Textbox While hiding out in the Fire Nation ...
A loud rumbling sound can be heard.
Sokka [Running toward the rest of the gang.] Earthquake! Every man for himself!
He stops, shocked, at the sight of a calm Toph and a irritated looking Katara.
Toph Not even, Sokka. That was just ... Appa's stomach grumbling.
Toph gestures toward a blushing Appa lying on the ground.
Aang [Stroking Appa's cheek.] It's okay, boy. We'll head to that village nearby to get some food for all of us. You wait here with Momo. Don't want your stomach freaking anyone else out.
As the sun sets, the gang walk to the village. Aang waves goodbye to Appa.
Sokka For your information, I wasn't freaking out! I was just concerned about you people!
Textbox Shortly, in said peaceful village ...
The captivated gang stands before a large array of tasty smelling food.
Katara So, who has money?
Aang Uh, yeah ... that could be a problem.
Toph Well, I have a couple of sure-fire money-making ideas.
Sokka I like the way you think, Toph. What'll it be first? The ol' "shell game"? "Three tile monty"?
Katara [Arms crossed.] You guys! We said no more scamming, remember? I don't want to be chased out of another village!
Toph Heh, heh.
Sokka Fine. Street-corner singing it is, then! I'll probably bring in more money that way anyhow ... [He spritzes the back of his throat.]
Aang Um ... Sokka? Don't you remember what happened the last time you tried to singe for our supper?
A singing super deformed Sokka is shown, while similarly super deformed villagers throw a collection of tomatoes and a cabbage at him.
Super deformed Sokka [Singing.] ... for my love is like ... a boomeraaang!
Sokka [Angry.] That's certainly not how I remember it!
Suddenly, two small children run up.
Little boy Help! Help! In the forest!
Little girl It's a m-m-monster!
Aang Whoops, it's probably just Appa ... I'd better clear things-
A lamp lights above a pondering Sokka's head and he clasps a hand over Aang's mouth.
Aang Ummf!
Sokka Quiet, Aang! Don't you hear that? It's opportunity knocking ...
Little girl [Explaining to a crowd of Fire Nation citizens.] There was this loud, scary roar!
Little boy Then something huge and furry moved behind the bushes!
Sokka Oh, my stars! That sounds like a ferocious ... sky bison! Goodness gracious! You poor children! That thing could've bitten off your ears!
Fire Nation man #1 Sky bison? Aren't they extinct?
Fire Nation man #2 Are they dangerous? Will it attack our peaceful village?
Sokka [To Ming-Ming.] Didn't a sky bison abduct your grandmother?
Ming-Ming [Sobs.]
Fire Nation Man #3 Did you hear? A sky bison abducted Ming-Ming's grandmother!
Fire Nation woman I'm sorry to hear about your grandma, Ming-Ming.
Ming-Ming's grandmother But ... I'm right here.
Sokka [To Ming-Ming's grandmother.] I read somewhere that they eat kittens for breakfast!
Katara [Whispering.] Enough already, Sokka! What are you up to?
Sokka Watch and learn, beloved sister. Watch and learn.
Toph Hoo-boy! Here we go!
Aang [Anxious.] But I don't think I like where this is going ...
Sokka [Strolling back to the concerned citizens.] Pardon me, good citizens. Perhaps I may be of assistance. [He pulls out his sword.] I am Sokka, monster slayer! Tamer of wild beasts and all ferocious creatures that threaten peaceful villages!
Ming-Ming Oh mighty warrior-type stranger, please slay the sky bison and bring my grandmother back alive!
Ming-Ming's grandmother [Waving in the crowd.] Hey! I'm over here!
Sokka [Placing an arm around an enamored Ming-Ming.] Fear not. I will protect your peaceful village from the ravenous creature lurking in the forest ... [Grinning broadly.] ... for a price!
Toph grins while Aang and Katara look at each other, concerned.
Textbox Shortly, in said forest ...
The Fire Nation citizens and Sokka crouch in some bushes near a mysterious shadow.
Sokka [Pointing.] There is the monstrous, um ... monster! Stand back, villagers, while I do my thing. But have that money ready. This won't take long ... [He heads out, sword in hand.]
Ming-Ming Don't forget to rescue Grandma!
Ming-Ming's grandmother What's wrong with you, girl? I'm right here!
Sokka [Waving around his sword.] Kyai!! And Kyaai! Some more Kyaaaaai! [Whispers to the shadow.] Hey, Appa ... you could at least raise a paw ... or snarl once ... help me give these people a show, if you know what I mean ...
Armadillo-bear ROWRR
Sokka That's more like it! [Shocked.] But that's ... .that's not Appa ... that's ...
Armadillo-bear RRROWRRR
Sokka ... an armadillo-bear!
Katara That thing's huge! Sokka is a goner! [Sobs.]
Aang Wait! Look! Here comes Appa!
Appa bursts forward from the bushes and comes to a standoff with the armadillo-bear. Sokka quickly scurries away.
Armadillo-bear Grrrr!
Appa Grrrr!
Armadillo-bear [Standing on back paws.] RRRRROAR!
Aang Go, Appa!
Appa charges forward and headbutts the armadillo-bear in the chest. The armadillo bear crashes into a tree. Appa gets ready to charge again, and the frightened armadillo-bear quickly curls up into a ball. Appa stops to sniff the ball.
Toph Be careful, Appa! It could be playing opossum-bat!
Appa bats the armadillo-bear ball into the air, sending it flying. Triumphant and happy villagers flood out of the bushes.
Aang Did you see that, Momo? Appa just saved Sokka! He saved everyone!
Villagers Hooray! The sky monster saved our village!
Ming-Ming Look! He has also rescued grandma!
Ming-Ming's grandmother I was never--oh, just forget it.
Sokka [Still frightened and hiding behind a tree.] Is ... is the armadillo-bear gone?
Katara Yes, it is, o "Tamer of Wild Beasts."
Back in the village, a happy Appa is being fed by the grateful villagers. Another loud rumble can be heard.
Toph Hey ... do you guys hear that?
Aang I think it's Sokka's stomach!
Sokka Do you think you could get Appa to share some of that food?
Textbox The end



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