The first panel of the comic shows Toph and Aang standing in the woods while Sokka's silhouette is shown walking away.
Toph [Pointing at Sokka.] I'm training Aang to listen today, and we need quiet! You know what that means.
Sokka No worries, I'll be out of your way. I'll keep busy!
Aang [Holding his ears.] I don't think I need training to listen, Toph. I already do that pretty well.
Toph So says you.
Toph gestures to the ground as Aang follows her gaze. The panel shows the roots of a tree and a small creature sleeping in an underground burrow.
Toph Forget the sounds in the air. You'll be listening to the earth!
Aang Oh.
Toph I'll train you to hear the smallest creature burrowing beneath your feet ...... to feel roots growing ...... and to feel the slightest shift in the deepest rock.
The following panel shows Sokka walking through the forest as Momo munches on a fruit while sitting on a boulder.
Sokka Keep busy, keep busy, all I can think about is ... [Spots Momo.] ... food? [Hungrily.] Why, Momo, that's a mighty fine, big, juicy fruit you got there. A really big fruit ...
Momo Mrr?
Sokka [Reaches out to grab a frightened Momo.] ... Too big for a little lemur!
The next panel has Toph instructing Aang as he is about to begin listening while Sokka chases Momo in the background with the words Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! to show how loud Sokka's feet are.
Toph Concentrate.
Aang Okay!
Toph Forget the surrounding noise. Focus on what's underneath you.
The next panel shows Toph watching Aang as he assumes his meditation pose while Momo attacks Sokka who has taken the fruit. The warrior's footsteps are emphasized by the words Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!
Momo [Yanking Sokka's wolftail.] Kriii!
Sokka [Ducking in pain.] Ow! Ow! Share! There's plenty for both of us!
The subsequent panel shows Toph getting frustrated while Aang continues to listen. Momo and Sokka are now chasing after Appa who has seized the fruit with his mouth with the thundering steps of his footsteps characterized by the two uses of bodomp.
Toph Grmph!
Sokka Appa's got the fruit! Get him, Momo!
Toph slams her left foot on the ground, shaking Aang out of his lesson and creating an earth pillar underneath Sooka which carries him to the sky.
Sokka [Dazed.] Ow!
Toph [Angrily.] You can shout ...... you can yell ...... but all that running around is deafening!
The final panel shows that the day has turned to night with Sokka still on top of the pillar while Toph, Aang, and Momo gather around a fire.
Sokka [Shouting.] Come on, Aang's lesson is finished! Let me come down!
Toph No. Your lesson isn't over yet.
The end.

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