• Avter nine patches and a glitchy expation, I finally had enough of Rome 2 Total War. It could have been the most succesful game to date except it just made me lose my fath on the series.

    Recently, I played Bobble Battles. Although I thought it was cute and okay I always thought of what it would be like if the Avatar universe was built on the total war games. If there are mods out there, then that would be great. However, an actual game is always better.

    I mean this could be potentially big. Just imagine, thousands and I mean thousands of benders in all out single combat. And with the fantasy feel, RPG players would be drawn into it (however there is always King Arthur and King Arthur 2).

    It may have some drawbags and all but what do you think? I mean, sure its a kids show but most Total War games have been rated T for teen. Im preety sure there are some Nick games rated T for teen. Or not.

    Creative Assembly`s failure on a beloved Total War sequel that we have beenn waiting for years has really set them back. Especially me who was a big fan of the series ever since the death of my first favorite RTS game series, Command and Conquer.

    So what do you think. A Total war game where you select one of the three or four Nations each representing an element in the campaing map. Make actual armies and attack in large scale battles in actual locations on the series. Use alliances, trade embargos, assasinations of cannon and non-canno charachters, spread disease, incite rebelions and of course millitary might. Top it all off with a few scenario battles that happened on the series like Siege of the North, 600 day siege of Ba SIng Se (could be a mini campaing or DLC or expantion pack) Day of the Black Sun, etc.

    This is just a thought I randomly made so If you have some stuff to add or discuss, its up to you. THat is preety much all and I hope CA gets up its feet and make a good sequel and fix the f%$#$%@ AI!!

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    • Nah. Bending combat is far too complicated for a Total War game. One group of benders would be unable to block another group's attack and counter it - and that is pretty much how every fight works in Avatar. One guy throws a fireball, other throws up a wall to block it, then pushes the wall to the enemy. The enemy jumps, avoiding the incoming earth, and sprays fire, bla bla bla. Way too hard to program into a TW game. The most you could do is have groups of benders use generic attacks, like all earthbenders throwing rocks, all firebenders shooting fire bolts, etc. I think that would be pretty boring.

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