Michael Dante DiMartino Hello everybody! Welcome to the commentary for, uh, the second episode of Legend of Korra. I'm Mike DiMartino, uh, co-creator and executive producer.
Bryan Konietzko And I'm Bryan Konietzko, the other co-creator and executive producer.
Janet Varney Hey, I'm Janet Varney. I play Korra!
David Faustino I am David Faustino, I play Mako.
Mike Thanks for comin', guys, and doin' this commentary with us. It's always fun to get the ... the actors in here.
Bryan Yeah, good idea.
David It's a gorgeous studio, by the way.
Janet I'm excited - oh yeah!
Bryan Yeah, this is where we mix, uh, all the episodes for Korra, it's an awesome studio, levels.
David We got foley behind us.
Mike Yeah, we're gonna do some footsteps later.
Bryan I, uh, we walked into this, this particular recording booth, [Janet laughs.] and I was like, "Whoa, a zen garden!" I thought it was, like, a rock garden. [Laughter.] Shows you how much I know ... about-
David I thought that was a joke.
Bryan I'm gonna have to tell Aran Tanchum, our foley artist, that one.
Mike Yeah.
Bryan He'll get a kick outta that. [Short pause.] Yeah, but they were not ... the rocks were for sounds.
Janet Yeah, guys, so, basically, it's just, like, a thing on the ground that has, like, "Oh, you could step on wood! Oh, you could step on rocks! Gravel! Eight different kinds of gravel."
Bryan Yeah, 'cause in animation, uh, I always say, "There's no momentum."
Mike Yeah.
Bryan [Laughing.] It's not like live action where, "Hey, let's get a bunch of people together, turn on the cameras, and ... things'll roll and happen. It's like-
David Has this foley - I'm sorry, I was just wondering, has this foley been used for-
Bryan Yeah, I think Aran did use this studio I think once for Korra.
David Wow. That's cool.
Janet Ooo!
Bryan He works at different - different foley studios around town. Uh, but, um -
Janet I'm gonna grab a handful of those rocks and sell them on eBay. [Laughter.]
Mike "Korra walked on this."
Bryan But, yeah, anyways, in animation, there's no momentum! Everything has to be done, like these footsteps right here. [The scene is that of Tenzin and Korra moving down a walkway on Air Temple Island.] You have to make sounds, there's nothing that just comes along with the animation. It's all you know, like -
Mike [Groaning.] Ugh, why?
Bryan That, that might seem obvious to some people, but some people probably never think of it.
Janet I didn't think about that until just now.
Bryan Every background needs to be drawn, painted ... you know, designed, all that stuff; nothing ... just happens. [Chuckles from the group.]
Mike Nope.
Bryan It's just, like- [Trails off; a short pause ensues.] It's like, this was, I think, the only time we see Korra in her little ... airbending ... unif-
Janet I know, it's so odd to see.
Bryan Yeah.
David [As Tenzin walks offscreen.] J.K. Simmons.
Bryan It's kinda fun- Yes, J.K. Simmons. Incredibly ... intimidatingly talented actor.
David Yes. I lo ... I love these kids. [Tenzin and Korra approaching the teaching instrument made of wooden slats, where Tenzin's kids are waiting.]
Mike Yeah, the kids are great.
Janet Mm-hmm.
Mike And we always like to cast real kids for the real kid parts, especially, like, Meelo, uh, this kid named Logan [Logan Wells.] ...
David Genius ... [Janet chuckles.]
Mike ... Who is so funny and so cute and ... usually we find out, come to find out, not just with, the little kids, but sometimes with the adults too, not always, but, that, like, usually the personality of the person is ... has something to do with the character.
David Of course.
Mike Like, that's why they're good at that character.
David Sadly, but funny. [The entire group bursts into laughter.]
Janet Now, who's that? Who's that?
David I don't know.
Mike So, we, at the ... we had a really fun, uh, premiere party, and, and you guys were there, which was great, and, uh, earlier this year, and Logan, who plays Meelo, came up, and, uh, he goes, "Everybody online said that I'm their favorite!" [Another round of laughter.] Yeah, I think he thinks he's the star of the show.
Bryan Yeah, that's genius.
