Lo and Li Step right up to the Ember Island Arcade! Plenty of fun for all ages!!
At the arcade, Zuko launches a fireball, knocking down some small towers. Mai stands bored next to him.
Arcade worker Nice shooting, Ace! Here, have a stuffed-tiger monkey! [He hands Zuko a stuffed tiger monkey.]
Zuko Er, thanks ... [He attempts to hand it to Mai.] You want this?
Mai [Still looking disinterested.] What does my face tell you?
Ty Lee Hey! Azula's waiting for us!
Zuko Why ...?
Azula Everyone! Come over here, quickly!
Ty Lee [Reaching for the stuffed toy in Zuko's hand.] Ooh! Cute tiger-monkey!
Azula brings them to an odd looking game, a small boxing ring with two sets of controls coming off the side.
Zuko What is this thing?
Mai Well gee, Zuko. This is an arcade. You think maybe it's a game?
Ty Lee [Punching the air.] Some kind of "Boom! Pow!" Fighting game!
Azula Ty Lee, you're exactly correct. This, my friends, is "Street Bender," the most state-of-the-art in Fire Nation arcade entertainment. Two players face each other using cute little warrior dolls in the most brutal of simulated battles ...
Zuko Azula, how do you know so much about this thing?
Mai She's been beating little kids at it all weekend.
Azula A princess has to lay a firm iron fist upon her subjects, after all. [She grabs one of the controls.] What do you say little brother ... care for a match?
Zuko No way. This is kid's stuff.
Azula Oh come now, dear brother, don't be so droll. After all, this is an Avatar-themed version of the game. Look! Even you and I are in it. [Azula inserts one silver piece into the side of the machine and selects an Aang doll, which comes out of the side of the machine.] But don't worry, I'll spare you the humiliation and refrain from picking my own character. [She holds up the Aang doll.] Here's an opponent more your speed. Or are you afraid of fighting this little guy?
Zuko [Grabbing the other controls.] Challenge accepted!
Azula Not so fast! It'll cost you one silver piece to play!
Zuko Agh ... I know, I know. [Zuko digs around in his pockets, places the money into the machine and sets up his own character in the ring.] Okay!
Mai You picked your own character?
Zuko Yeah! So?!
Azula An opening! [Azula uses the Aang doll to punch the head off of the Zuko doll, which collapses in the ring.]
Zuko Hey!!! I wasn't ready!! I don't even know how to play!
Mai Oh please, Zuko. It's not that complicated.
Azula [Pointing at the controls.] Right, listen well, little brother. The two metal rods move your character about the ring. Press the buttons on the rods to make your character attack. Each hit you score on your opponent costs them one life bar. The first person to destroy all three of their opponent's life bars wins!
Ty Lee So that means you're down to two life bars now, Zuko ...
Zuko Argh ... this is so stupid ...
Azula [Attacking Zuko's doll with the Aang doll.] Take that!
Zuko Gah!!! [He smashes the button on his control, causing the Zuko doll to punch off the Aang doll's head instead.] Ha ha! Hey! I got you!!!
Azula [Flipping over one of her life bars.] Yes, yes, well played Zu-Zu ... I'll give you that one. [She firebends into the controls, causing the Aang doll to burst into flames.] But can you handle this?!
The Aang doll's fist detaches and hits the Zuko doll's head causing the head to come off with a loud "Pop!"
Zuko What was that!?!
Azula Oh, did I forget to mention you can do a super attack by firebending into the metal rods?
Zuko Yeah. You did.
Azula Silly me.
Zuko So that's this game's secret ... heating up the rods activates some kind of mechanism in the figurine that shoots out a projectile attack. Well, in that case ...
Azula Sorry, brother. One more hit and you're toast.
Zuko Not today, Azula. Today, you're the toast!! So get the jelly ready!!!
Azula [Bewildered.] Huh? What does that even mean?
Zuko Never mind! Just fight!
Azula Don't bind if I do! [She attacks with the Aang doll.]
Zuko [He dodges Azula's attack.] Now's my chance!! Hrraah!!! [Zuko firebends into the controls, but the whole arcade game bursts into uncontrolled flames.]
Ty Lee Wow!
Mai Oh boy.
Azula Nice one, Zu-zu.
Zuko [Smirking at the flames.] Hmph. Now that's entertaining.
Game owner Aaah!! My game!! Who did this?!
Azula Zuko, you really are a sore loser.
Zuko Stupid game deserved it.
Mai Wow, they should really put a warning on that game!!
Ty Lee Yeah, "No Zukos allowed."

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