The first panel shows the members of Team Avatar asleep in a camp. The next panel shows Momo poking Appa in the eye. Appa awakens and Momo points toward a direction. Both animals run in that direction. Meanwhile, Sokka is talking in his sleep.
Sokka [Grunts.] ... Not another dance party ... [He moans, tired.] Must stay on schedule ...
Appa and Momo spy at two Fire Nation citizens, one guy and one girl from behind a bush. They are each carrying swords.
Fire Nation girl [Walking with her brother.] I heard something in this direction. We should investigate ... And don't tell me it's the dreaded tree-whale.
Fire Nation boy [Scared.] B-But, it might be.
In the bushes, Momo shows Appa some branches with mangoes on them. Appa seems to listen. Appa and Momo subsequently roar into the air, frightening the two Fire Nation citizens, and they scream in terror, running away. A panel shows "the next morning", before showing Sokka waking up and yawning. Aang, Toph and Katara eat mangoes rapidly. Aang is laying back, his belly appearing larger than usual.
Toph These mangoes are great! Thanks, Sokka!
Aang Yeah! I already ate like six of them! [He holds back a barf.] Actually ... I don't feel so good ...
Sokka [Wondering to himself.] When did I have time to pick mangoes?
The panel changes to show Sokka yelling angrily at a tired and sleeping Appa and Momo.
Sokka [Holds up a half-eaten Apple. Points accusingly at them.] Look at you two! You are so lazy! [In a lower tone.] You know, we have a big day ahead of us!



"Private Fire"

"Night Animals"

"Boys' Day Out"

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