Mike Yeah, maybe he's right!
David As soon as they grow up ...
Bryan Yeah, Meelo's-
Mike Although, he hasn't, I don't know. His voice still somehow-
David Good.
Mike It's been a couple years, and his voice still ...
Bryan But we, we're okay with that. I mean-
Mike Yeah.
Bryan It's a continuous storyline, and, uh, that happened with, with Zach [Zach Tyler Eisen.], who played, uh, Aang, you know. We recorded over several years, and we wanted his voice to change, 'cause it is about his character coming of age.
David [As Korra gets pummeled by the teaching tool and Meelo offers his own advice.] I love that, be the leaf. I love that.
Mike Oh man, that one took off.
Janet Speaking of-
David Is, is he ... will you, [To Janet.] I'm sorry, will you grow, then, when these characters, when these kids grow up, will you then draw them a little bit older?
Bryan Yeah, in Book Two, we, uh, changed all their designs. It's subtle, but, like-
David Got it.
Bryan It's a few months later, so we, uh, made them all taller and-
Janet Age spots.
Bryan Yeah. [Group chuckles.]
Janet Forehead wrinkles.
Onscreen, Korra gives up on trying to make the newspaper on the clothesline move with airbending, simply incinerating it and the clothesline instead.
Bryan So ... man, that newspaper design took me ... a long time to do, and then you see it for, like, a second, and then-
David It's burned up.
Bryan She burns it up.
David Hello, Korra.
A brief break as they listen to the pro-bending announcer on the radio.
Bryan Yeah, so this is our little fun introduction to pro-bending, which was this idea Mike and I came up with before we even had the idea for Korra, the series, or the character. Um, we just had this idea that "Oh, maybe back, you know, way before the Fire Nation waged war, there was, like, a period th -- of, kind of, relative harmony and peace between the nations", and, you know, with that kind of a scenario, we figured people would, like -- they're not fighting each other in, like, a war sense, but they would wanna test out their kung fu. And so we had this idea of an arena where it was just one-on-one, like, kinda like a video game, like, you know, an airbender would fight a waterbender, in a sporting match, you know, not to the death or anything. It was just, like, to see who had the best bending, or even, you know, earth versus earth or something, and then, when we -- when we did this series, uh, we started developing it, and we thought, "Oh, it'd be cool to use that idea, but make it, like, a team sport, and, to show instead that, you know, just show this harmony that's like, "We're used to seeing waterbenders fighting firebenders, but now they're on a team together," you know, so --
David Yeah, that's cool.
Bryan It was like, and it, it kinda hearkens back to, like, pro wrestling was, like, huge in the United States at the turn of the century, um, and was, like, the biggest sporting event. I think the biggest sporting event ever at that point was like a wrestling match that lasted four hours long --
David [Sounding surprised.] Huh.
Bryan -- And it had, like, tens of thousands of people, and --
David and Janet [Simultaneously.] Wow.
Bryan -- You know, watching it, so it was kinda, like, hearkening back to, like, the old boxing matches and stuff.
David Yeah, yeah, yeah.
A short pause as the scene in which Korra vainly attempts to meditate, and argues with Tenzin, plays out. David chuckles.
David Korra's not into meditating.
Bryan Yeah.
Janet Well, that's what I was gonna say earlier, when you were like, "Hey! Maybe people's personalities end up playing in!" [Laughs all around.] because this episode for me, when I read the script, I was like, "Yep." [More chuckles.]
Mike You related to it.
Janet For sure. The impatience is more --
David [Ostensibly referring to the scene, in which Meelo, sleeping, falls onto his back; he laughs while the others focus on the subject of meditation.] Oh, I love Mee --
Mike Now, have you tried meditating before, or -- ?
Janet I'm not very good at it.
Mike Yeah.
Janet Like, to be honest with you, the, the most calm I feel is when I'm active. So --
Mike Yeah.
Janet If I'm, like, riding my bike or hiking or something like that, that's when I feel like I'm meditating.
David [Sarcastically.] Or getting hit by a bus ...
Janet If I'm sitting down like that, I'm like, "Come on, come on!"
Mike and Bryan [Simultaneously.] Yeah.
Bryan Well, luckily --
Mike That sounds very much like Korra.
