Team Avatar has landed in a clearing of the western Earth Kingdom. While Momo sits in a tree and examines a beehive, Sokka argues with his sister and the Avatar over the likelihood of running into Fire Nation soldiers.
Sokka Guys, Fire Nation soldiers could be anywhere. We'll have to be extra cautious to not make our presence known ...
In the next panel, a scorpion bee flies onto Aang's nose.
Sokka [Reeling away from Aang with a startled expression on his face.] Whoa! You have a scorpion bee on your face!
Aang [Looking down at the bee, unperturbed and smiling timidly.] As long as I don't bother it, it won't bother me. Being the Avatar, I have a special connection with nature.
Katara and Sokka back away, moving closer to Appa, as Aang, with his hands on his hips and grinning widely, is suddenly swarmed by scorpion bees. Appa, who is standing behind Sokka, bares his teeth anxiously
Sokka Well, here comes some more nature.
Aang [Without realizing how many scorpion bees are approaching him.] As long as I stay calm, they won't bother me.
Aang's expression quickly becomes worried as the bugs accumulate all over his body. Appa has covered his eyes with his front paws, and Momo has jumped down from the tree, looking behind himself as he approaches Aang. Katara and Sokka have retreated further away from Aang than before and taking slightly more defensive, worried stances.
Sokka [Hiding behind Katara.] They won't bother you, huh?
Katara [Katara's left hand is near her mouth as she looks on in distress.] Aang, scorpion bees aren't exactly the friendliest insects.
Aang I'm fine. Just don't make any sudden movements or loud noises.
It isn't long before Aang is completely covered in the flying insects. Momo, who has finally turned to look at the airbender, is frightened by this apparent stranger and lets out a loud shriek.
Aang [Eyes wide.] No, Momo, it's me, Aang!
Before Momo's cry can alarm the scorpion bees, Aang abruptly creates a sphere of air around his body.
Aang Look out!
The scorpion bees are repelled from him by his airbending. Katara and Sokka avert their faces and raise their arms in front of them as Momo runs from the Avatar and the insects fly in all directions. Aang, seeing that they are now following him in a rage, tries another tactic to escape the scorpion bees, using his air scooter as a means to outrun them. Sokka, Katara, Appa, and Momo look on with the bison peeking out from between his fingers.
Aang [Dust trail emanating behind him from his air scooter, face contorted in fear.] I think I bothered them!
Katara [Calling out from the camp.] You think?!
Sokka spots a plume of smoke in the distance with Momo at his side.
Sokka [Pointing toward the smoke.] Go to that smoke! Smoke makes bees tired!
Aang [In the distance with the bees right on his tail.] Good idea!
Aang zooms through the smoke which is pluming from a small campfire and allows the air scooter to dissolve. Immediately upon flying through the smoke, the bees fall to the ground asleep. Aang turns around and rubs his head smiling in triumph, unaware of a single scorpion bee that remains on the left shoulder of his shirt and failing to notice a Fire Nation solder, who was the originator of the fire, standing right in front of him.
Aang Whew! That was a close one.
Soldier Don't move! [He points his sword at Aang, who leans back to avoid the sharp tip. The scorpion bee that had remained on Aang's shirt detaches from him and flies toward the soldier. When it lands on the soldier's face, he drops his weapon and his face turns bright red in utter horror of the insect. Aang sees his chance and leaves the scene behind, running from his would-be captor and waving jovially.]
Aang [He turns around and waves while still scampering away, deciding to impart one last piece of friendly advice.] Don't bother it and it won't bother you.

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