• He Shaved His Hair Off Pretty Good 3 Years Before There is No Way That Hair and Beard Would Grow Fully Back After Three Years

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    • I don't know if you've started shaving or not, but I notice that within a week after I don't shave, such as when I'm on vacation, it starts to grow past an inch. It becomes too long to be considered close - shaven, and too short to be an acceptable beard. If that happens in a week, then imagine what would happen in 3 years of not shaving. 

      Let's also consider:

      - He would have no access to materials to make fake hair. 

      - He has no reason to make hair.

      - He has no hair with which to make a fake beard and grown head of hair.

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    • According to the Google, the average rate of hair growth is about 6 inches per year. Which means if Zaheer's hair didn't grow particularly fast or slow, we'd expect him to have about a foot & a half of hair after 3 years.

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    • Question for you Nate56mate, why would he possibly faked his hair and beard what does he achieve from that and what kind of impact would that have on the story.

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    • Yeah...I'm gonna second what Neo said.  He didn't look that unduly scruffy for having been in an oubliette for the past three years; and he looked less scruffy than he did during his jailbreak.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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