Janet I know.
Bryan There are other kinds of meditation.
Mike There are moving, moving meditations.
David I do transcendental meditation.
Mike Yeah?
Bryan Very good for the creative process. Um ... I mean, yeah, honestly, the entire --
David And my mantra is -- [Mutters something unintelligible; it causes the others to burst out laughing.]
Bryan The entire, uh, the entire, like, impetus, like, moment of inspiration for the whole Avatar world came during yoga, so there's something to be said for it.
Mike Yeah.
Janet I know, yeah.
Bryan It, uh --
Janet I just have to work harder at that than I do at anything else.
Murmurs of agreement from all.
Bryan Oh, that's cool.
Mike I'm not so good at quieting my mind, either.
Janet Yeah.
Mike It's, uh ... it's a beehive.
David chuckles in the background while, on screen, Korra bends herself up from the water below and into the open window of the bending arena. A short pause ensues.
Bryan So, we're gonna get ready to introduce, uh, two of the main characters. We had so many character ideas for this series that it was, you know, we had to kinda space out their introductions.
Mike Yeah.
Janet I love how excited she gets about the gear.
Mike chuckles in the background as Korra is discovered in the equipment room by Toza. A brief pause ensues.
Bryan What were you gonna say, Mike?
Mike I was, uh, well, yeah, going off that, we had so many ideas like this; I remember this guy, Toza. Like, I think we had a bigger story for him, and, you know, he just, he kinda had this little cameo at most. But the idea was, like, this was a guy who kinda took Mako and Bolin under his wing and showed them the ropes and was, kinda, their trainer.
Bryan Yeah, like --
David [Interrupting.] Is this Bolin's intro?
Bryan Yes.
Mike Yes, this is the first time we ever see him.
David P.J.! P.J. Byrne.
Bryan And this was -- this bit of dialogue, this little banter they had, we used in the auditions --
Mike Right.
Bryan And you guys, we brought everybody back, like, two or three times, and, uh -- so, we heard that over and over and over.
As they laugh, the scene is zooming away from Korra and Bolin to show the spacious interior of the Pro-bending Arena.
Bryan But, uh, yeah, you guys all did -- played off each other really well. It was really cool, 'cause we got to bring you back together and get you in the booth together --
David Yeah, that's cool, it's always --
Janet Yeah.
Bryan [Continuing.] -- Hear how the voices would work. [On screen, Mako has walked into the room and is gearing up for the match.] So, there's your intro, David.
David Hey! [Muted noise of applause.]
Janet [Laughs.] That's David clapping for himself. [All laugh.] Very clear about that.
David Yeah, no one else is doing anything. [More laughs.]
Bryan Mako's only fan is Mako.
David [As they all murmur in agreement.] Yes, yes, what'd you call it before, "Moff"?
Bryan "Moff", I believe, is what the fans have dubbed him. [David laughs.] So this is cool, it's a show that, like, Korra, you know, she grew up way far away on the, you know, the bottom of the world, in the South Pole, and, like, she's never had the chance to see this sport, and, um, it's just cool that this is what she's all excited about. You know, it's like, getting to see this crazy, combat contact sport.
Short pause as, on screen, the pro-bender introductions begin.
Mike So, once we, you know, had this idea for this pro-bending sport, we had to come up with the rules. [A light chuckle in the background.] Thankfully, Bryan is good at coming up with rules for sports.
Laughs from all.
Bryan Thanks.
Janet I'm glad you brought that up, because --
Mike Thankfully, yeah.
Janet Yeah, that's what I think whenever I watch these episodes. I'm like, "How did they even ...?"
Mike Yeah, thankfully, Bryan has spent a, uh, ridiculous number of hours on the couch, watching fighting. [More laughs.] All forms of fighting. Basically when we were making the pilot of Avatar back in 2003, I had an apartment in Seoul for three months, uh, South Korea. Had no social life, didn't have any friends there, so --
David Wow.
Mike But there was a, uh, channel on cable there that just showed fighting all day, all night. So I'd get home from, like, ten, twelve hours of working and just watch old K-1 kickboxing matches or old, like, pridefighting MMA tournaments and stuff, and all of that eventually, you know. Even when I waste time, it can, uh, feed -- [Janet laughs.]
