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Subject of interview is The Legend of Korra and Book Four: Balance. It was released on October 2, 2014.
Eric Goldman Uh, welcome, thanks guys for coming in.
Michael DiMartino Thanks.
Bryan Konietzko Thanks for having us.
Eric Uh, we're huge fans of Korra here, and like everyone are really excited that we're getting Korra very, very quickly. We're uh, there's not a lot of downtime here as we go into, uh, Book Four.
Mike Yeah, that's true. Happened a little more quickly than we, uh, had expected as well.
Roth Cornet Are you guys ____ that you were really pretty far along with Book Four, but are you scrambling a little bit right now to deliver each week?
Bryan We're always in a state of scrambling. [Laughter.] I've been living in a state of scrambling for about ten years. Um yeah, I mean, it's gonna be tight but it won't be different than any other season. Probably better than some others. You know, honestly, Book Three came out later than it was supposed to. This was always when Book Four was supposed to come out, so, um, in a way, the seeming like there was less of a gap was just because Three came immediate.
Eric I'll make the pun about balance because, yeah, it's just like, Two and Three there was just that long wait for Two and Three and it's like it almost seems like this is, this is the make-up season, right? [Laughs.] It's like here you go, we're gonna get it all at once.
Mike Yeah, yeah.
Bryan Book Two was the delay, it was just pure- purely production. We just had a bunch of produciton problems and just took a lot of catching up, but um-
Roth Are you guys tweekers? Do you- by that [Mike laughs.] By that I don't mean ___ [Everyone laughs] _____ I mean, do you at the very last minute, are you changing things, are you moving things around, or is it pretty locked in?
Bryan It's pretty locked in. I mean, the stuff we change the most are
Mike We have a whole process of retakes where it's like, fixing technical stuff, um, you know, with things not colored correctly, ___ character levels in the wrong place. ___ And then sometimes we do like, little painting background fix or something like that. And so, yeah, we- I guess they are technically tweeks, um [Roth laughs.] but no, no major overhauls
Bryan Oh, we're tweekers. [Everyone laughs.] Yeah, I mean, the Book One Korra finale, Mak Abar our visual effects editor, I mean, he was working on that shot of Korra like, like, she throws that punch and airbending and it's like her first airbending punch. I mean, he was working on that up 'til like, a day before it aired on TV. Like, so yeah, sometimes it's down to the wire, 'cause there's, there'll be really important shots and I mean, th- they're hard to do, and it's- sometimes we have to ... work on 'em
Eric Uh-
Bryan Eleventh hour.
Eric You know the trailer came out last week and it was funny 'cause uh, you know–
Roth And it looks amazing.
Eric –it looks amazing. It's an awesome trailer ___ we- we posted it and it's funny 'cause the trailer had just gone online and it was about ten minutes and I hadn't had a chance to look at it yet, and someone tweets me and goes "three years later?!" with absolutely no context [Everyone laughs.] It's like "I don't know what you're talking about", uh, but yeah, that got quite an impression, quite a reaction.
Mike Cool, uh, I'm glad 'cause like, yeah, there's very few things nowadays that you can, like, keep under wraps and it seems like everything we do eventually just gets leaked before we want it to um, but that was one little detail we were trying to keep, uh, secret 'til the trailer came out, so, but people were surprised by that.
Roth When- what is the purpose of [Bryan laughs. Everyone begins laughing. Mike makes a hand gesture as though to say "because we can".] Eh, why not?
Bryan What's the purpose of storytelling? Why do you have characters?
Roth [Entire section]
Bryan I, well, there's a lot of purpose, uh, to it, but I'm just giving you a hard time. Um, I- I mean, for me, you know, Avatar: The Last Airbender was ... Mike and I designed that from the get-go, as three seasons. It took us six-and-a-half years from conception to, you know, delivering the- the finale. Um, and, then I was just done. That was it, I didn't want- and, you know, people wanted us to make "Book Four" of- of Avatar and I had- I mean, I love those characters, I love the story, it's all very important to me, but I had no interest in ever diving back into that. Um, but the way, you know, Korra's seasons are shorter, and the way it worked out story-wise, is like, you have your big crazy finale, at the- at the end of Book Three, but it's like, there really are things that aren't resolved and you get to jump ahead and see, well, what happens __ little older and how does this all play out. So, for me it's kinda like the Book Four we never did. You know, it makes sense __ so, so I like it as like a weird structure. Instead of three act struc- instead of a trilogy structure, I like it as this fully, you know, it's not just an epilogue, it's a full season __ epilogue season
Roth Well- [Indicates to Mike to talk.]
Mike Well, I was just gonna say I love shows like Battlestar Galactica
Eric Yeah.


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Persons Interviewing

  • Eric Goldman
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