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The scene opens on the Southern Water Tribe with a collection of tents and igloos. Under sunny skies covered by high, thin clouds, an elderly Katara stands next to a young Korra; the former has her eyes closed in concentration as she calmly bends some of the ice at her feet, creating a stream of water which she moves around herself. Korra glances at Katara, mimicking her stance, while from the door of their home, Tonraq and Senna watch the two.
Katara Now watch me, Korra. Waterbending is all about slow, calm movements.
Korra turns toward her master. Squaring herself and smiling proudly, she throws her fists out in front of her, bluntly bending a wave of snow past her. Katara opens her eyes only a moment before the snow lands on top of her, and she falls to the ice.
Katara Oof!
As the snow buries Katara, Korra beholds her handiwork with wide, enthusiastic eyes and a wide smile, her fists on her hips.
Korra Pretty good, huh?
Tonraq [Alarmed, running to Katara's aid with Senna.] Not again ...
Senna Katara!
By the time the two reach Katara, she is only partially covered by snow. Senna takes Katara's hand.
Senna [Her face filled with remorse.] I'm so sorry. Korra doesn't seem to know her own strength.
Katara [Shrugging it off.] It's all right. I've battled more dangerous waterbenders than her. She'll learn to control her power, in time.
Tonraq [Kneeling down next to Korra, putting a hand on her shoulder.] Korra, that was too rough. You could've really hurt Master Katara.
Korra [Crestfallen.] I didn't mean to.
Tonraq I know ...
As he trails off, he turns his head to the horizon, and Korra and Katara, now standing, follow his gaze. Under thick, darkening clouds, the mountains far in the distance, usually white with ice and snow, have turned a sultry gray.
Tonraq Looks like we'll have to cut training short. Storm's heading our way.
Korra Awww ...
Moments later, Katara and Korra wave to each other as the former walks home.
Korra Bye, Master Katara! Sorry for beating you up!
Katara [Laughing.] That's quite all right. See you tomorrow, Korra.
The howl of a polar bear dog sounds over the frozen tundra.
Senna Polar bear dogs?
Tonraq Sounds like a whole pack. [Korra imitates the sound.]
Korra But Daddy, I want to go play with them!
Tonraq You can't, sweetie. Polar bear dogs are wild animals. They'd gobble you up in one bite.
Korra [Angry.] They don't scare me!
Senna They should ...
Cut to Korra lying awake in her bed, with Tonraq and Senna asleep in the background. She hears the howl again and decides to sneak out of the house. Going out onto the tundra, she imitates the sound again. After a brief search, she comes across a pup.
Korra You're just a pup. Where's your pack? Are you lost?
The pup remains distrustful, but Korra has thought ahead.
Korra I'm not going to hurt you, I'm friendly. [She pulls some dried fish from her pocket.] Do you like fish jerky? [The polar bear dog inches closer, sniffing the fish.] A little closer ... [The pup eats it, much to Korra's amusement.] You're not so scary, you're just hungry.
Korra hops around in the snow on all fours, circling the animal, which just stares at her.
Korra Woof! Woof! Come on, don't you want to play? [She looks up, lost.] Uh-oh. Which way is home ...? [Huddles up closer to the polar bear dog while the storm builds.] I think we're both lost now ... [Much cheerier.] But don't fear! Because-- [Korra starts waterbending.] --I'm-- [Raises the snow over her head.] --The-- [Violently crashes it down again.] --Avatar!
Cut to the wide shot, revealing that Korra has sloppily constructed an igloo. Although Korra is pleased with her work, the pup does not look the least bit convinced.
Korra Come on, follow me! [They both crawl inside, and the polar bear dog curls up into a ball, while Korra shivers.] Brrr ... I know what'll warm us up. A little fire!
Korra tries to make a little flame but produces a blast that scares both her and the pup instead.
Korra [She puts on her hood, scared of her own abilities.] Sorry. I'm not a very good firebender yet. Master Katara says I have to get good at waterbending before I can learn the other elements. [She sighs.] I thought being the Avatar was going to be fun, but it's just a bunch of rules. [She looks up as the pup begins to lick her hand.] Haha, that tickles!
Cut to a wide view of the tundra, as Tonraq, Senna, and Katara are looking for Korra.
Tonraq Korra, are you out here?!
Senna [Pointing at the igloo.] Tonraq, over there! Doesn't that mound of snow look like someone waterbent it?
Tonraq rushes over, bending the igloo open.
Tonraq Korra!
Both Tonraq and Senna are startled to find their daughter curled up against a polar bear dog pup.
Korra [Waking up.] Mommy ... Daddy? You found me ...
Tonraq Korra, get out of there! Do you know how worried we were?
Senna I can't believe you spent the night in storm, all alone.
Korra [Triumphantly.] I wasn't alone. Naga was with me!
Tonraq [Dumbfounded.] Naga?
Korra That's what I named her. She lost her pack, so she needs a new family now. Can I keep her?
Tonraq and Senna throw each other perplexed looks.
Tonraq [Simultaneously with Senna.] Ask your mother.
Senna [Simultaneously with Tonraq.] Ask your father.
Katara [Leading both concerned parents away while Korra plays in the snow with Naga.] You know, all Avatars have had animal guides in the past, perhaps Korra has discovered hers. And Naga might just be what a high-energy girl like Korra needs.
Tonraq I suppose ...
Cut back to Tonraq and Senna's home, where Korra is still playing with Naga.
Tonraq They'll tire out, sooner or later.
Senna [Not convinced.] You sure about that?
Cut to a montage of both Korra and Naga growing up, until it reaches the scene where Korra is riding her in front of the compound.
Korra Atta-girl! Go, go, go!
One final shot of Korra at age 21, playing with Naga on Air Temple Island.




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