David See?
Mike It can feed into an idea.
On screen, Hasook is knock from the platform and play and into the water. Short pause.
David You never know what's going to feed the, uh, creative --
Mike Oh, totally. Yeah, you gotta just keep your eyes open.
David [Quietly.] Yeah. [Louder.] You hear that, kids? [Laughs in background.] So far, meditation --
Mike Yes.
Bryan Yeah.
Mike Yoga.
David Yoga --
Mike Waste -- waste time.
David Waste time and watch TV, and learn something.
Janet And don't have any friends.
Bryan [As the others laugh at the abundance of sarcasm.] No friends, isolate yourself -- [Quickly taking it back.] no, no, no, these are all, definitely --
Short pause while, on screen, Bolin lands a strike on the opposing waterbender.
Mike Yeah --
David [Briefly interrupting.] I love this little --
Mike [Continuing.] -- We always try to bring our little interests and passions into this, it's, you know, this is definitely more than just a job for us.
Janet Well, it shows, and that's what makes it such an amazing show.
Mike Yeah.
Bryan Yeah, we, when Mike and I set out to create Avatar, you know, the world that led to Korra, uh, it wasn't like, "What," uh, "What would people love?" and "What would be popular?" and "What's trendy today?" It was just, like, "What do we love?" [Moore murmurs of assent.] Like, it just made a recipe full of the ingredients that we love, and we tried to make a show we would enjoy working on.
David You hear that, kids? Do what you love. [Mike hums his assent.]
Mike Mm-hmm.
Janet Yeah.
Bryan Well, I had a really great professor in college who -- everybody's always like, "What kind of work should I put in my portfolio?" And he always said, "The kind of work you wanna get." You know? [David hums his assent.] And I mean, sure, there's, like, you gotta be pragmatic, um, if the kind of work you wanna get is never gonna happen, maybe you need to make some adjustments, meet the market halfway in the middle, but, uh -- [Brief pause; on screen, Mako, alone on his side, rallies against his three opponents.] but, yeah, this way you can really put your heart and soul into it.
David Mako! [Chuckles from the others.] He's kickin' some butt right now.
Mike Mako's the one-man team right now.
Janet I'm just gonna say this, because I wanna say it every thirty seconds, so I'm just gonna say it this one time so everyone knows: Every time I see even, like, a frame of this show, I cannot believe how lucky I am to be on it.
Bryan and David [One after the other.] Aww.
Janet I cannot believe how lucky I am to be on it.
Bryan One of my absolute favorite moments in the whole making of this series was, uh, it's, this particular series has taken a really long time to make, [David chuckles.] the episodes are really meticulous and, and challenging, and, um -- We finally had some animation, and we cut together a trailer, for Comic-Con, I think, and I came out of my office and I saw you guys waiting -- Janet, I remember you were there, and, and, uh, I think Mindy [Sterling, who provided the voice of Lin Beifong.] was there -- and I, I, I was like, you know, I felt like I had a little secret, little, some gossip. I was like, "Hey, you guys wanna see something?" 'cause you guys weren't recording yet, and I brought you into my office and showed you the trailer, and I was sitting in my chair facing the monitor, and, and you guys were all standing behind me, and, um -- so I, I wasn't seeing your reactions, and I turned around, and Janet was crying, just -- tears --
David Aww.
Bryan And she's like, as sincere as could be, like, "I can't believe how lucky I am to get to play this character and to be a part of this show," 'cause it was the first time they had seen them move and had seen the animation, and, um -- and, uh --
Janet I'm super emotional right now.
David Janet's -- so sensitive, look at her!
Bryan Not, not -- also, not the last time Janet has cried.
Janet No, [A chuckle from Bryan.] I've cried a ton. I cried when we went to, with the premiere party, and we got to watch those episodes --
Bryan [On the verge of laughing.] You cried in the ADR [Automated Digital Recording, a re-recording of dialogue to more closely synchronize it with the animation.] session.
Janet I cried in the ADR session --
David I'm gonna start crying right now.
