Appa and Aang fly Momo, Katara, Sokka, and Toph through a severe and windy rainstorm.
Sokka I thought you said it would be smooth sailing to Hiroku Canyon!
Katara Do I look like a weather oracle? This storm came out of nowhere!
Sokka [To Aang.] Can't you bend some of this wind out of our way?
Aang I am, Sokka.
Sokka [Rolling his eyes.] Well, you're doing a great job. I don't feel like my life is in the least bit of danger!
Toph Will you please be quiet so Aang can concentrate?
Sokka Sounds like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bison this morning.
Katara Maybe we should set down somewhere.
Aang The trees are too thick here to make a safe landing ... [Suddenly, he perks up.] Wait! There's something up ahead!
Toph Some of us aren't too good with visuals, you know. Details, please!
Aang It's a tower, Toph. A mile away ... maybe two. I think we can--
Suddenly, a gust of wind sends Momo into the air.
Momo Squeeeeee ...
Aang Momo!
Sokka Um ... this can't be good.
Momo [Flying backward.] Squeeeeee ...
Toph manages to grab Momo's tail.
Momo ... Eek!
Toph Nice scream, Momo!
Aang [Facing Toph.] Whew! That was close. Great catch, Toph!
Katara [Looking very scared.] Aang!
Aang [Smiling, with hearts dancing around his words.] Hi, Katara!
Katara Turn around!
A pair of whirlwinds loom in the distance. Appa gets blown back, sending the gang falling.
Katara Aaahh!
Aang Hang on, I'm coming!
Aang, still falling, reaches out toward his glider.
Sokka This is gonna hurt, isn't it?
Momo flies downward, trying to catch Toph.
Aang [Still reaching for his glider.] Come on ... come on ... [He stops reaching.] Maybe I can ...
Aang creates an air scooter beneath him, giving him lift and an ability to travel through the air and grab his falling glider.
Aang Yes!
Aang unfolds his glider and flies through the air, looking for the gang. He also takes out Appa's bison whistle.
Aang Katara! Appa! Momo! Sokka! Anybody!? [He pauses.] Gliding in a windstorm? Bad idea.
Aang puts away the bison whistle and allows himself to land safely in a dense wood.
Aang Gliding with two hands? Better idea! At least the trees are blocking the worst of the storm. [Aang looks about, confused.] Okay so if I handed here, and we were headed northwest ... or maybe northeast ... the others would be ... er ... um ... we Avatars aren't known for our sense of direction.
Viper bat [From behind Aang.] Chk-kaa.
Aang [Aang spins around happily.] Momo!
Viper bat [Lunging forward.] Skree-kaaa!
Aang [Running from the viper bat.] Not Momo! Definitely not Momo! I've gotta shake him off--fast! [Aang jumps into the air.]
Viper bat Skee-[The viper bat slams into a tree.]-gurk!
Aang [Standing above the now disoriented viper bat.] Whew! You sure are a creepy little guy!
Viper bats [In the distance.] Chk-kaaa! Skik-kaaa!
Aang [Thinking.] This is going to be one of those days.
As the viper bats charge in with another "skree-kaaa!" Aang poses with his glider, ready to attack.
Aang Haven't you guys noticed ... how windy it is today?!?
Aang swings his glider, sending up a large woosh of air which in turn sends the viper bats flying. He runs into the woods.
Aang That won't keep them for long. But if I can hide in that cave ...
As Aang approaches the cave, a huge flock of viper bats emerge.
Viper bats Skreee-kaaaa!
Aang [Smacking his forehead.] Right! A cave! Where viper-bats live!
Aang bends up an earth shield behind him, allowing the viper bats to pass him undetected.
Aang Better earthbend a cave of my own till these guys pass!
After the viper bats clear, Aang peers out of a clearing in the trees, spying the tower in the distance.
Aang Well, at least the storm's over. If I head for the tower, maybe I can find the others. Maybe. [Aang heads down the rocky slope.]
Viper bat [Watching Aang from above.] Chk-kaa! [The viper bat is then stroked on the head by an unknown hand.] Prrr-kaaa ...
