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Tokuga is a young, nonbending mobster who overthrew Viper as the head of the Triple Threat Triad. A skilled fighter, he mixes both chi blocking and the usage of hook swords into his fighting style.[1]


After the destruction of much of Republic City during the Invasion of the United Republic of Nations, Tokuga defeated Viper and became the head of the Triple Threat Triad. He is a ruthless leader who kills anyone who defies him.

Tokuga started a fight with the Creeping Crystal Triad, but was stopped by the Metalbending Police Force, and several of his triad members were arrested. Shortly after, Tokuga was hired by Wonyong Keum to start to attack the airbenders protesting around the Republic City spirit portal. During his fight with the airbenders, Team Avatar approached and worked to fight him off. During the fight, several angry spirits emerged from the portal in an attempt to protect it from the invaders. The leader of the group, the Dragon Eel Spirit, angrily attacked Tokuga, leaving him disfigured.

Furious that his attack had gone so poorly, Tokuga stormed Keum Enterprises' headquarters and attacked Wonyong for not warning him that the Avatar would show up, believing that she had summoned the spirit who had attacked him. Tokuga attacked Wonyong and declared that he would be taking over the corporation.[1]


Graphic novel trilogies

Preceded by
Triple Threat Triad leader
174 AG - present
Succeeded by


  • Tokuga is the second known human to have been possessed by a spirit,[1] the first being Yao.[2]


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