Janet It's just that -- listen --
Bryan But, it was really touching, and --
Janet I -- you know, someone like Grey DeLisle, who, by the way, enjoys and is grateful for every job she has and couldn't be a more positive, you know, grateful person --
Bryan But she does, like, six thousand --
Janet But she does a ton. This, for me, I won the lottery. I won the lottery, like, for this to be my first main, staple, kind of, voice-over job, it's, I, I can't believe it. I can't believe it.
Bryan Now, I --
Janet I can't believe it. [A few chuckles.]
Bryan Now I had read or heard in an interview with you around the premiere time, that -- so you, you sort of became familiar with Avatar, like, around, like, before you heard about Korra?
Janet Mm-hmm. mm-hmm. But not, but not long, not long before.
Bryan It was pretty fresh, like, to you --
Janet Yeah.
Bryan [Continuing.] At that time, yeah.
Mike Cause, I, yeah, I always wondered, like, how you guys, like, recording the first, you know, this first season, like, where there hadn't been any animation done, you might have saw some designs of the characters, I can't remember. But, you know, you were kinda flying blind a bit --
David Yeah.
Mike Like, what that was, compared to now, when we're recording, and it's like, well, you've seen them move, you know kinda what the show's --
David To me, it was just all off the script. Again, going back to the story --
Mike Yeah.
Janet The scripts are so rich!
David [Continuing.] And the writing, it's like, "Okay, this is what I'm doing, and we'll see what the animator," I mean, you know, "We'll see what,what I look like later." [Laughs.]
Mike Yeah. So is there, now that we've done, you know, several of these, is there a moment where, sometimes when you're watching the show, [On screen, the scene goes from Korra in the equipment room to Korra trying the airbending trainer.] where your voice is kinda detached from your ego, where you feel like it's the character?
Janet I've never -- all of them. I --
David I'm never detached from my ego.
Everybody laughs.
Bryan [To David, still laughing.] You need to meditate more.
Janet David leads with his ego. [A few more chuckles.] Uh, I feel that way, um, about the entire series. I think it's, uh, it's the first opportunity I've really had to be separate from my own performance.
Mike That's cool.
Janet Because there's enough space between when we record and when I see the final product that I, I have a vague awareness that it's me, but the storytelling is so good, and the animation is so gorgeous, that it allows me to totally sort of remove myself, and that's like such a gift, because I can't stand watching myself on camera.
David Yeah.
Janet So, being able to, like, enjoy something I'm a part of --
Mike Right, right. Yeah.
Janet [Continuing.] Without feeling any criticism, um, is, like, unheard of.
David I, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm just happy to, to have the chance to play a, uh, a "leading man" type.
Mike [Chuckling.] Right.
David Which, you know, may not happen in his lifetime. [A few laughs.]
Janet Oh, David. [Even more laughs.] David's a hunk. I don't know why he thinks, why he's saying that.
Bryan For, for us, Mike and I, just the two of us wrote this whole, you know, this whole Book One of Korra, but even though we split a lot of the, you know, we kinda split the scenes in half, or, or the episodes in half, we would go back over it together so much, and then, you know, the, the, all the artists infused so much life and, and another whole layer of, um, kind of like depth to the stories and the characters, and, like you said, a lot of time passes. When I watch 'em, I don't even remember who wrote what line, it doesn't matter to me.
David Right.
Mike Yeah, yeah.
Bryan Like, it's not like, "Oh, that's my line." Like, it's just such a, um, it becomes its own thing, and that's what, I mean, that's kinda the definition of animation. You're giving life, you're animating something that did not have life before, and I love that feeling where, after all that hard work, you can kinda sit back and it is alive and it is coming back to you on its own, you know?
Janet That's such a good way of putting it.
David [After a short pause.] I count my lines every script I get. [Raucous laughter from all.]
Bryan [Pretending to read a script.] "They only gave me five lines in this one? I'm complaining."
Mike We do, too, and we make sure, we're like, "Ah, David's ego's gonna get a little big."
David Uh-huh. Keep it -- keep it under, keep it under fifteen.
Janet Yeah, I'd say that David's contract, he always has to have one more line than everyone else.
Mike We cut, we cut back.
David Yeah.
David chuckles, leading into a pause; on screen, Korra joins the Fire Ferrets on the elevated platform as Shiro Shinobi narrates the game in the background.
