• I've been thinking about potential infrastructure projects that could improve the Earth Kingdom economically. A certain project I have considered is a suspension bridge built over the Serpent's Pass. As seen in season 2 of "The Last Airbender" and upon viewing a map of the Earth Kingdom, it is apparent that the Serpent's Pass is the only physical travel route between the northern and southern Earth Kingdom. Because of the dangerous serpent guarding it, most go from north to south (and vice-versa) by ferry. This seems like a great inhibitor to trade and economic development, and so I had the idea of a suspension railway bridge built over it. Because suspension bridges are highly elevated, those traveling over would be out of the serpent's reach. Furthermore, the bridge would greatly reduce the amount of time it took to travel across it, and if a railway was attached to it (ex. Varrick's Magnetic Railway) then it could increase the nation's industrial development as well? What do you think?

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    • I assumed that would in Korra's time. As we know Earth Kingdom is under Hou Ting rule when the social and economic situation in Earth Kingdom was in severe situation. Here's some factors that would affected the project:

      1. Regulation : As we learned that Earth Kingdom is a highly devolved nation, the first level administrative subjects would also be considered a 'country'. As we learned from 'Avatar Day' episode, the 'state; that Avatar's gang were in has a distinct legal code that differs from Ba Sing Se's rule, meaning that if the Full Moon Bay is situated between two different administrative subjects, there must be such a regulation between two states un order to build the bridge. That also mean the project would be inevitable from, well, you guess it............... corruption, you could have an idea how corrupt the Earth Kingdom is based on how the kingdom works.

      2. Socio economic : If the project were on Hou Ting's era, the economic situation will highly be the barrier since we learned from 'The Earth Queen' episode, Hou Ting said that her citizens start to refuse to pay taxes and the Kingdom itself is rampaged with Bandits and Insurgents, even there would be some states that politically against the Ba Sing Se's hegemony over Earth Kingdom, take example of Zaofu where Suyin Beifong have negative view towards the queen, even she think that monarchy should be abolished, but she just keep it for herself.

      3. Environment : Building a bridge crossing the Full Moon Bay also means disrupting the serpent's abode. The existence of serpent itself would be a threat while the construction is executed. The serpent would attack the workers which would caused a huge expenditure on worker's safety and insurance.

      In short, based on my three factors, the construction of Serpent's Pass Bridge still highly doubted. But less doubted if it was in in Kuvira's rule if there was really a bridge project accross Full Moon Bay. But her reign is persumably pretty short since she ousted when failed to conquer United Republic of Nations.  And we never know from the series if the Earth Kingdom really dissolved due to Wu's prospect.

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