• I've been thinking about potential infrastructure projects that could improve the Earth Kingdom economically. A certain project I have considered is a suspension bridge built over the Serpent's Pass. As seen in season 2 of "The Last Airbender" and upon viewing a map of the Earth Kingdom, it is apparent that the Serpent's Pass is the only physical travel route between the northern and southern Earth Kingdom. Because of the dangerous serpent guarding it, most go from north to south (and vice-versa) by ferry. This seems like a great inhibitor to trade and economic development, and so I had the idea of a suspension railway bridge built over it. Because suspension bridges are highly elevated, those traveling over would be out of the serpent's reach. Furthermore, the bridge would greatly reduce the amount of time it took to travel across it, and if a railway was attached to it (ex. Varrick's Magnetic Railway) then it could increase the nation's industrial development as well? What do you think?

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