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Tokuga is a young, nonbending mobster who overthrew Viper as the head of the Triple Threat Triad. With all the triads' turf destroyed, he is determined to unite all the triads under his rule, regardless of the cost. When a run-in with the dragon eel spirit left him severely deformed, Tokuga usurped control over Keum Enterprises, as he held its CEO, Wonyong Keum, responsible for the attack. A skilled fighter, he mixes chi blocking and the usage of hook swords into his fighting style.[1]


After the destruction of downtown Republic City during the Invasion of the United Republic of Nations in 174 AG, Tokuga took advantage of the chaos to defeat Viper and become the new head of the Triple Threat Triad. A ruthless leader, he started recruiting members of the other triads and killed those who refused to follow him.

Tokuga chi blocks Jargala

Tokuga took down Jargala and her Creeping Crystal Triad with his chi blocking.

In a bid for more territory, Tokuga led his Triple Threats to fight against Jargala's Creeping Crystal Triad in a battle for control over their turf. Initially, he stayed on the sidelines, watching as his men were pushed back by the Creeping Crystals. When Two Toed Ping suggested to retreat, Tokuga firmly told the firebender that retreat was not part of his strategy and that the fight was not over until he said it was. Launching himself into battle, he quickly took down two earthbending Creeping Crystals with his hook swords. When he found himself outnumbered, he forsook his swords and took down his opponents with chi blocking instead. He prepared to end Jargala by striking her down though was forced to stop and retreat when Lin Beifong and her police force entered the scene.

Tokuga fighting Mako and Bolin

Tokuga easily defeated an injured Mako though was forced to retreat by Bolin.

Shortly after, Tokuga was hired by Wonyong Keum to attack the airbenders defending the Republic City spirit portal that evening. Although his Triple Threats outnumbered the airbenders, they were soon pressed back when reinforcements in the form of Team Avatar arrived. Tokuga was challenged by Mako, who attacked him with his firebending in an attempt to arrest him, though the nimble gang leader easily evaded the blast and used his hook swords to launch Mako through the air. As he was about to finish him, Bolin came to the defense of his brother, twirling three little rocks in his hand. Tokuga mocked him, noting that he would need bigger rocks if he hoped to defeat him, but was soon caught by surprise when Bolin phased those rocks into lava and cut through Tokuga's swords. Realizing he could not win that fight, Tokuga threw two smoke canisters at the brothers and made his escape.

Tokuga getting disfigured

Tokuga became deformed after the dragon eel spirit passed through him in an act of revenge.

The battle suddenly intensified when several angry spirits emerged from the portal to protect it from the aggressors. Tokuga saw Korra talking to the dragon eel spirit, though he misinterpreted the Avatar's intentions of talking the spirits down to having summoned them and riling them up against him and the Triple Threats. The dragon eel spirit, having turned dark, soon after launched itself at Tokuga. He tried to defend himself by throwing three knives at the spirit, though they flew right through it, and he was knocked over. The spirit, holding him responsible for disturbing the portal, charged again, this time moving through Tokuga, and the gang leader was deformed in the process. Weakened, he ordered his men to get him out of there, and the Triple Threats hastily retreated.

Tokuga attacks Wonyong

Holding Wonyong Keum responsible for his disfigurement, Tokuga usurped control over Keum Enterprises.

Enraged by how the conflict escalated and having been disfigured, Tokuga, accompanied by some of his men, forced his way into Keum Enterprise' headquarters to confront Wonyong, as he held the CEO responsible for failing to warn him that the Avatar could show up at the portal. With his right side now partially spirit-like, Tokuga used his right arm, which was now a tentacle, to lift Wonyong off the ground and slam him against the wall, angrily saying that "becoming a freak" had not been part of the deal he signed on to when he was hired to do Wonyong's dirty work. Tokuga, not satisfied by Wonyong's offer to pay him double, usurped control of Keum Enterprises and all its assets, letting Wonyong know that he worked for him now.[1]


Tokuga is a ruthless man who would stop at nothing to reach his goal, and he is not above killing those who stand in his way. Although he noted that he hates hurting people when they are down, he readily makes exceptions to that rule, as evidenced when he was facing Mako at the spirit portal. His intelligence makes him a worthy opponent, as he often carefully assesses the situation before rushing in, though his impressive anger and temper make him a dangerous man.[1]



An agile fighter, Tokuga can swiftly make his way over the battlefield, dodging incoming objects and somersaulting over opponents. Using his hook swords, he is able to swing down a building and launching himself in the air.[1]

Chi blocking

Tokuga is also skilled at chi blocking, being able to stun multiple opponents for a short period of time to give him an edge in battle.[1]

Physical strength

By his own claim, Tokuga's physical strength and speed became enhanced as a result of his deformation after his encounter with the dragon eel spirit.

Additionally, his right arm became a tentacle-like appendage, which allowed him to lift people off the ground and toss them around with great force, as well as constricting them. He also appears to be capable of altering the length of this new limb, allowing him to extend its reach to a certain degree.[2]


Though Tokuga is also skilled at throwing knives with great precision, his primary weapons of choice are a set of twin tiger hook swords. He possesses masterful skill with these weapons, as he is able to overwhelm multiple opponents, benders and nonbenders alike, pluck rocks launched by earthbenders out of the air and redirect them, as well as use his swords to swing around.[1]


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  • Tokuga is the third known human to have been possessed by a spirit,[1] the first two being Yao and a hunter who got possessed by the aye-aye spirit.[3]
  • Tokuga, who Koh based on a friend of hers, is meant to be Japanese.[4]
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