• I want to help do something in the Voltron Wiki. There isn't much going on there, since the show is over and the next season won't come out until January. However, if there is structure before that, we might see some traffic on the Wiki. How would I contribute to the wiki in a meaningful way. I guess, another way of putting it is, how did you/any moderator/administrator get to your position? Was it just by sticking around and contributing, or was it by active involvement in the wiki?

    (Please ignore this post if you think I'm just being a tryharding idiot who doesn't know the first thing about moderating/administrating)

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    • You can edit for some time and then request adminship here. Then after working for a while, a good way of promoting a wiki is by requesting a spotlight, which would appear at the global footer. If you want you can also request for some help from the Community Development Team.

      This should get you started just fine. Good luck!

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    • Thanks mate. I really appreciate it.¬†

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    • I'll elaborate on this, but I just haven't really found the time to give this proper attention ^^". Just wanted to let you know that I'm not ignoring this and definitely not for the reasons you offered¬†;-)

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    • I appreciate that.

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    • How do I add a page or an article if there are none to add? According to the adoption rules, that is a prerequisite for becoming an administrator.

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    • Never mind, I just found one.

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    • Sorry for the extreme delay in answering this.

      To build on the tips Tono already provided you with: in general, it has been my experience that people who actively desire adminship are the least suited for it. What makes a good admin is their willingness to "serve" the community they're a part of. Administrators are just dedicated editors. That should be your base platform. Without dedication, it doesn't matter what kind of rights a person has; they will not commit to actually doing the work that comes with the function.

      As such, if you want to revive that wiki, do so by being a dedicated editor first and foremost. Most wiki work can easily be achieved without any additional rights. Without the dedication, you also will not find any joy in editing and you won't be able to keep it up.

      This kind of thinking is also how the administrators on the Avatar Wiki are chosen: one has to be at least a rollback user - as that's a right generally given out to people who've shown dedication to the wiki. Beyond that, it's generally about attitude, skill, and good timing.

      Now, ways to actually revive a wiki ... there are many, depending on your own editing style. Highlighting the two biggest "movements" of wiki revival:

      You have people who revive a wiki by adding a lot of new short pages called "stubs". They'll create the article, add the infobox and maybe a few introductory sentences and then move on to the next page. This way they hope to show people how they can help out on the wiki by expanding those short articles.

      Another way is to create detailed articles. This will mean that you'll have less articles, but they'll be of a higher standard than the stubs, and they'll show others the kind of quality articles your wiki aims to obtain.

      Personally, I don't really have a preference for a certain way. As usual, the best tactic may be something in between: create some stubs and some larger articles to serve as an example.

      Furthermore, something I would truly recommend doing: craft a comprehensive Manual of Style (like this). It's an excellent way to show your contributors the preferred edit-style on your wiki. It also helps to bring harmony to all your articles (so you won't have some articles with British and others with American English etc.). Also be sure to craft decent policies in terms of categories and other things that serve to aid navigation on your wiki.

      Building on that: a organized wiki is generally speaking an attractive wiki. Apart from the content building, that also means the aesthetic of the wiki. Try to make a good-looking skin for your wiki (or if you can't do so yourself, try to find someone who can. As Tono suggested, enlisting the help of Community Development Team to help with the coding is always a good way to go).

      And in the end, always remember that a wiki is a community project, meaning that everyone's input is valid, regardless of whom they are and what rights they have. Try to build a community through inclusion.

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    • Thanks for the great tips. I think I can try to edit as many pages as possible, and then make a Manual of Style, like you suggested. Is it okay if I borrow some of the more general information on the MoS that you have already made?

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    • Sure. Wikis are nearly all made under CC-BY-SA licensing, meaning that you can take whatever content you like as longa s you give the wiki you took it from the necessary credit.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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