• I mean they are kind of young in the show and the comics, but what do you see them doing when they grow up? Any theories or ideas? Personally, I see Jinora taking her dad's job as the kind of representative of the Air Nation and trying to negotiate with other world leaders if another threat is happening. As for Ikki, I think she might become a teacher. She seemed so excited about becoming an Airbender teaching in Book 3, so I think she might go down that path. I don't know about Rohan, because he's so young and he's never had a spoken line in the show, so it's anybody's guess. Then, as for Meelo, I think he might become an artist, especially since he's so good at it and might make a little money from it, but he'll have to mellow out a bit before then. He was so annoying in the episode, "the Calling" but I think if he did chill out, he could be a great artist...or army commander or something.

    What do you think?

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