In the prison cell, Iroh was meditating while the Fire Nation soldiers were talking about him. Zuko overhears them.
Soldier #1 I can't believe General Iroh is a prisoner now. A member of the royal family – Fire Lord Ozai's own brother!
Soldier #2 I know. I served under his command during the first siege, he was a great leader and a great man ...
Zuko You two don't know what you're talking about. General Iroh is a traitor to his country!
Soldier #2 Please forgive us, Prince Zuko. I-
Zuko [Punches a fire flame on the floor.] Get back to work!
Inside the Earth Kingdom throne room, Zuko walks toward and greeted by Azula.
Textbox The throne room, Ba Sing Se, Capital of the Earth Kingdom.
Azula Zu-Zu. What a pleasant surprise. I've finished the arrangements for our trip back to the Fire Nation--we'll be gone by tomorrow night.
Zuko But you're the leader of Ba Sing Se now. You would really give up control of this whole city?
Azula Don't worry, dear brother. I've found the perfect person to leave in charge. Someone who will execute the Fire Lord's will mercilessly and without question. [Pointing at Joo Dee.] Supreme bureaucratic administrator Joo Dee!
Joo Dee The Earth Nation humbly accepts this opportunity to serve the great and powerful Fire Nation. Care for a mint?
Azula Ba Sing Se will be safe in her care, and we can personally deliver our uncle, the traitor back to the Fire Nation.
Zuko You don't need me for that. I'll stay here.
Azula Zuko, now that we've defeated the Avatar, father will welcome you as a hero. You're the Fire Prince again and you'll have your old life back.
Zuko [Angrily.] I already said, I'm not going with you!
Azula enters Ty Lee's room, while she was dressing inside.
Azula [Shouting.] Ty Lee! Stop what you're doing! And listen to me! My brother is being difficult as usual ... So we need some extra persuasion to make him come back with us. We know that Zuko and Mai had childhood crushes on each other ...
Ty Lee [Cheering up.] Totally!
Azula ... So, let's get them reacquainted.
Ty Lee How do we do that?
Azula [Smirking.] As always, just follow my lead. I have a plan.
Textbox Later that night ...
Azula, Ty Lee, and the Dai Li agents are preparing for a dinner in the yard.
Ty Lee Azula, am I doing this right?
Azula [Pointing.] No! We need more candles. And get rid of that pink tablecloth! It has to be perfect. [The Dai Li agents are running in panic, hitting one another.] Faster! Move!!
Azula and Ty Lee lurk behind bushes as Zuko and Mai come to the table.
Mai [Walking.] Where is everyone? Azula told me that Admiral Liang was visiting and wanted to join us for dinner. All of us.
Zuko She told me the same thing, Mai. She's up to something ...
Mai [Mai checks the plates.] Well, the food doesn't look that awful. I guess we shouldn't let it go to waste.
Zuko [Picks the chopsticks.] Almost tastes like Fire Nation food Just isn't seasoned enough. [One Dai Li agent comes and plays a ruan. Zuko and Mai cover their ears.] Can you please stop that? You're giving me a headache!
Dai Li agent [Grinning.] Sorry. I haven't practiced in a while. [Walks off.]
Ty Lee Tee hee hee!
Azula Snicker
Zuko [Shouting.] I know you're back there, Azula! Don't you have something important to do?
Azula [Cleaning herself from the dust.] I don't know what you're talking about. I was just telling Ty Lee to stop messing around in bushes. It's undignified.
Ty Lee Hey!
Mai [Whispers.] Let's get out of here.
Zuko Good idea.
The two walk around Ba Sing Se market
Mai [Looking at the frozen fishes.] Ugh ... Do people actually eat any of this?
Zuko It's not so bad ... Once you get used to it.
Jin Lee!? Is that you ...? [Comes closer.] Lee, I can't believe it! It's been so long.
Mai [Smiling at Zuko.] Lee?
Jin [Pointing at Mai.] Who's this?
Zuko Oh ... Hi, Jin ... Um ... Er ... This is just my friend, my friend from ... the circus. Yeah ... She's the knife thrower.
Jin Really?
Mai [Pushing Zuko.] Here. I'll show you. Go stand over there, Lee.
Jin [Folds her hands.] Hah! I hope she's better at throwing knife than you are at juggling!
Mai Hmm ... Still not quite right ... [Puts a frozen fish on Zuko's head.] Better. [Mai picks one ice from the fish case, throwing it toward.] You see it's all in the wrist, really.
Jin [The ice pierce through the fish.] Wow! That was amazing!
Mai You wanna try, Jin!
Jin [Excited.] Oh! No, I couldn't possibly ... Well, maybe just one. [Zuko doubts, as Jin throws the icicle.]
Zuko dodges, slips, and splash to the water fountain.
Mai Now we're even.
Textbox Seconds later ...
Mai [Running.] Ha ha!
Zuko Are you crazy!? You could have gotten me killed!
Mai Whatever, Lee.
Zuko [Catches Mai.] Just stop ... For a sec! [Blushes.] You finally seem to be enjoying yourself. I've missed seeing this side of you.
Mai Well, a lot has changed since the days when I used to throw mud in your face. But everything's changed.
Zuko and Mai starts to kiss.
Textbox Later ...
Azula [Put hand on hip.] Awww, look. The two lovebirds have gotten back together.
Ty Lee They are like, totally adorable. [Claps hands.]
Mai So ... Are you coming with us? With me?
Zuko I'd like to, Mai. I'm just not sure I ...
The Fire Nation soldiers lead Iroh to get inside their ship home, with the other ships getting ready to hail.
Azula Poor, poor Uncle ... I wonder if he'll survive the trip home. Well, we must be going. I suggest you bid farewell to your girlfriend, little brother.
Zuko No. I ... I'm coming with you. I'm going back to the Fire Nation.
Azula, Ty Lee, Mai, and Zuko walks inside the ship.
Azula [Smirks.] Do what you want, Zu-Zu. It's your decision.
Textbox The end.

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