• Suki is usually overlooked when talking about the Gaang but I don't see why. She is a great fighter (arguably better than Sokka) and i feel like if we saw the whole fight between her and Azula it would be a close match (I, not sure why ty lee said it was easy to beat them she obviously didn't fight Suki). She may not have been in as many episodes but she has been on team avatar almost as long as zuko (I know thats kinda an exaggeration). She has a love interest in the group (which should automatically include her haha) and not to mention she helped the team on Sozins Comet. She is one of the best characters yet people seem to not think so. What are your thoughs on Suki?

    Suki captures the Boiling Rock warden

    Suki kickin butt (like usual)

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