David Jeff Bennett.
Bryan Yeah.
Mike As the radio broadcaster.
Janet Love it, love it, love it.
David One of the funniest guys I know, by the way.
Mike Yeah, he's a man of a thousand voices, for sure.
Bryan That guy is -- I, I would just love to see, like, brain wave readings of him while he's reading these, like, huge chunks of dialogue and just, like, nailing the performance, [On screen, Korra sends her waterbending opposite over the side of the ring and into the water.] with the great 1920s accent.
David It's amazing.
Mike [Watching the action.] Right off the bat.
Bryan [After a short pause.] Yeah, definitely, like, those, like, career, like Dee Bradley Baker and Jeff Bennett --
Janet Oh, Dee -- Dee is so phenomenal.
Bryan [Continuing.] Those guys that are just, like, the best voice actors, it's like -- yeah, they have such crazy range. It's an instrument that they play, they're masters of their voices.
David Yeah, they're amazing.
Janet And they're so generous and, like, complimentary and, and humble about what other people are bringing to the table when I feel like they could so easily just, like, look at me and go, "Oh, you." [Chuckles from all.]
David Dee Bradley Baker's the biggest fan of this show, by the way.
Bryan Oh, yeah.
Mike Oh, he is.
David He just loves it. So cool.
Mike Yeah, he did all the, he does Naga, Pabu, all the animal voices, and then, this season, he's the voice of Tarrlok.
Bryan Yeah.
David It's cool, man.
Mike It's always fun when we have, like, actual human characters to, that he can play.
David I've played "Voice in Crowd" before. [All laugh.]
Bryan I feel like Dee could probably just do the whole series by himself. [All assent.] We could probably save a lot of money, just --
Janet Yep.
Mike Like, South Park-style?
Bryan Yeah. It's just like -- I mean, the guy can sing the national anthem with a tiny man in his mouth. Have you heard that yet? He closes his mouth -- so, Mae, it was, like, Mae Whitman's [Voice of Katara.] father; we were recording on, on Avatar, and he's like, "Oh, have you heard Dee, where he has a tiny man in his mouth sing the national anthem?" and I was like, "What are you talking about?" So we asked him to do it. That's exactly what it sounds like.
David [Laughing.] Oh, I gotta hear this.
Bryan He closes his mouth, and it sounds like there's a little man standing on his tongue, [Janet bursts out laughing.] and he sings the national anthem.
Mike Genius.
Janet I can't believe I haven't heard that yet!
Bryan Through a closed mouth.
David I just wanna reiterate, he plays, he plays, uh, Nagu and --
Bryan [Correcting.] Naga and Pabu.
David Naga.
Bryan But Nagu, that's the, the love affair, like that. [Mike laughs.]
David Yeah, that's the, uh, shipping.
Mike That's the "Brangelina"-ish.
Janet Yeah.
David Shipping. [A short pause as Korra meets Tenzin at the match.] "Nagu". [All chuckle.]
Bryan So, this was fun. Tenzin was this character that, speaking of meditation and all this kind of stuff, we love the idea of this guy who, like, is trying to be that guy, is trying to be the zen master, but, like, everyone around him drives him crazy --
Janet and David [Laughing.] Yeah.
Bryan [Continuing in a comically strained voice.] And he has a hard time, like, keeping a lid on it --
Janet [Laughing.] Yeah.
David Kids everywhere --
Janet Yeah.
Bryan Yeah, and, and -- I got into yoga because I was so stressed out working on, you know, animated shows and, killing myself working for other people and, like -- So I got into meditation -- er, into yoga, as, as a way to, like, try to calm down and calm my brain and be more efficient at work. And, uh, it worked for a while, but then everybody in the yoga class drove me so crazy. [All laugh.]
David Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Bryan Like, they would smell --
David [While the others laugh.] Yeah, yeah.
Bryan [Continuing to list his peeves.] Or their feet would be gross --
Janet You were being tested.
Bryan Yeah, or they would moan, and you're not supposed to moan --
David [As Janet's laughter redoubles.] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know the one you're talking about.
Bryan And I was like, "Dude, shut up!" You know? So, actually, I eventually quit yoga because everybody drove me crazy.
