The students talk while waiting for their teachers. Toph punches Sokka, Katara talks to a blushing Aang, Azula and Mai surround Zuko. The earth rumbles to reveal Avatar Kyoshi.
Class Avatar Kyoshi!
Kyoshi All right, class. Today, we're playing ... dodgeball! Aang! Azula! You pick teams.
Aang and Azula are shown looking surprised before they glare at one another.
Aang Sokka
Azula Ty Lee
Aang Katara
Azula Haru
Aang Toph
Azula Jet
Aang is the Avatar State, glaring at Azula, who is surrounded by bolts of lightning. Behind them, Zuko stares in shock while Mai shows no expression.
Kyoshi Looks like the last pick goes to you, Azula!
Azula [Surrounded in blue flames.] Mwah-ha-ha!
Zuko hops up and down excitedly. He firebends an arrow that points at him while Mai watches curiously. He subsequently creates characters that say pick me causing Mai to face-palm in shame.
Azula [Off-screen.] Mai.
Zuko's face turns shocked before turning disappointed.
Mai Whatever.
Zuko [To Kyoshi.] What am I supposed to do, then?!
Kyoshi [Glares menacingly.] You're the ball.
Kyoshi earthbends a pillar underneath Zuko, shooting him into the sky, before airbending him toward the students. She blows her whistle as a curled up Zuko flies toward Azula, Sokka, Suki, and Ty Lee while they reach for the ball.
The end!



"New Recruits"

"Gym Time"

"The Promise Part One"

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