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Toph's bracelet

Toph's bracelet is shaped in a semicircle.

Toph's bracelet is a small piece of a meteorite that Toph wore around her arm. It is a leftover piece of the meteorite that Sokka used to forge his sword.[2]


Toph's bracelet was once part of a meteor that crashed near Shu Jing. Sokka later made a sword out of that material, and gave Toph the small amount of leftovers because he thought she might like to bend "space earth".

Toph kept this special earth and metal hybrid handy by disguising it as a bracelet she wore around her arm, where it was easily accessible. She could bend it into any shape she wanted, including a star, a spiral, and a key for picking locks.[3] Toph treasured her bracelet dearly, as she was sure to remove it before pulling her last scam with Katara, afraid that when she was arrested the guards might confiscate it.[4] The young earthbender also utilized it to unlock a chest which contained Hama's whale tooth comb, and again to free the hostages Hama imprisoned within the mountain.[5]

She kept the bracelet after the end of the Hundred Year War when she founded the Beifong Metalbending Academy, wearing it under her right sleeve. While traveling the Earth Kingdom, she came to notice that the bracelet would sometimes vibrate very subtly as she walked past select earthbenders when they became "super emotional". Toph theorized that they might have potential to become metalbenders, and this realization led her to recruit those people and test their capacity for metalbending.[1]


  • One of the shapes into which Toph first formed the bracelet was the Nickelodeon logo.[2]


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