Aang, Katara, Toph, Zuko, Appa, and Momo are relaxing on Ember Island as Sokka proposes a game whilst carrying his detective gear.
Sokka It's game time! Who's playing?
Zuko I hate games.
Momo Squeak!
Sokka Momo's up for it! Who else?
Katara You know he won't shut up until we agree.
The next panel shows Sokka - now donning his detective gear - with his hands over his eyes while counting down as Aang, Katara, Toph, Zuko, and Momo run to find a hiding spot.
Sokka One. Two. Three. Four. Five ...
Sokka makes his way to a bush and spots Momo's visible ears sprouting from within.
Sokka [Carrying a melon.] Hmmm. I think that's the first bush I've ever seen that has a pair of ears. Look at all this big, juicy fruit I found. Too bad I can't share it with Momo.
Momo [Uncovering his head from the bush.] Mrr?
Momo, now on Sokka's shoulder and wearing similar detective gear, eats his melon while Sokka happily watches.
Sokka I think we're going to be a great team, Momo. Now, where do you suspect Aang is hiding?
Momo Chitter. Chitter.
Momo flies into the air while Sokka frantically runs behind him, struggling to keep up.
Sokka You'd better be leading me in the right direction, Momo!
The next panel shows Momo on a rock and pointing to the sky. Sokka follows the lemur's sight to spot Aang on his glider in midair.
Aang Hey! Momo helped you. That's not fair!
Sokka [Petting Momo.] That's detective Momo to you! Nice work, buddy.
The next panel shows Sokka and Momo looking at footprints on a dirt path leading to a nearby geyser of water.
Sokka Hmmm. These footprints seem to be the exact size of Katara's feet. And they seem to end right near that waterfall.
Sokka watches unamused as he spots Katara within the water geyser, bending it in order to reveal her location.
Sokka [Unamused.] Sigh. That was way too easy. [Turning, whispering to Momo.] I think we should just let her continue waterbending for a while.
Sokka and Momo are examining a couple of stray leaves from their bush.
Zuko [Jumping out of the bush.] YAHHHHHH!
Sokka and Momo are frightened and fall back as a result.
Sokka [Confusedly.] What was that?
Zuko [Proudly.] Ha! I got you!! I win hide-and-shriek!
Sokka It's hide-and-seek, Zuko. I got you.
Zuko [Storming off in anger.] I really hate games.
Sokka and Momo spot Appa covering his eyes as he hides behind a thin tree that barely covers his torso.
Sokka Uh, nice try, Appa. Almost didn't see you there.
Appa licks a slightly disgusted Sokka. The next panel shows Sokka walking alongside a flying Momo in a wooded area.
Sokka I guess we might as well go find Toph and finish the game ...
Momo Squeakasqueak!
The next panel shows that the sun is starting to set as Sokka and Momo stand on a rock in the sand.
Sokka Well, we've narrowed it down to this area ... but why haven't we found her yet?
Momo Skree? [Curls into a ball and begins to sleep.]
Sokka [Confusedly.] Our detective skills are superb ... this doesn't make sense.
Toph earthbends the rock into the air, revealing her location and sending Sokka and Momo onto the sand.
Toph I can't stand it any longer!!!
The next panel shows Toph brushing dirt off herself as Sokka's feet, with stink lines, stick into the air.
Toph Sorry ... but you really need to clean those feet of yours - they stink!
Sokka [Weakly.] Got you ...

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