Mysterious figure (Onku) Others ... find ... others ...
Sokka and Katara are shown in the woods, surrounded by other mysterious figures. Sokka is on the ground, clutching his arm.
Sokka Um ... hey, guys. You're, ah ... not gonna believe this, but we just fell from the sky and--
Juno [Holding Sokka's club.] Yeah, skinny boy, you bounced off my hut!
Eyepatch boy Wait, Juno. These two might be fun to play with. After all, they did drop in with these nifty toys. [He holds up Sokka's boomerang.]
Juno Did you drop in with any nifty money?
Katara Look, you've got our stuff. Give it back and we'll move on.
Sokka Yeah. Give it back and nobody gets hurt. Hopefully ...?
A gap-toothed boy jabs a finger into the arm that Sokka has been clutching.
Sokka Yowch! That hurts!
Katara Leave him alone, you oversized elbow leech!
Gap-toothed boy Ooooh ... is he gonna take us down?
The eyepatch boy grabs Katara's wrist and pulls it backward.
Katara Hey! Watch the grabby hands!
Eyepatch boy You wanna watch the attitude. Coins, cash, and valuables--and we can all heave happy. You might even leave in one piece.
Katara [Whispering to Sokka.] Sokka, you broke your arm when we fell, but how are your legs?
Sokka Actually, I've never been crazy about my knees. They're a little knobby, and--
Katara Run now, talk later! [Katara shoots out water into eyepatch boy's face, knocking him backward.]
Gap-toothed boy She's a bender!
Eyepatch boy [Now soaked.] Don't just stand there--get them!
Mustache guy [Holding out some fruit.] Want some fruit?
Sokka [Running through the woods with Katara.] This is going well.
Katara You think?
Eyepatch boy and his gang chase after Katara and Sokka.
Eyepatch boy Hurry you dolts! We've got to stop them before they reach ...
Eyepatch boy grinds to a stop before a grinning Katara and Sokka, standing on the banks of a river.
Eyepatch boy ... The river!
Katara You said you wanted to play? [She waterbends up a large wave.] Let's play!
Sokka I think we'll take back our stuff back now.
Eyepatch boy's gang looks terrified in the shadow of the large wave.
Mustache guy [Placing down the fruit.] Watch the seeds! Bitter!
Juno [Setting down Sokka's club.] Wasn't sharp enough, anyhow ...
Gap-toothed boy [Setting down a sleeping bag.] I ... um ... already have one of these.
Eyepatch boy still stands defiant, holding Sokka's boomerang.
Sokka Aren't you forgetting something?
Eyepatch boy Arrrggh!
Eyepatch boy flings the boomerang toward Sokka, who grabs it out of the air.
Sokka Using this takes a warrior's skill!
Eyepatch boy [Shaking his fist in Katara's face.] Don't think this is over, freaks!
Katara I think our friend here needs a cooldown.
Sokka I think you might be right.
As Sokka waves goodbye, Katara waterbends down two streams of water which carry the gang of boys away.
Eyepatch boy [Choking on water.] You haven't seen the last of--glurrgll!
Juno Eww! Water!
Mustache guy Wheeee!
Later that evening, Katara heals Sokka's arm by the riverside.
Sokka I think we should hike to the tower. It's the only landmark for miles around ...
Katara And the most logical place for the others to be headed. Sounds like a plan. Just hold still while I heal your arm.
Sokka [Feeling on his now-healed arm.] Thanks, Katara! I feel like a new man!
Katara [Holding out their stuff for him to carry.] Great! Let's hope you're a strong one!
Sokka and Katara start climbing up a mountain to reach the tower.
Sokka I think I liked it better when my arm was broken. Less to carry. No climbing.
Katara Killer thieves. Yeah, those were great times.
Sokka Ya know, Aang's the Avatar. He's gotta be okay. Appa's tough. But Momo ... Toph ...
Katara Don't worry, Sokka. Momo's a wily little guy. And Toph ...? ... I'm sure Toph's fine.
