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Comic opens to the Western Air Temple, with Aang sitting on the ground. He is drawing with a stick into the dirt. The image of the symbols for airbending (Aang) and waterbending (Katara) are inside a heart.
Katara Hey! [Aang looks around in surprise. Katara looks over at his drawing.] What are you doing over there?
Aang [Standing up and hiding the stick behind his back.] Uh ... nothing, Katara!
Katara [Angle turns to reveal her holding a ball of water behind her back.] Aang, I have something very important to say to you ...
Aang [Happily surprised.] Really? I mean ... yeah, I've been wanting to talk to you, too, but ...
Katara [Throws the water at Aang.] Think fast!
Aang [Surprised.] What the ...?! [Water hits and splashes him. Katara laughs while Aang stares angrily in disbelief.] That's it? that's what you had to say to me? I thought maybe you finally wanted to talk about ...
Katara [Interrupting.] Enough moping around. Time to practice your firebending. [Positioning for attack.] Watch out or you might get another one in the kisser ...
Aang [Losing concentration.] Kiss ... [Scene changes to the beginning of the invasion. Aang's voice now only heard.] ... Err ...
Past Aang Everything's gonna be different after today, isn't it.
Past Katara Yes, it is.
Past Aang What if ... what if I don't come back?
Aang [Voice.] Kiss ... her ...
Past Katara Aang, don't say that, of course you'll- [Katara is cut off as Aang kisses her. Flashback ends. Cut back to Aang staring into space.]
Katara [Voice.] Come on Aang! Zuko said to practice your firebending while he's away with Sokka!
Aang [Waking up, unaware of the water plummeting his way.] Huh? What?
Katara [Watches as the water splashes over Aang. The water clears and there is a rock pyramid left standing.] Aang ...? Are you in there? Hello?
Aang [From inside the pyramid.] Yeah ... I'm in here Katara.
Katara [Cut to Aang inside the pyramid.] Well ... nice defensive earthbending move ... but you're supposed to be practicing your firebending!
Aang I don't really feel like practicing my firebending right now.
Katara [Cut to outside.] Aang, you have to be ready to battle the Fire Lord. This is not time for games or playing Hide-Aang-Seek.
Aang [Cut to inside.] Who's really playing games here, Katara? Are you sure you're not the one hiding something? I thought you wanted to talk about what happened before the invasion!
Katara [Cut to outside. Caught off guard.] Uh ... I don't know what you are talking about ... I mean ... I can't hear you properly from in there so, um ... just come out and bring the heat!
Aang [Cut to inside. Angry.] Ha! Obviously, you can't handle it when things get a little too hot!
Katara [Cut to outside. Getting angry and summoning water.] This isn't about us ... I mean, me ... I mean, ... you ... I mean, you're supposed to be preparing for the Fire Lord! [Throws the water at the pyramid in the form of icicles.]
Aang [Cut to inside. Narrowly misses the icicles.] Cut it out, Katara! I said I don't feel like doing this right now!
Katara [Cut to outside.] Come on already, Aang! [Pulls in water over her hands.] Show me some fire!
Aang [Cut to inside. Standing up in a blazing aura.] Fine! [Takes a firebending stance.] You want fire? [Ignites his hands.] I'll show you fire!!!
Katara [Cut to outside. Fire immediately erupts from the top of the pyramid as Katara watches in surprise.] Whoa!
Aang [The pyramid smashes in all directions, with Aang standing in a punching form in the middle of the fire. Looks over as he notices Katara crouched over covering her head.] Oh no! Katara! [Rushes over to her.] I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you ... are you ok?
Katara [Turns around with a smile.] I'm fine Aang – And that "volcano" move was impressive! [Stands up.] Come on, let's practice it again so that you can show Zuko later ... [Aang turns and starts walking away.] Where are you going? Are you ... scared of burning me again?
Aang [Looks down at his image he drew in the dirt earlier.] Actually ... [Sighs and brushes the heart away with his foot.] I'm more worried about being the one who gets burned.
Last caption reads "not the end".



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