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This article is about the second episode of the Book One: Water finale. For the first part of the finale, see "The Siege of the North, Part 1". For the battle, see Siege of the North.
Koizilla destroys the Navy
"The Siege of the North, Part 2"

Avatar: The Last Airbender





Original air date

December 2, 2005

Written by

Aaron Ehasz

Directed by

Dave Filoni


JM Animation

Guest stars

Mako (Uncle), Jason Isaacs (Admiral Zhao), Erik Todd Dellums (Koh), Jon Polito (Chief Arnook), Victor Brandt (Master Pakku), Johanna Braddy (Princess Yue), Ben Diskin (Hahn), James Garrett (Avatar Roku), Mark Hamill (Fire Lord)

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"The Siege of the North, Part 1"


"The Avatar State"

"The Siege of the North, Part 2" is the 20th and final episode of Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the 20th of the overall series. It debuted on December 2, 2005.


While Zuko successfully captured Aang, he struggles to find shelter in the freezing temperatures of the North Pole. Meanwhile, Sokka, Katara, and Yue search for him and Aang, and the Fire Nation manages to infiltrate the city. They save Aang, but Admiral Zhao slays the Moon Spirit, Tui, and the waterbenders lose their ability to bend. In anger, Aang is possessed by the Ocean Spirit, La, and obliterates the entire Fire Nation armada. As punishment for his actions, Zhao is drowned by La. Princess Yue, who was imbued with some of the energy of the Moon Spirit when she was a sickly newborn, sacrifices her life to revive it, disheartening Sokka as she bids him goodbye for the last time. After saying goodbye to everyone, the group continues on with their adventures, while Zuko decides to call off his pursuit of Aang for the time being. Meanwhile, in the Fire Nation, a mysterious young woman receives an assignment from Fire Lord Ozai.


Sokka, Katara, and Princess Yue set out on Appa in search of Aang, as the Fire Nation continues its attack on the Northern Water Tribe. As Zuko carries Aang across the polar ice cap, Aang's spirit has arrived in a swamp area in the Spirit World. He approaches a baboon spirit and asks for some assistance on finding the Moon and Ocean Spirits. The annoyed spirit tells Aang "Go away." As Aang continues to ask the spirit for help, a glowing speck flies by, and the spirit suggests Aang chase it, because it may be able to help him. Aang chases the glowing speck through the Spirit World, but when he finally manages to grasp it, the branch on which he is standing disappears, and he falls into the water. Avatar Roku's image appears as a reflection in the water and he greets Aang.

Zuko carries Aang

Zuko attempts to take Aang captive.

Back in the mortal world, the ice begins to give way under Zuko and Aang's weight. Zuko quickly runs while carrying Aang and manages to avoid falling through the ice. Just as he recovers, Zuko spots a shelter in the distance, drags Aang's body into the shelter, and ties him up.

Aang's spirit tells Roku that the Water Tribe is under attack and he needs help locating the Moon and Ocean Spirits. Roku's spirit ascends out of the water to face Aang as he tells him that those spirits crossed over into the mortal world near the beginning of time, and that there is only one spirit old enough to help Aang. The spirit is named Koh, but Roku warns Aang to be careful as Koh is dangerous. Aang must not show any emotion when facing Koh or the spirit will steal his face. To this, Aang nods in understanding.

Sokka, Katara, and Yue, riding on Appa through the blizzard, continue to look for Aang, but to no avail. Zuko talks to Aang's body while the latter is in the Spirit World. He laments how now that he has Aang, the blizzard prevents him from taking Aang back to the Fire Nation. Zuko compares Aang's natural talents to those of his sister and recalls his struggles that have made him strong without any help from luck.

Siege of the North

The battle rages on.

Back at the Northern Water Tribe, Fire Nation troops move further into the city despite the waterbender warriors' efforts. Iroh reminds Zhao that if the Water Tribe is not subdued by the rise of the full moon, the waterbenders will be undefeatable. Zhao says he is planning to remove the moon as a factor, which disturbs Iroh. Zhao and Iroh are briefly interrupted by Hahn, who miserably fails at his attempt to attack Zhao, resulting in being thrown overboard. Continuing, Zhao explains to Iroh how years earlier he had stumbled upon the secret of the Moon Spirit's mortal form in an underground library, while serving as a young officer in the Earth Kingdom. Zhao believed it was his destiny to kill the spirits, but Iroh forcefully informs him that the spirits are not to be trifled with. Zhao condescendingly tells Iroh he has heard of Iroh's journey into the Spirit World, and that the Moon and Ocean Spirits will now pay the consequences for giving up their immortality.

