For a few days Team Avatar stays on a field near a Fire Nation town. Aang is meditating using a rock and a water, trying to balance them two while Sokka is concentrating on his maps. Toph is seen resting under a tree's shade, with Katara asking the others to do something.
Textbox The Avatar and his friends are making their way through the Fire Nation, camping out in disguise.
Katara [Gestures to a town nearby, yelling.] Come on, guys, we've been stuck up here for days and there's a whole town just sitting there! Can't we go out and do something for once?
Sokka Shhhhhh! Concentrating!!!
Aang [Meditating.] Sorry, Katara, but I really need to get this balance right. Maybe later?
Katara Don't tell me, you've got some important toe picking to do?
Toph [Sleeping under a tree.] Look, sweetness. The last time I hit the town with you, I came back covered in makeup and smelling like a girl.
Katara You are a girl.
Toph Nobody's perfect.
Katara [Thinking.] What if I took you someplace a little more ... Tough?
Toph No offense, but you're not really the tough type.
Katara Who says I can't be tough? I can be tough! Plus ... There's steak.
Toph [Grinning.] I'm in.
Cuts to Katara and Toph stand in front of a bar. There is a crowd inside with slurp, clank, and whoo hoo!.
Toph Nice. Very nice. [Waves hand.] I gotta hand it to you, Katara. This actually seems like it could be fun.
Guard [Stands next to the door.] Can I help you?
Katara Yes, actually! Two for dinner, please?
Guard [Snorts.] I don't think so, kid.
Katara But ...
Toph Let me handle this. [Shouts to the guard.] Move it, tiny. There's a steak in there with my name on it.
Guard Find somewhere else to eat, princess. This ain't no place for little girls.
Toph [Heads off the bar, grunting.] The nerve of that guy! I could pick his butt with my pinkle finger, and he's telling me I can't go in just because I'm a girl? Now I'm mad and hungry! Come on, let's go find some stupid, frilly tea shop, at least they'll make me a sandwich.
Katara Hold on ... If being a girl is what's keeping us from getting in ...
Textbox "... Then we'll find a way around it!"
Guard [Opens the door.] Have fun, boys! It's nice to see kids your age take an interest in fine dining.
Toph Man, you're full of surprises today.
Katara Thanks ...
Toph But if you're serious about being tough, you gotta works on your attitude. If you want jerks like that to take you seriously, don't let 'em push you around!
Fire Nation Guy #1 [Katara nudges.] Hey! Watch where you're going, shrimp!
Katara [Roll up sleeves.] Um-- Why don't you watch it, you ... Stupid head! [Steps back to her table. The guy watches her in silence.] That was amazing! He's three times my size and he totally backed down!
Toph [Smiles.] Heh, well it's a start anyway. Now, let's find a table so we can--
Katara [Points at mechanical bull.] What's that?
Toph Whoa, hold up! I thought we were here for food.
Katara We're here for tough, and that looks pretty tough to me!
Toph Yeah, but--
Katara [On the mechanical bull.] Crank it up! Woooooooo!
Toph [Grunting.] I shoulda stuck with the toe picking.
Fire Nation Guy #2 Hey, kid, I'd use both hands if I were you! It's easy to get-- [Katara is being thrown.] --thrown!
Fire Nation Guy #3 Oof! Watch it, kid!
Katara Who're you calling a kid, toothpick?
Fire Nation Guy #2 You callin' my pal a toothpick?
Katara Yeah, you heard me! You better stay outta my way or I'll mop the floor with your face!
Fire Nation Guy #3 [Rubs his head.] I'd like to see you try, you little runt.
Katara [Ready herself to fight, but Toph brings her out.] Count yourself lucky, Bucko! I'm letting you off easy!
Toph I think that's plenty tough for one day. [The two walks back to the camp.] -Sighs-
Sokka What happened to your night out on the town?
Katara [Walks off.] Long story.
Aang And why are you dressed like that?
Toph Tell you later.
Cuts to a tea shop with Katara and Toph having a spa treatment.
Toph On second thought, maybe being girly isn't so bad.
Katara [Hands a plate of tea sandwich.] Tea sandwich?
Toph Please.
Textbox End

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