• I was rewatching The Firebending Masters when I noticed this pillar (image attached). I am not very familiar with ancient chinese text, but the bottom of this looked like it might be 古, the character for old. It very well may be gibberish symbols, but I wanted to post this in case anybody here is well versed in histoical Chinese and thinks these are characters that were missed in the original article.

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    • Unfortunately I've had to delete the image as we only allow images to be uploaded for use in articles.

      As for your question, I think it looks much more like 支, not 古. I doubt that it is gibberish symbols – just looking at the top character, it is more likely to be classical Chinese, which I cannot read.

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    • Do you know what people have filled in translations on this page in the past? I think it would be nice to get this translation added, but I can't recognize the top character. Also, that photo could be used in the article in theory, so idt you have to delete it...

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    • An anonymous contributor
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