Aang approaches a large leafless tree and notices another spirit in the form of a monkey. As Aang approaches and speaks to the monkey, it turns around and reveals that it has no face, much to Aang's surprise. He takes a deep breath and enters the hollow tree, calling out to Koh. Suddenly, Koh, with a large centipede-like body and a face similar to a Japanese Noh mask, appears in front of Aang. As he switches faces, Koh explains to Aang that this is not their first encounter, as one of Aang's previous incarnations tried to kill Koh over the stealing of a loved one's face. Koh continues to state how he is no longer concerned for what Aang did in his past life. Aang takes a breath in to gather strength and to remain composed as Koh tries to manipulate him.

Aang and Koh

Aang must remain expressionless in front of Koh.

At the same time, Aang's body in the natural world also takes in a deep breath as Zuko looks on. Zuko comments that it looks as though they will be in the shelter for a while. Elsewhere, Yue tries to comfort Katara by saying Zuko and Aang could not have gotten away. Katara states that her worry is not that Zuko will escape, but that he will not, jeopardizing Aang's life. Sokka assures Katara that Zuko will not give up and both he and Aang are alive and will be found.

Menacingly, Koh asks, "So. How may I help you?" Aang tells Koh of his need to find the Moon and Ocean Spirits. Koh tells Aang the spirits' names – Tui (push) and La (pull). Aang explains that an entire culture may be destroyed if he does not get the spirits' help. Koh informs Aang that it is the spirits who are in need of his help as someone is planning to kill one of them. Aang asks how he can find the spirits to protect them, to which Koh responds by telling Aang that he has already met them. As Aang realizes the spirits' mortal identities upon hearing Koh's analogous reference to yin and yang, he almost reveals his expression to Koh, narrowly avoiding the opportunity for Koh to steal his face. After leaving Koh's tree, Aang explains to Roku's reflection that the spirits are in trouble and he needs to get back to the mortal world. Roku tells Aang that an old friend, Hei Bai, is there to guide him back.

Nightfall has come, and the full moon has risen. The waterbending warriors' power is enhanced as they fiercely battle the Fire Nation soldiers. Zhao and his search party depart his ship in search of the Spirit Oasis. Zhao declares that when they get there, "We're going fishing."

Hei Bai takes Aang back to the gate and breaths out a light toward Aang which sends his spirit to the mortal world. When the baboon spirit comments, "Good riddance", Hei Bai temporarily changes to his monstrous form and blasts him off his rock.

Aang's spirit returns to where it left, the oasis, but to his dismay, he finds his body is not still there. Aang's spirit rushes to his body in the form of a streak of light, which Katara sees and realizes it is Aang's spirit. They turn Appa to follow the light as it reaches the cave in which Zuko and Aang are taking shelter. When his spirit rejoins his body, Aang's tattoos fade to blue, he suddenly sits up, forcefully acknowledges Zuko's presence, and proceeds to blow a large gust of air which throws Zuko against the side of the shelter and him out of the cave and into the snow. Zuko manages to catch the still-bound Aang, but Appa lands next to them and Katara jumps down. Zuko inquires if she is, "Here for a rematch?" to which Katara confidently replies, "Trust me Zuko, it's not going to be much of a match", as she forces Zuko high into the air with a column of snow and knocks him out by smashing him to the ground. Although he is in a hurry to save the spirits, Aang refuses to leave Zuko to die. They tie up the unconscious prince and take him with them.

