okay!
As Toph starts earthbending out an escape route, Aang continues to bend out water and earth.
Sokka Ew! Ugh! Whack! Take that! Ugh! Take that!
Rocks start falling at the entrance.
New recruit It's caving in!
Fire Nation company leader Private Fire, noooo!!!
Outside of the back entrance to the cave, the gang flies away on Appa.
Sokka It's so sad ...
Aang Ha ha!
In from of the cave, the Fire Nation company leader has his hand over his heart.
Fire Nation company leader Let's all observe a moment of silence for Private Wang Fire, a true Fire Nation soldier. I will personally see to it ... that his memory lives on.
Incense, flowers, candles and fruit are shown to decorate a small shrine in honor of "Private Wang Fire".
Text The end.



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