David Yeah. I was just trying to outdo everybody in my yoga class.
Bryan [As Janet laughs again.] Yeah, I had that problem, too, I was a little too competitive. [Short pause.] Like, I, I'm always terrible at all the poses that everybody's good at, and then I would, like, sail at the ones, like, no one could do --
David Yeah.
Bryan And I'd be, I'm like, [Voice slow and gravelly.] "Here it comes!" [More laughter from everybody.] totally, totally defeating the purpose of yoga.
Janet Completely!
Bryan Yeah, missing the point.
A long pause ensues, extending from Korra beginning her airbender-like motions to the line by Shinobi: "The Platypus-Bears have no juice left, but Mako and Bolin are still fresh and juicy."
Bryan That line was my line, and I am proud of that one.
Mike [Chuckling.] "Fresh and juicy."
Bryan "Mako and Bolin are still fresh and juicy."
Mike Yeah, Bryan was good at writing the colorful commentary.
Janet [In a dreamy voice.] Fresh and juicy ... so good.
Bryan Well, there are there are some commentators out there for, uh, in the fight game -- I won't name any names -- but they're not really, like, good, but they're, they're entertaining in a, on a ridiculous level, like --
Janet Right. Like, "I can't believe he just described it that way."
Bryan [As he talks, David laughs intermittently.] Yeah, and there, there's one guy in particular who, I swear, he has just a sheet of little zingers that he's, like, he's, like, rehearsed and, you know -- he's in his hotel room the night before the fight, like, "Ooh, that'll be a good one!" you know? He's like --
Janet As he's reading the labels off of food, like --
Bryan Yeah ...
Janet "Fresh and Juicy!"
Bryan That was one of my little tributes to that ... ridiculous profession.
Short pause as, on screen, Mako compliments Korra on her part in the victory and Bolin is busy absorbing the cheers of the crowd.
Bryan Heh. Bolin's still -- still soaking it up.
David Taking credit.
Mike There's a few, it's in this episode and then, I think, the fifth episode ["The Spirit of Competition".] where there's a few little Hulk Hogan tributes.
Bryan Yeah.
Mike From Joaquim [Dos Santos, co-executive producer.].
David Oh, really?
Mike Like, just the way he's doing the, like, the ear-listen thing.
David Ahhh.
A short pause while the scene in which Tenzin and Korra reconcile their differences of opinion plays out.
Bryan Hey, we're just getting wrapped up watching the scene.
Janet I know.
Bryan I think it's J.K.'s voice, it's so ...
David Yeah.
Mike I love listening to it, yeah.
Janet I know, I know I said this at the comic, I 've said this at a couple of interviews at the Comic-Con panel, but I do like to point out that when I got to read my first scene with J.K. and Andrea Romano, our amazing vocal director, said, "Okay, we're gonna move on to the scene with Korra," uh, "and Tenzin," and I said, "I'm sorry, could you just say 'with Janet Varney and J.K. Simmons' so that I can hear our names said in the same sentence? Cause I am such a huge fan of J.K.'s.
The closing scene is playing, in which Korra and Mako stare across the moonlit water toward each other. David interrupts.
David I love this scene. Sorry.
Bryan Eh, I storyboarded this little part. This was fun.
David This is cool.
Bryan Yeah, the little ... yeah, the little, uh ... or I, I did some revisions on it. This, like ... this long -- like, they don't know they're looking at each other, they're too far apart --
David Yeah, right.
Bryan But, you know, that, kinda, a little parallel between them.
David Great episode.
Janet [As credits begin to roll.] I hope it works out between those two. [Mike chuckles.]
Bryan Those crazy kids ...
Mike I'm sure it'll be fine. [Chuckles from all.] Those kids were ... were meant for each other. Thanks for doing this, guys. It was fun.
David Yeah, it was fun. Thanks for listening.
Janet Yeah. Pleasure!
Mike [After brief pause.] Stay tuned ... for more commentary.
David Coming up soon.
Mike With some other people. [Janet chuckles.] In the next episode.
Bryan But we'll have David and Janet back for a couple more, too.
David Sweet.
Janet [Hoarsely.] Great.

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