In the oasis, Zhao grabs the white koi and the sky goes red. The waterbending warriors lose their bending abilities, and Yue says that she feels faint. Aang concurs, saying he feels it as well. Yue explains how the Moon Spirit gave her life as a baby and how she received her name; Yue – for the moon. Zhao begins to arrogantly applaud his efforts to fulfill his destiny when Momo suddenly jumps onto his head, pulls at Zhao's hair, and flies over to Aang, who has just arrived with the others. Aang pleads with Zhao to consider how his actions will hurt everyone, not just the Water Tribe. Suddenly, Iroh appears, confirms Aang's words, and tells Zhao if he harms the spirit, he will unleash ten-fold the force against him. Zhao releases the spirit back into the water, but kills it with a fire blast, causing the spiritual equivalent of a lunar eclipse, rendering the waterbenders powerless. Iroh unleashes his firepower and easily defeats the soldiers accompanying Zhao, but Zhao himself manages to escape. Behind Yue, who is still sitting on Appa, Zuko's empty bindings lie on Appa's saddle. Iroh lifts the white fish out of the water and Yue says, "There's no hope now; it's over." Aang goes into the Avatar State and responds, "No, It is not over", as he proceeds to walk into the oasis. Katara tries to follow, but Iroh gestures her to let him go. Aang merges with the Ocean Spirit, and the combined two head out and attack the Fire Nation invaders in the city. With the city cleared, they head out to sea.

Zhao killing

Zhao kills the Moon Spirit.

Back in the city, Zhao tries to escape as Zuko shoots a fireball at him. Shocked that Zuko is alive, Zhao confirms that he tried to have him killed due to the fact that he is the Blue Spirit, who released the Avatar. Zuko attempts to vindicate his actions, explaining that he had no choice, but Zhao tells Zuko he should have accepted his fate as a failure and a disgrace. Zuko continues to battle Zhao.

Meanwhile, Iroh notices that Yue has been touched by the Moon Spirit. Yue decides it is her duty to give the life she was given back to the Moon Spirit, despite Sokka's protests. She places her hands on the fish, transferring her spirit, exhales one last time, and falls back into Sokka's arms – lifeless. The Ocean Spirit heads out into the open ocean and attacks the Fire Nation ships. Yue's body disappears, and the white fish begins to glow as Iroh places it back into the oasis. The fish begins to swim and the oasis glows, as the spirit image of Yue appears above the water to tell Sokka she will always be with him. Her spirit kisses Sokka one last time before becoming the moon. The Ocean Spirit acknowledges the moon's restoration, places Aang atop a piece of the outer wall, and heads back into the Water Tribe city.

Zhao's death

Zhao is pulled into the Spirit World by La, the Ocean Spirit.

Zuko and Zhao continue to battle when Zhao notices that the moon has returned and shouts, "It can't be!" Without warning, the Ocean Spirit grabs Zhao and begins to take him away. Zuko tries to help, but Zhao stubbornly refuses to take Zuko's hand, and within a matter of seconds is pulled beneath the water.

After the battle, Master Pakku announces plans to head to the Southern Water Tribe with other tribe members to help rebuild their sister tribe. Katara asks about Aang's training, and Pakku tells her that Aang will have to get used to calling her 'Master Katara'. Chief Arnook quietly tells Sokka about the vision the spirits gave him when Yue was born exhibiting a young woman giving her life to become the moon. Sokka replies that he must be proud, to which the chief replies he is proud, but also sad.

Sokka kisses Yue's spirit

Sokka and Yue share a parting kiss.

Having rejoined Zuko on a raft, Iroh slyly says he is surprised at Zuko's cessation in his efforts to capture the Avatar at that moment. Zuko proclaims his exhaustion, and Iroh soothingly tells him he should rest, as, "A man needs his rest." Zuko closes his eyes. Katara meets up with Aang and they embrace one another. Momo jumps in upon invitation as Sokka takes hold of Aang's shoulder and Appa shows up as they all look out at the moon realizing they managed to ward off the Fire Nation and there is still hope to restore balance.

Back in the Fire Nation, Fire Lord Ozai imparts Iroh's treason and Zuko's failure to his daughter and ominously gives her an undisclosed task.


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Avatar Extras

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Series continuity

  • This episode features the second time that Aang has saved Zuko while he is unconscious, the first time being in "The Blue Spirit", when Zuko is knocked out by an arrow.
  • This is the second time when Aang meets Hei Bai. The first time was in "Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World".
  • After their Agni Kai in "The Southern Air Temple", Zuko warns Zhao that next time he would not hold back and harm him. However, Zuko offers to help Zhao when he is attacked by La.
  • In "The Siege of the North, Part 1", Aang excitedly hopes that the spirits will unleash a "crazy amazing spirit attack" on the Fire Navy. After Aang merges with La, this is exactly what happens.