Elsewhere, a disgusted-looking Toph is dressed as a princess complete with crown. Momo sits next to her, wearing a red cape around his neck.
Lokai [Smooching Toph on the cheek.] There, now! Doesn't Granny's little princess look beautiful!
Toph I get knocked off a sky bison, earthbend my way to the top of a tower, get dressed up like a princess ... then I'm kissed and pinched by this ... person. Can my day get any worse?
Lokai [Pinching Toph's cheek.] Aw ... Granny's princess is cranky. I'll make her some beetle-worm soup.
Toph Yes, it can.
Meanwhile, Sokka and Katara continue to climb up the mountain, nearing the tower.
Katara The tower isn't much further. Looks like another few yards ...
Sokka Do you think we'll find food up there? I'm so hungry, I could eat an unagi--or two.
A loud rumble pierces the air.
Katara Sokka, what's that sound?
Sokka My stomach, no doubt!
Suddenly, Onku appears, riding a pillar of rock up the side of the mountain. He stops next to Sokka and Katara.
Katara That is not your stomach!
Onku Hello ... others ...!
Sokka Um ... hi, Mr. Earthbender?
Meanwhile, Toph and a disgusted-looking Momo sit down with Lokai to eat some beetle-worm soup.
Toph Look, you're a very nice old lady and ... um ... a terrific cook. But we've really got to fly. Our friends are lost and--
Lokai Hush, sweetie, and eat your soup before the worms chill.
Onku [Crashes through the wall of the dining room.] Look! Found ... others!
Katara [Katara and Sokka run in.] Toph! You're okay!
Toph Katara! Sokka!
Katara embraces Toph.
Sokka Nice outfit, Toph! Guess someone finally figured out you're a royal pain!
Toph Laugh it up, Sokka. Your makeover is next!
Lokai Yes! Tights for the new prince! And a scepter for the new princess! We'll have so much fun!
Katara Princess?!
Sokka Tights?!
Onku Not leave ever! You stay ... with me ... with granny ...
Aang Nobody is staying anywhere! [Aang appears in the opening in the wall, riding his air scooter.] Get away from my friends! [Aang shoots a gust of air at Onku.]
Toph [Toph shields Katara and Lokai using a rock wall.] Way to overreact, Aang!
Lokai Oh, my!
Onku [Onku bends the rock beneath Aang's feet, causing Aang to stumble.] Get ... away ... from ... friends!
As Aang and Onku continue to fight, Katara spies something behind her.
Katara Aang ... [Katara reaches a painting labelled "Grandma Lokai's Earth Orphanage". Inside is "Grandma" Lokai with the gaptoothed boy, Onku, Juno, a younger mustache guy, and several other children. Cradled in Lokai's arms is a tiny eyepatch boy.] Aang, stop! [Katara bends water and creates a wall of ice between Aang and Onku.]
Aang Huh?
Onku Water ... bendie?
Katara [Showing everyone else the picture.] Look! This place is an orphanage!
Toph I could've told you that.
Sokka [Pointing to the picture.] Check out the big guy!
Onku That's me ... Onku ... big guy!
Lokai [Placing a hand on Onku's shoulder.] Granny loves her children. All the little princes and princesses ... it was nicer before the war. Before the children stopped coming. Granny knows you're not here to stay. But it would've been so lovely.
Aang We're sorry for any misunderstanding, and we thank you ... but we have to move on. Our sky bison is lost, and ...
Toph No, he isn't. He's outside, in the courtyard. Been here all along. I could've told you that, too.
Outside, Appa wears a giant crown and red mitts on his paws. Aang and Momo embrace him happily.
Onku Friends ... stay ... overnight?
Sokka We'd love to! Now how about some supper for a weary traveler?
Lokai carries out five bowls of beetle-worm soup. Toph giggles, Katara, Aang, and Sokka look disgusted, and Onku licks his lips.
Lokai Oh yes! Beetle-worm soup for everyone! And it's still warm!
Sokka Groan.
Textbox The end!

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