  • When Katara drops to her knees while expressing her sadness over losing Aang, the entire Spirit Oasis island is flipped backward.  When facing the pool, as Katara is doing, the characters should also be facing the Royal Palace. In this shot it can be seen behind them. The perspective is flipped 180 degrees to the correct orientation for the next shot.
  • When Iroh is talking with Zhao on the boat, the pin on his cloak is a black and red emblem of the Fire Nation, but in the previous episode the pin is gold and red on the same cloak.
  • When Hahn tries to kill Zhao and is thrown from the platform, he should have landed on the deck of the ship below, but a splash is heard.
  • Koh the Face Stealer claims that Avatar Kuruk tried to kill him "nearly eight or nine hundred years ago". Kuruk died 411 years earlier, meaning that, if Koh's statement were true, Kuruk was at least five hundred or four hundred years old; however, the oldest confirmed age an Avatar has lived is 230, the age of Avatar Kyoshi, at death.
  • When Aang is in the Spirit World, he jumps onto Hei Bai's back by airbending; however, it was established in "Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World" that one cannot bend in the Spirit World.
  • When Aang's spirit returns to his body, Katara watches it fly overhead and points to it. However, in "Winter Solstice, Part 1: The Spirit World", in a similar scenario, Katara could not see him, only Iroh could.
  • When Zhao puts the fish in the bag, the moon turns red and the sky turns black. However, after the commercial break, the sky was red and the moon was pink.
  • After Momo attacks Zhao, he flies to Aang's shoulder. However, as the shot changes to an overview while Aang is explaining how killing the moon spirit would unbalance everyone, Momo is not there. When the scene changes again, Momo is back.
  • When Momo is perched on Aang's shoulder as the young airbender explains the consequences of destroying the moon to Zhao, most of Momo's coloring is reversed: his back is black and his belly is white.
  • Following the confrontation with Iroh at the Spirit Oasis, Zhao's guards appear and disappear from the Spirit Oasis repeatedly throughout the rest of the episode; the guards appear tied to the left side of the wooden gate, and completely disappear following the spirit monster's rampage.
  • When Zhao and Zuko are fighting each other, Zhao eventually takes off his cloak to land right below his feet, but when the screen shows them and the snow on which they are standing, the cloak is completely gone and does not reappear for the rest of the scene.
  • The shot of Iroh putting the Moon Spirit back in the pond is the same of him picking it up, but played backward. This is noticeable by the water ripples that disappear when he places Tui in the water. In the following scene, he is still holding it and only then releases it.
  • Before Iroh realizes that Yue had been touched and given life by the Moon Spirit, her eyes look as gray as everyone else's, instead of blue.
  • Sokka grabs Yue's right hand in order to stop her from giving back the life the Moon Spirit gave to her. However, when a close-up is shown of their intertwined hands, he is holding her left hand.
  • When the spirit monster first sends all the Fire Nation ships outward, some can still be seen in the distance, but when the moon reappears, a view of the distant ocean shows no ships at all.


  • Aang and the Ocean Spirit's merged form strongly resembles the Nightwalker from Hayao Miyazaki's movie Princess Mononoke. The series' creators have professed their fandom of Hayao Miyazaki in many interviews.
  • When the Moon Spirit was killed, everything turned gray, but Yue's eyes remained visibly blue, showing that some of Tui's life was present in her.
  • When La and Aang begin moving toward the Fire Navy fleet, the Biblical story of Passover is invoked. When the Water Tribe submitted to La, they were not attacked by him; the Fire Nation soldiers who did not bow were killed.
  • This episode is Azula's first appearance outside a flashback in "The Storm" and the opening sequence.
  • More spirits appear in this episode than any other. They are the baboon spirit, Koh, Roku, Hei Bai, La, and Tui.
  • Near the very end of the episode, Iroh tells Zuko, "A man needs his rest." Iroh also told Zuko this in the first episode and in a flashback showing Iroh and Zuko soon after Zuko's banishment.
  • This is the second and last episode where Zhao lashes out after defeat.
  • The gate in the Spirit Oasis and the gate in the Spirit World have the same symbol at the top: the symbol for water.
  • This episode marks the first time multiple characters are killed; Tui was murdered by Zhao, Yue sacrifices herself to restore Tui's life force and thus become the new incarnation of the moon spirit, and Zhao himself meets his demise while fighting Zuko at the hands of a vengeful La, who dragged him to the Spirit World and imprisoned him for eternity in the Fog of Lost Souls.

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